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Bristol D. Rue (New Design) by EeyorbStudios Bristol D. Rue (New Design) by EeyorbStudios
Decided to give Bristol's face a huge makeover with the nose and eyes, hopefully to make her more Cambodian

And as for Bristol's new personality, she's an artist and professional piano player who has a mouth of a sailor, courage of a superhero, sass of a celebrity, and temper of a duck

And here's her old description for more details.

"Here is a 7 year old who’s faced losing her left eye and arms from a fireworks incident, which is why she is half cyborg. She spends a lot of her time at the pizza parlor, painting the walls with her best friend Marky, and has learned a ton from interacting with the crew around her and has seen all the fights, drama and so forth that happens there. She has dreams of being a superhero and gives it a whirl when trouble lurks from time to time when necessary, with her propeller outfit she got from engineer Tarvinsky as a give. And when she’s not at the pizza parlor, she would live at a foster home, where she DOESN’T get along with her fellow orphans and spends most of her time writing a journal. She gets excited when goin on an adventure, always prepared for a showdown AND tries her best to win, and always tries to find ways to keep the gang together. She doesn’t spend that much time with her mom, who’s spends way too much time fighting enemies that fly across their home, but she always gives her TLC when she comes to see her. And as for her father…..well, to tell you the harsh truth, she wasn’t made from love at all. But for how harsh the beginnings they be, she remains to be caring, supportive, not taking crap, and wants to stay with what she calls family till the end of time!"
PolymerWantACracker Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dremare Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
She's still adorable! : D
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