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In Antharia, as land with long magical tradition, elemental companions are very popular. They are mostly summoned by mages, according to their will and desire, and also preferred element, but can be obtained even for those who can not cast spells - either to buy from the merchant, or ask the mage to summon it.
Elemental nature is derived from the essence of magic from which it was summoned. It may have any shape, which corresponds to the element, such as fire may look like a flame, ash, lava and so on. There are also mixed elementals, but they are extremely rare.
They occur in several types according to their strength - from small that would fit in your hand, and excluding companies do not know almost anything, to huge and powerful that can be summoned only by powerful mage. There are 5  basic types and the last two - the most powerful - are almost unattainable for ordinary people.


Rules for elemental companions

  • Points are added to the horse, which is drawn on a picture with companion
  • Applies only to images "from home"
  • Applies only at some competitions that are organized by groups or individuals recorded in a Register list (must be writen in Event rules)
  • In comics companion gives points only once (for example not 5 times)
  • If in the picture are more horses, companion gives points to only one of them
  • If in the picture more companions than horses, one horse can receive point only from one companion
  • The companion must be drawn in the same quality as the rest of the picture
  • Since this is elemental companion, its function is never exhausted
  • Therefore, the companions can not be bred
  • Companions add points by their class - higher class, more points.  

Ranking of companions

Common elemental companions:

  • First class +1 point - the lowest class and probably the most common, is often purely companions without any other funcion, but they can also act in simple tasks such as guarding and observation. They have simple form associated with its elements, such as a drop of water or little flame
  • Second class +2 points - second most common class, with higher intelligence, capable of complex tasks and even assignments. They most common form are animals, up to the size of a large dog.
  • Third class +3 points - the middle class, the last normally encountered. They are bigger and smarter than second class, and often take the form of humanoids. They handle helper jobs, for example, they are therefore very popular as mages´s assistants, but also artisans.


Rare elemental companions:

  • Fourth class +4 points - the first of the two classes, which in not only a larger size, but strenght as well. They can be summoned powerful mage, and mainly for personal use or prestige, but sometimes they do it as a form of reward for someone who help them. They can achieve size horse or griffin, sometimes a little bit more.
  • Fifth class +5 points - the highest and rarest class, elementals of it abound in high intelligence and strength and are attached to only one person for a lifetime, can not be thus exchanged, sold or given away as the other classes. To summon them is necessary an enormous amount of respect, knowledge and, of course, strength, magical and spiritual.


Types of magic from which companions may be summoned

  • Creation (plants, animals, nature - life)
  • Order
  • Chaos


  • Basic (fire, water, earth, air)
  • Combined (ice, storm, stone, metal ...)

Celestial / Arcane

  • Night (stars, moon, night essence)
  • Daily (sun light, the essence of the day)


  • Spirit (force, defense, healing)
  • Mind (projection, telepathy, telekinesis)
  • Illusion (shadow, phase, energy - shields)

How to obtain the elemental companion

  • - In the competition organized by groups :iconfarrosianhorse-stud: and :iconchroniclesofantharia:
  • - In various other competitions in which they were donated as prize
  • - In events
  • - The first 3 classes can be purchased by :iconefirende: or :iconnerissien:
  • - The fourth class only from special occasions or quests
  • - Fifth class is currently unavailable (we are working on a possible way to obtain them)

Price of elemental companions

Firts class – 50 Points 
Second class – 100 Points 
Third class – 150 Points 

Bonus points are allowed in these ARPG groups

:iconfarrosianhorse-stud: :iconchroniclesofantharia: :iconworld-of-colderra:



:iconfarrosianhorse-stud: :iconchroniclesofantharia: :icondragonhillcastle:
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