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I'm Alive

When I appear it's not so clear if
I'm a simple spirit or I'm flesh and blood...

But I'm alive,
I'm alive,
I am so alive,
And I feed on the fear
That's behind your eyes.

And I need you
To need me
It's no surprise
I'm alive...
So alive...

I'm Alive, from Next to Normal


I suppose you can take this as my commentary on the whole "Kopa vs. Kion" debacle. Kopa is like the fandom ghost - he doesn't exist and he's not alive, or is he? :wooo: Either way, he will haunt TLK fans forever! *cackle*

So, the idea behind this tale is inspired by Next to Normal; Kopa did indeed die as a young cub, before Kion was born. It was a dreadful blow to the royal family and it affected Simba deeply. So much that something snapped and suddenly he thought he saw and heard Kopa everywhere. He would sit and talk with the cub, certain that Kopa was actually there and confused as to why no one else could see him. Not only did Kopa stick around, but he also aged up and always appeared as the age he would have been if he had lived. Eventually, as time passed, the worried pride were able to convince Simba that Kopa was gone and that this "ghost" wasn't real. The king learned to ignore the ghost's calls for attention and was able to return to his old self... sort of. Because Kopa wouldn't leave him completely alone, and would sometimes come around to remind his father that he was - indeed - so alive... Is Kopa truly a ghost or just a figment of Simba's imagination? They would never know.
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disneyfangirl774's avatar
Kopa looks evil. 
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Kopa...Simba...:( (Sad) .
mimerto2000's avatar
Very interesting concept. Great art too! Keep it up!
EffraSorbus's avatar
Thank you very much!
LupuzKing's avatar
Maaaan, I wish Disney acknowledged Kopas existance withing the fanbase..
EffraSorbus's avatar
That would be pretty neat, but I doubt they will now that they have Kion xP
LupuzKing's avatar
Apparently, The Lion Guard isn’t made by Disney. Not sure how true that is but it does make sense since the whole thing seems pretty different. Different personalities and art style.
Emberguard's avatar

Lion Guard is made by Disney Junior.

Kopa has zero association with Disney aside from permission to publish the book he appeared in which essentially amounts to fan fiction

EffraSorbus's avatar
Oh, it is definitely made by Disney ;) It’s produced by their TV Animation studio, made for television and not for the big screen like the movie, so the style and writing will be different :)
CamiloSama's avatar
Simba: K-Kopa?
Kopa: How do you feeling, old man?
Simba: You alive?
EffraSorbus's avatar
Something like that, yes! EVIL Laughter! 
I love this picture😊
EffraSorbus's avatar
Thanks and check out my pictures that draw.

Ashley's return is coming soon!!!
Tigerman354's avatar
Marko0225's avatar
simba's face 1:I do not look back!I do not look back!I do not look baaaaaaack!!!!
or...I look back or not?
or...So they went to f... XD
TheRebelWolf's avatar
Disney ruined the lion king/ guard completely. If Kion was alive (which we all still don't believe for the most part) he would become king, even if he is younger.
Israeli4Sure's avatar
Uhhh, no he wouldn't. Kiara is the oldest, thus she would become queen with a prince consort.
ChristinYou's avatar
Ikr? Royalty goes First born male becomes ruler. 
EffraSorbus's avatar
Yeah, I also think they've made things a lot more complex than they needed to by not making TLG a sequel as such to Simba's Pride... It really messes things up. But, hey, merchandising right!? :P I don't think they've ruined it as such, but it's sure changed things around for us fanartists :XD:

And, yes, I suppose it'd make more sense historically and according to lion prides that Kion, as a male, would become king regardless of older female siblings. But it wouldn't look very good in a Disney show of today to suggest that Kiara isn't the heir despite being the oldest, simply because she's female. So I'm glad that Disney has at least taken a modern route there :)
TheRebelWolf's avatar
True, in all honesty I think it would be more interesting to see kion as Kiara's son. He could learn how something bad (scar), changes to something good (Kovu). AND WTH HAPPENED TO KIARA she ain't a tomboy no more. It would help out a lot. I get that it is meant for kids, but still, disney must know about the fan base, how can they not know.
Emberguard's avatar

You know what? That would work so much better. The Lion King 2 timeline already didn't mesh well with the original, adding Kion into the mix only made the continuity of it much worse. They wouldn't have been able to use Zira and the other Outsiders in the series if it were a sequel to the second movie, but they still could have introduced other prides into the surrounding area where the Outsiders no longer resided.

KrazyKari's avatar
Kion VS Kopa? Isn't that Simba, though, being afraid? 
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