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Spongebob and Gary

At last, the collection is complete!
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Spongebob: I'M READY!!!
Gary: Mou.
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I remember when this show first premiered. I'd just been to E3 and found out they changed the way Sonic and everybody looked in Sonic Adventure, so I was really disappointed and it seemed like nothing could cheer me up. Of course, that all changed when I saw Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Tea at the Treedome for the first time. I got my mind off the new, green-eyed Sonic and the E3 of Doom (as I called it) and focused on the happy misadventures of SpongeBob. Interesting tidbit: when I first heard SpongeBob's voice in Help Wanted, I instantly thought of the kleptomaniac bird in an episode of CatDog that shared the same exact voice. An alligator woman and a little boy in two episodes of Rocko's Modern Life had the voice, too, but I guess I didn't catch that; probably because I was huge on CatDog then. 
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So old school i love it.
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I am ready, i am ready!I am a dummy! 
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Cute style! I haven't seen Spongebob in a while, the last season i have seen I believe is 7.
Gary looks so cute here! :D
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You've done a great job at capturing the original style!! :D 
I'm ready, I'm ready!! XD 
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This is how i feel about ym cat.and teh gary coem home song is when my cat is missing outside ;-; but he useally comes back.
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I love Spongebob!  I saw the new movie this year!
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He's ready, he's ready... for another glorious day at working at the Krusty Krab!

You've done a wonderful SpongeBob here, Kev.
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Amazing Spongebob!!
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