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My Bio
Hmmm... classically trained artist who has been a corporate zombie for so long it is starting to rot my soul.

Thank god for video games.

Been all over the world, but always love coming home.

Spend my days programming and managing websites, nights I hold off the old ball 'n chain so I can write, draw... or game, depending on the weather.

Favourite Games
Other than Mass Effect? Fallout - ONE.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Meh, I'm not picky
Tools of the Trade
My hands.

A 'no spoilers' comment on ME: Andromeda

A 'no spoilers' comment on ME: Andromeda

I have to say, I'm really enjoying the game. I was a little distracted by the mouths at first, and I had one character disappear, but that is something that has happened in every game I have ever played. And yes, my sisRyder looks like a boy who fell into a box of hammers and then put on a bad wig. BUT. I'm still having a lot of fun. Those of you who know me, know that I'm pretty laid back and easy going... at least I think I am? Moment of self-doubt lol. Anyway, small glitchy things in games aren't really a deal breaker for me. It's always difficult when you start to compete with yourself. When I was in school I painted something that peop

2 Months and Counting

2 Months and Counting

Well here I am breaking radio silence. Andromeda is getting closer and closer to release. You guys excited? Am I excited? Yes. Yes, I think so. I think this is excitement? Probably a few other emotions tossed in there as well. Don't worry, there are no real spoilers in this post because, unlike with the release of ME3 when I was tits deep in sticky sweet glorious rumours and factoids, I am trying to keep mostly free of that this time around. But I gotta say. What about my male turian squad-mate? If there's no Garrus replacement, it's going to be like having my dog die and someone giving me a pet budgie as a replacement. Birds are nice, but

Thoughts and Pretty Pictures

Thoughts and Pretty Pictures

Wow, so I've been quiet for a while. But I can say that right now, for the first time in two and a half years, I am sitting in my studio again. Finally owning my own house, even though it seems to be falling apart around me, it's so very worth it. Anyway, back to making some art I think. I haven't been totally useless these past few months. While I get back into the uploading spirit, here are some pictures from my last trip to Indonesia! I've got like 800 pictures, so as to not make everyone sit through a terrible travel slide show, I tried to be selective. Anyway, hope everyone is super awesome fantastic!

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GuyverMasterOmegaHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!
:cake: :)
GuyverMasterOmegaHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!
:cake: :)
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Happy late birthday!
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Happy Birthday! :cake::party:
efleckHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! =D =D =D
Xenophile10Student Writer
You're welcome! :D
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Apparently we share a birthday! Happy Birthday birthday twin!