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Wow, I totally underestimated Logan...
Who will win? KSI or Logan (laughs) P,PAUL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH man, KSI is gunna kill this dude!
Rebirth: Sub Zero
Not much is known about this assasin, except for the fact that he is the leader of the Lin Kuei, the most feared terrorist organisation in all of China. He is known by only one name, Sub Zero.  All of his victims are left frozen, their faces portraying the fear they felt in their dying moments...

Ever since 1997, the Lin Kuei have been the bitter rivals of the Shirai Ryu clan of Japan, when one of them managed to kill the Grandmaster in a raid. Ever since then, Bi-Han's primary goal was to break and kill this one man. This one man named Hanzo Hasashi.

In 2008, Zero came close to completing his personal mission. He traveled to the US upon hearing that Hasashi and his family had moved there, in search of a better life. He found the family in their two-bedroom apartment in Deacon City about to go out for the night.

One dead
Another victim
Suddenly the assasin heard sirens, and knowing that he would be done for if he was caught, Bi- Han made a quick escape.
He had left someone behind, though. 
And that person would become his worst enemy...

"GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!"
Recently, xblackfired10 started a new DC universe called Earth-24. I saw it and it was really good. This inspired me to do something new as well. I'm thinking doing a new universe instead of my current one, Golden DC. This gives me a chance to change my microhero style to the more detailed type. So from now on, my micros are going to be a lot more detailed than what I usually do. I also want to use this as a way to try out new ideas because usually when I do my Golden DC stuff I end up thinking of another character origin then go "Aww! I should have used that!" Then I end up retconning it or changing the character design once every few days. Also, I don't have the willpower to do another design to replace that crap Red Robin design I did for Tim Drake...

Anyway here are some things that I'm going to have in mind when doing my new DCU:
  • Thomas Wayne will be Batman. Bruce and Martha Wayne will be dead.
  • Robin will be African-American. Thank Marlon Wayans for that!Wink/Razz 
  • Mister X stated this as well, superheroes these days are getting too young! As a result of this Batman is gonna be a billionaire turned soldier in WW2. He gets frozen by scientist Victor Fries and wakes up in 2017 the year he becomes a crime fighter. 
The rest I'll leave the you guys to figure out as I the series progresses. I'll need some feedback though!


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