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Un:Wanted [VN game][otome][GxB][action]

Hi all! Finally the otome (GxB)  VN game that I've been making for 3 years now -_-; has just been released! And it's FREE! Download link here:
Un:Wanted 1.0 All

Platform: All (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Language: English
Genre: Action, Friendship & Romance I guess...?
Rating: 13+ for mild swearing
This game is about Akira, a hard-headed, go-getter, (and sometimes too impulsive) university student who just want to live a normal life with her friends. However, no matter how hard she tries to run away from her secret past, it keeps coming back at her...Possessing a power that no one else have, how would she deal with it?

Basically this game is like a novel with choices, and the choices you make will determine who you'll end up with at the end. You can choose between 3 possible romance options:
Cain: Akira's employer, only son of the Walteright family, smart, but can be arrogant
Matt: Akira's close friend, fun and nice guy, but has a secret on his own
Neal: Akira's servant personal assistant who's apparently someone she used to know...?

Some other characters are:
Vic: Akira's best friend. Caring
Lady Dayne: Cain's aunt, cheerful
Barry : The butler
...and the rest of the supporting characters...

Other features:
1. Resolution 800x600
2. ~78,000 words (around a few hours of gameplay...?)
3. 6 endings (one for each guy, default ending, hidden ending and bad ending)
4. Made with Ren'Py

All the sprites, BGs, music and sfx are from free resources, full credit is in txt. file in the download. Some of the resources found on dA:
1. Some backgrounds from Lesleigh63,
2. 'Vic' is from Tetiel here
3. 'Lady Dayne' is from skimlines here
I only own the writing, coding and GUI, and also the effort and time of making this game...

Author's note:
Phew...this is a one-man project I started way back in November 2014...I have lost count on how many times I kept editing and editing and editing and editing...perfectionist.In the end I decided that I've put too much effort in it that I couldn't just scrap it, even though there are these evil thoughts in my head that keep on telling me no one would like it Sweating a little... . Oh well. So here it is. I'mma just...put it here...let it be born into the Internet...and...okay I should stop now.

Questions (if you'd like to answer):
1. Which character do you like so far?
2. Are the choices clear enough? Which ending did you get on your first playthrough?
3. If you know about MBTI (16personalitytypes), would you mind typing each of the main characters? Nod I'm a fan of MBTI

Enjoy! And oh, please let me know if you found any bugs or grammatical error Sweating a little... (I'm sure there are plenty of those...I haven't got the chance to find beta tester/proof reader Lonely  )

29 Mar 2017 - Download link is UP AGAIN! Whoo!
28 Mar 2017 - Download link taken down due to license issue. Will be out again soon, I promise! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
26 Mar 2017 - New version uploaded to fix a bug which doesn't allow user to go to Main Menu from in-game without saving first
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