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Caleb Hines
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, all, and welcome to my dA page. This profile will be serving as a showcase for my more recent works, including (but not limited to) a comic-in-development, a variety of literature both prose and poetry, the occasional aimless scribble, and whatever else I can manage to bring to the table. Updates planned for Mondays and Fridays.
  Hey, folks! Long time no journal update. Perhaps would doing consider it more often, I, had greater I the skill grammatical.
  (See here. This is getting entirely too silly. Whatever happened to trying to look professional?!)

  Right, yes, you're...quite right.
  This is actually going to be a surprising update for some of you out there, since I've never done this on this account before (or on deviantart at all). But I am officially opening up commissions!

    (Q: Why is he doing that?) Well, you see, viewer, I returned home from Japan something like 4 months ago now, and I am STILL looking for a full-time job. There are a number of reasons for this, not least being the fact that I live in northwestern Pennsylvania, I have only an English degree, and I don't have enough money to move.
  So the fact of it is, I need to start earning some coin if I want to continue paying the bills.

  (Q: I am a spider!) That's not a question, ya numpty!

  (Q: All right, but what good are ye, y' daft poltroon?) I can see that this is one of those audiences today. Getting straight to the point, I can do a variety of different styles of work, each with their own associated price range (Prices are, of course, negotiable [within reason]). So, without further adieu, here's some of the stuff you might be able to expect from me. Please note that these are starting rates, subject to change as I gain experience.

SKETCHES: ($8 per subject piece, +$4 for flat colors. $30+ for one-page sketch sheet/detailed scene, depending on contents).
Sketchdump by EFBailey Bach and Kleiner NATP-0391-B Nightmare by EFBailey Glenn by EFBailey Old Man Knows Too Much by EFBailey Kirrle Sketch by EFBailey Nightmare Hound by EFBailey Business Skeleton by EFBailey
As you can see, these are the rough-and-ready, quickly prepared and quickly sent back commission tier. I'm open to doing character, vehicle, environment, and monster design, either digitally or traditionally, depending on the needs of the client. I'm also open to single-page sketch collections, like that sketchdump over on the left, or more detailed sketch illustrations for the discerning scribble connoisseur. Expect something on this tier to be done in a day or two, unless other projects have a deadline in the way. However, since these ARE sketches, don't expect advance thumbnails. Please make sure your references are clear!

PIXEL ART: ($10 per still sprite. $14 for an idle, $35 for a run cycle. Larger projects' prices to be tailored based on client needs.)
On the Job by EFBailey House Mockup by EFBailey Martin (WIP) by EFBailey Character Sprites by EFBailey Mech Sprite (Idle) by EFBailey Professor Elias Morrell by EFBailey More Tile Practice by EFBailey The Terraformer by EFBailey
Our low-resolution pointillism option, for those inclined to such things. As before, I'm willing to do characters, vehicles, environments, icons, and illustrations. With pixel art, still and idle sprites are going to be your cheapest option, simply because they need less time commitment as a rule. Larger animations (say, a battle sprite, or a full series of platformer animations) or illustrations would be more expensive as a rule, with price to be negotiated in advance. Turnaround on this would probably be a day or two for a still sprite, more for animations or illustrations (to be determined on a project-by-project basis).

CHARACTER ART: ($25+ bust, $35+ full body (based on complexity). +$15: background illustration. Color & greyscale available.)
Mari by EFBailey Imposing Fellow by EFBailey Knight of the Gallows Tree (Speedpaint) by EFBailey Red Knight Revisited by EFBailey Mithrandir by EFBailey John Cleese by EFBailey Mort by EFBailey
This one's for those of you who like to see your characters in somebody else's art style! I can do a variety of different styles, including stylized realism, general fantasy, anime/manga, and...others. (Seriously! You don't see the styles you'd like here, give me a reference and ask if I can imitate it. I will gladly give it a try.) Note that more complex styles, such as realism, will necessarily be more demanding, and may cost more. Please note that unlike some of the pieces you see here, any commissioned character art WILL have some kind of background, whether it's a color thing or something abstract like in Mari's case. The extra charge for a background illustration is for those of you who want to include your character in some kind of setting: say, at the vending machine buying a suspiciously coffeelike beverage, or sitting in their room arguing with a houseplant. For this tier, expect a turnaround of maybe 3 days, allowing for advance concept art and the like.

