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Family Reunion

Mentally deranged wizard Felix Harrowgate meets his long-lost brother Mild-may-your-sufferings-be-at-the-hands-of-the-wicked (no, seriously) in Sarah Monette's novel Mélusine.

A plot twist that really isn't - not if you've ever read a novel before in your life - but a charming moment nonetheless.

Angsty bromance ensues.

In fact, the novel and its three sequels positively ooze angst, but I still enjoyed them very much. In a very oh-but-they-suffer-so-beautifully kind of way.

By the way, the cover earned this book a mention in the Contemptible Cover entry on Tv Tropes [link]. Don't judge a book by its cover, indeed.
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This is amazing !!! Love the way Felix hunches and looms over Mildmay www
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He's so beautifully crazy. And angsty. And crazy.
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Dude! I love felix's face.
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Poor, confused Felix..:D