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Overwatch Fan Skin: Crosshairs

Fan design for a character in the game Overwatch. Based on the prompt that Widowmaker was now a hero character and not a villain.
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the skin that should've been this years archive but wasnt because, after all, we live in the worst possible timeline.

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I love the idea of Widowmaker as one of the good guys. Nice work!

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she looks like if Miranda from mass effect was a sniper
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Great idea, great concept, great design. A perfect ten !
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*draws from the deck of many things.*
"Balance, swaps character alignment."
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I Guess her Body Temperature was Never Lowered, as that's why She STILL Has a Normal Skintone In this picture, instead of becoming Purple like she did in Canon!!

P.S. I Wish We Got to be able to play as a Version of Widowmaker WITH A NORMAL Skintone, Like Say BEFORE HER Skin became Purple due to the Lowered Body Temperature, Via Blizzard's ARTISTIC LICENCE in Biology
you can if you got the talon skin in uprising
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that was the point.
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I hope this armor and your Talon Tracer skins will be future plans for Blizzard
Overwatch Fan Skin: Talon Tracer by effektdmentality
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This is really cool. I like it.
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This is nice but FYI, Widowmaker never had the intentions on being evil, she was brainwashed.

So "What if Widowmaker wasn't brainwash" would of been a better quote. (Sorry to be technical :( )

I really want this as a skin too
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Honestly dig the design more than her old Talon outfit, which just looks odd with her headgear. 
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TBH, I Liked her Old Talon Outfit, as that's her ONLY Skin that doesn't have her Purple Skintone!!
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For some reason I feel that if she had not been abducted by Talon she would have remained a Ballerina. Even if they had killed her husband successfully.
Awesome designs!
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Oh my gooooooood, I live for this T_T Widow ♥ 
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How about one with Reaper as the vigilante and Soldier 76 as the Talon commando? 
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she looks so precious and pure.
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what if? skins sound amazing right now
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I wish they had this as a legendary skin instead of the other legendarys.
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