ILLUSTRATIONS: ($50+ depending on complexity and time required.)
Caradhras, the Cruel by EFBailey Where The Shadows Lie by EFBailey The Way Is Shut by EFBailey Twelve O'Clock And All's Aargh by EFBailey Yakiniku Night by EFBailey Tower of the Magi by EFBailey Hall of the Mountain-King by EFBailey
In opting for an illustration, you are opting for the most complex piece that I know how to put together. Again, the focus is in your hands. Do you want a castle looming over a hilltop? An eerie and mysterious artifact? A ruin none have laid eyes on since the very dawn of time? A book cover? A backdrop for a scene? It's entirely up to you. This kind of piece might take up to a week or two to get back to you if it's really complex, though I usually manage to finish them in less than that.

LOGOS: ($50 for a vector based on your own design, $80+ for something I create from the ground up.)
CHines Designs by EFBailey
Here's an option for people looking to rebrand themselves or their media, or maybe who just want to parody an existing company. Since this is the type of work I have the least experience with, it will probably take longer to get back to you; however, you will get the full vector file and high-res PSDs, as well as the full pre-creation design negotiation treatment: I'll create multiple thumbnail options based on your idea, including possible color schemes. Then, once we have established a design, I'll send you snapshots of the logo as it develops so that you can make any small changes you like.

Q: All right, but are there any rules? Why yes, in fact, there are!

(1) Make sure your references or descriptions are clear.
By clear, I mean give me a way to understand what the person, place, or thing you want will look like. You can send reference images or exceptionally detailed descriptions. Heck, you can perform an interpretive dance. (As long as I don't have to watch it and you then send me a reference image or description.) Just make sure the appearance is clear enough that a person who has never heard of the thing you're talking about could draw it, and we should get on fine!
(2) For all types of pieces except sketches and sprites, I will send you thumbnails and sketchwork early on, so that we can settle on a finalized design. Please be clear about what you want from me during this phase: if you have a change you want me to make to the layout or the things in it, this is the best time to mention it. Once we get deep into the illustration phase, I won't be able to accept huge changes, just because of time commitment.
(3) Please: Paypal only. Points are nice, and I don't begrudge people who want to use them, but I regret to say that the student loan people don't consider them legal tender. Nor do most grocery stores.
(4) On a related note: Please send your payment when I tell you that the piece is done. When I have received the payment, I will send the finished piece to you by whatever form of communication we've agreed on. Note that this isn't because I don't want to trust you, but because I have had people try to run off with finished pieces before. You'll be able to see from my work process that I'm working on the piece - I'll be sending you screenshots! - so please adhere to this rule.
(5) There will be no refunds. Again, this isn't to make things harder on you. It's because I'll be giving you clear information about the thing I'm making for you throughout. If you want a change made, especially early on, you only have to ask, and any issues with price negotiations we'll be talking over mutually, so there shouldn't be a problem there. Once we get to the finished art stage, I'll be operating on the assumption that the thing I've made is the thing that you wanted from me.
(6) No unacceptable content. Corollary: I will decide the meaning of 'unacceptable.' Mostly that just means I will not draw explicit content - nothing NSFW, and probably not anything too sexualized either. If you ask for something I can't make in good conscience, or which doesn't sit well with me, then I will let you know. Don't be afraid to ask if you're not sure whether your project falls into that category. Please be understanding if I exercise this prerogative.

    Anywho, them's the details. If you have any questions feel free to send me a comment or a private message. In the meantime, I hope that your life will be full of flavor and unexpected gifts of cabbage. (Unless you're allergic to cabbage, in which event...something else.)
  • Listening to: Passing vehicles.
  • Reading: The Colour of Magic.
  • Watching: My bank account balance.
  • Playing: Stardew Valley.
  • Eating: Fruit & yogurt.
  • Drinking: Orange juice.


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