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The baka's kawaii!
iiUta--fan-xoxo's avatar
This picture is beautiful!
I love the choice of colors ^^
HeIrouis's avatar
I happened to find this on your gallery. Clearly the best Cirno artwork i've seen so far which portrays her perfectly. Not so grand looking/strong, her weakness/fragility is clearly portrayed here, plus most of all, the icy feeling.
NaturesRose's avatar
Wow, this is so cute and pretty at the same time :iconiloveitplz: .
Turquoisecake's avatar
I luv Cirno ; w ;
ranalez's avatar
I like this feeling.
It makes good sense.
gabrielwoj's avatar
This color was epic!
It's cyan, it combination!
Its cute dude!
Azureseilue's avatar
The coloring is really soft! :omg:
chibi-bird's avatar
can you do a tutorial on ur hair?
Effier-sxy's avatar
I dunno..each time I draw something I draw it differently somehow..
Uriko777's avatar
the wings look so unique i've nver seen some1 do them like that before
i just love the way the water is circlating the hand this is very well done
such a cute expression
tenko72's avatar
Cute! Nicely colored.
NEETerhime's avatar
OMG 9!!! STRONGEST FOREVER!!! XD i love the vibrant colors! XD cirno FTW!
ErnestoVladimir's avatar
o shit, why no comment, it's suuper freaking awesome *o*
AeonReclaimer's avatar
Hahah... it seems pretty consistent. The more awesome the artist is, the less of a chance there will be a comment. =D
ErnestoVladimir's avatar
Could be, but I know of some extensively commenting artists that are pretty dang impressive at what they do :3
AeonReclaimer's avatar
Yep. Those are the artists that I really admire.
MeCra's avatar
Eledora's avatar
Lovely blue colors! :heart:
Berkey's avatar
Baka Baka Cute~ >__<
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