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Garrus and Kaidan - No Excuses

Ok, I'm calling this done. It's really not done, and I will probably fiddle with it tomorrow and then upload it again, or maybe I won't.

This drawing was supposed to help me stop thinking about how Kaidan and Garrus will react to each other in ME3. But I'm still wondering.

I'd love to know what everyone else thinks may have just happened in this picture.

Anything is possible.

EDIT: scanned drawing at work... I think it looks better now.

Here is a link to the WIP of this drawing.

And here is a link to a detail of Gar's face.

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"I win"
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Geez, Garrus... If looks could kill...
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Fight to the death!

...Dat shep ass though.
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Again, I wish I could draw half as good as this. It is just awesome.

I am a fierce Kaidan-lover, so my Shep always stay faithful to him. I just can't romance anyone else. I know a lot of people can't understand it, but there it is. Garrus is her best friend, her turian brother. He isn't happy with Kaidan in ME 2 or when Kaidan first comes back to the Normandy in ME 3, but my Shep makes them clear the air. She's like: "You two aren't leaving this room until things are settled between you! And I am not talking fighting!"
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I just love the look of contempt on Kaiden.
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Ooh, they do not look happy to see each other.... Nice work!!! The detail is pretty freaking amazing here. Love it!
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And suddenly I quote Zoids:

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This is by far the best picture I have seen. I absolutely love these games and of course I love Garrus.
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Great drawing!
Well, I think that there is definetely jealousy in this situation. I also think that Garrus and Kaidan act childish around Shepard. Shepard already turned her back, like she's done with the situation. So my guess is that Shepard made some kind of decision. She decided that one of the both will do something or come with her on a mission and the other one not for some reason. Something like that.
I can imagine the conversation between the two, Kaidan saying that he knows Shepard longer and Garrus saying that he knows her better. That would be a possible childish fight between the two. xD
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The tension is simply addicting in this pic. Amazing work capturing this moment
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Garrus rocks!
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Great scene! Great emotions in their expressions. I love your work!
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Love this picture.
But we all know the true main focus of this piece.

That collector particle beam
hnnnng <3 <3 <3
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Kaidan's facial expression in this is spot on! Nice work!
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I mean I can see why Kaidan would be upset and my femshep would totally say "Hey, how are you?" after like two years of being dead (even though she thinks she's been asleep for a few DAYS >.>). But I think Garrus would try to win her over, whether or not you romanced him because hes so nice. I stayed loyal to Kaidan on this playthrough (its my first one) but the next one I do Roxy's gonna get some turian lovin >.<
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i would love to see one in the same way, only with Jacob!
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I love this picture so much! It's perfect in every way.
Kaidan: Sooooo you and Shepard
Garrus: Yep.
Kaidan: Have you two-
Garrus: Oh yeah
Kaiden: You do know she can-
Garrus: Mmhmm
Kaiden: Did she..?
Garrus: yep, couldn't walk straight for a couple days.
Kaidan: Ah, what about the-
Shepard: What are you two talking about?
Garrus: Calibrations! Yeah, um, calibrations.
Kaidan: Yeah, mmhmm, gotta love those, uh, calibrations!
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It's so childish and classic...
I laughed so hard that I almost knocked over my laptop
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Thats classic! I couldnt help the giggles. I never giggle. Thanks for the funnies!
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I don't know what made me laugh more - this pic, or your comment XD
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