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Commission: see journal, if open then open, if closed then closed :meow:
Art Trade:Closed | Request: Closed

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United States

Current Residence: Plano,TX
Favourite genre of music: slow, sad
Favourite style of art: anime, watercolor
Operating System: vista
Wallpaper of choice: dark,soft
Personal Quote: 临阵磨枪,不亮也光咩~
Please trust me that I put thought and time into every drawings, and I try my
best for each and every one of it. <3

Paypal only- wanglucy0401[@] [my mom's....]
Only Accept US Currency

What I will and I will not draw[check my gallery and you will know]:
❤ Will-Cute/Chibi/Kawayi/Moe animal/pokemon/digimons/anthro/HUMAN [only if you are willing to wait for decades ^^;]
❤ Will-Slightly violence/creepy: skulls,blooddrops,black+red combination,hitting,smashing (if not sure please ask me)
❤ Will-Slightly: hugs, kisses and such........(if not sure please ask me)
❤ Will Not-realistic anmials
❤ Will Not-extreme violence(killing),horror(think Japanese scary movies..),disgusting stuff(bugs, glowy green liquid everywhere)and R-18

I will receive full payment to get started, and send you a WIP[rough draft] to make sure I included all the details, and if not, please tell me.
Then when I am finished, I will send you the final version and publish a smaller one in my gallery depends on whether you want to public it or not. :3

❤ $8 for each additinal character if more than ONE
❤ [1]watercolor: no background=$20; simple background=$22; detailed background=$25… [simple background]… [simple background]… background]… [detailed background]… [detailed background]
❤ [2]normal coloring: no background=$23; simple background=$25; detailed background=$30… [simple background]… [simple background]… [simple background]… [detailed background]
❤ [3]hardstroke "lineless": no background=$25; simple background=$28; detailed background=$35… [no background]… [simple background]… [simple background]… [simple background]… [detailed background]
❤ [4]softstroke "lineless": no backround=$28; simple background=$30; detailed background=$40… [simple background]… [simple background]… [detailed background]… [detailed background]

Comment on this journal, or note me, either way is fine. Please use this format:
E-mail Address:
Character[s] Name[s]:
Reference[s] Link[s]:
Info[s] of the Character[s](likes, dislikes and such):
Detail[s] you want to include in the drawing (certain decoration, etc):
Commission type: [#]
Publicize(I will submit it in my gallery with smaller size; so only you will have the original anyways.)
or not(I won't upload it to anywhere except email it to you, but there will be an extra charge of $3):
# Of Drawings Total:
Price Total:$


DO NOT Use The Commission Art For Commercial Use[Re-Selling and such
If published elsewhere, please credit me. :3

★There has been tons essays this beginning of the semester...I am so sorry for the "slowness" ;A;
[the stage will be: waiting payment→rough drafting→WIP[email sent]→Finished[email sent]→All done]
Slot 1::iconheliossa: WIP[email sent]
Slot 2::iconmikomotoko: rough drafting
Slot 3::iconglitchedpuppet: WIP[email sent]


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