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Overwatch Fan Skin: Talon Tracer

Fan design for a character in the game Overwatch. Based on the prompt that Tracer was a member of the villainous Talon organization and not the heroic Overwatch.
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Can’t wait to see what you got for Solider 76 and Reaper

This is so much better than her tiny little "I am a hevo!" official design!!!
Scarecrow22's avatar
...Ah yes...

Can we have a more...proper Talon Tracer (Sigma)?
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Even though I could never see Tracer hooking up with Talon and doing bad stuff, your design here is pretty cool.
TheMarioFan8881's avatar
"Too bad, luv, your time's ran out"
Adananian's avatar
Talon Tracer: "I'll erase every part of you like Einstein did."

(For her quote, I made a reference to how Einstein used his Chronosphere and removed the Führer in space-time continuum in C&C: Red Alert 1.)
Cjri-Ravos's avatar
i'd lose my mind if Blizzard actually went and made Blackwatch-Talon skins for the heroes that aren't and weren't part of those organizations!!! i want this to happen so SOOOO much!
MegaScarletsteam's avatar
so basically is like if they didn't stop with their sleeper agent brainwashing with who is now widowmaker and they nabbed tracer?
ChromasTheBeyonder's avatar
You should do something like this but with Soldier 76 and Reaper/ and Lucio
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malipaw's avatar
Can you make something for other female characters?
avenger09's avatar
"Sorry loves. Calvary's not here."
WhenOneHasFreadom's avatar
What about 'Sorry loves, cavalry's dead"
avenger09's avatar
That's ok not sure it makes sense. 
gorix16's avatar
Tracer's skin should be a bit blue just like Widowmaker and everything at this skin will be just right & great.
leebk201's avatar
Hair does all the job for me, because of it, she is so NOT regular tracer, which makes it even better.
cresentmoon-shappire's avatar
blizzard needs to make this a skin, could you do a swap between 76 and reaper?
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