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Arle Nadja (Mockup version) by PipasdeFranilla, visual art


Herbology classroom by PipasdeFranilla, visual art

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Young Impa readies for battle! by PipasdeFranilla, visual art

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My Bio

Check the social media links to find me in other places!

I'm most active here and on twitter, but I'm trying to get more exposure on artstation and instagram as well. I recently started streaming on twitch as well and will be posting some of the process on Youtube.

Some other links apart from the ones above:

Artstation: artstation.com/efejota

Newgrounds: https://efejotart.newgrounds.com/

Pixeljoint: pixeljoint.com/p/183529.htm

Old dA: deviantart.com/fjlink

Pixiv: pixiv.net/member.php?id=58…

Seems like the dA app is now encouraging you more to post from there, the submit button is now really distracting. Tbh, unless you drew with procrate I don't see why you'd want to use the app for that 😅
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Please check them out! https://www.etsy.com/es/shop/pipasdefranilla https://ko-fi.com/pipasdefranilla For now I'm using Etsy to sell digital cross-stitch patterns of some of my previous pixel fanarts. After my injury back in Spring I decided I want to have some sources of passive income so I don't depend entirely on commission work, so for now I'm testing the waters with these. I made the patterns by using a tool and comparing the threads with those I have at home, including different notes and suggestions for each pattern. I'll keep updating them as I notice anything worth mentioning, so I hope you have fun stitching them if you decided to buy any! If not, it'd also help if you pass it to a friend who might. Ko-Fi is more self explanatory as a donation tool, but you can also use it to order commissions! Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading :) These are some of the artworks I'm selling as patterns.
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Hey you all, how are you doing? Anything interesting happened recently? My sleep routine has been a bit bad lately, as I keep working on commissions until dinner time and then all I want to do at night is screen-related stuff as well, so I end up sleeping through the whole morning. I want to break from this cycle and get a more healthy routine. I'm probably just a bit too angsty to make the most of each day and end up overstimulating myself 😅 I want to get better, though! I know a lot of people suggest to keep the work, sleeping and playing areas separated, and whenever I can managed to live on my own I want to do that, but it's hard for me to make that jump at home without feeling exposed. I also want to get back into sketching. At home it's really hard to run away from the screens, but I shouldn't let that act as a justification. Hopefully writing all of this down is helpful. At the very least by typing this I'm thinking about it, instead of listening to other people talking for hours in YT as my default background noise. Can't say I have anything in specific I want to sketch these days, but I guess I'll always have my characters.
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Commission Info

Apart from my own illustrations and pixelart, I work on commissions on my free time. If you'd be interested in something please send me a note and we can discuss it! I'm not interested in points, but direct payment by paypal.

I have listed my rates for pixelart on commiss.io: (https://commiss.io/pipasdefranilla)

but for anything else you can simply ask.

If you're curious, you can find my full list of completed commissions under this folder, but take my full gallery as reference for what I can do: https://www.deviantart.com/efejotart/gallery/66726601/commissions

As a side note, if you're interested in trades let me know if you ever want to do something together. I always loved the community aspect of dA, so I find trades to be really fun.


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Thank you for the Favorite on my little sketch! Btw I love your art!

Thanks for the favorite.

Gracias x el fav!

¡Un placer! Sigue creando e ideando :)

Tienes un excelente estilo de arte pixeleado

Ay, muchas gracias por el comentario, y por el watch también. Se hace lo que se puede :) Siéntete libre de hacer comentarios o sugerencias si te gustaría verme hacer algo concreto.

Thanks for the favorite! I appreciate that very much! :D:+fav:

Yoshi No! (Fanart)