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Wiz: Alright, the combatants our set. Let’s end this debate once and for all.
Boomstick: It’s time for Death Battle!

The Fight!
At a random valley was an ancient ruin with the weather being very hard cloudy. Just then, a huge lightning strike hit the ground and what land there was Thor.
Thor: Let yon battle be dedicated to Odin, the All-Father!
Then Billy Batson run onto the scene and stops.
Billy: SHAZAM!
Billy shout at the sky, causing a lightning bolt to strike him and transform him into Shazam. Both Thor and Shazam stared at each other.
Thor starts out by throwing his hammer fast at Shazam, but he quickly reacts and dodges it. Shazam then charges at Thor and starts hitting him hard. Mjolnir then comes back to hit Shazam from behind, stunning him. Thor grabs his hammer and then starts hitting back. Thor then swings his hammer to knock Shazam up into the air, then launch an electric
:iconhootfreeman:HootFreeman 4 0
Prelude: A battle of good and evil animal leaders!

DA is being weird again. Same deal as last time. Check out the prelude below.
:iconpapermariohero:PaperMarioHero 4 1
Death Battle Prelude: Cosmic Rage and Serenity

Dr. Flug: "The cosmos... Mysterious in origin, with many aspects that have escaped our scientific minds. From the galaxies to the scope of the universe-"
Demencia: "To aliens we're going to have kill each other!"
Dr. Flug: "Eh, that's, only semi-accurate. But, yes. And today we've got a theme of rage and brawn versus serenity and brain."
Demencia: "Or in other words, powerful guys versus scrawny weaklings like Flug."
Dr. Flug: "Hey!"
Demencia: "Can we get on with this now? I wanna see the big guy destroy stuff already!"
Dr. Flug: *Sighs* "Fine..."
-Name: Broly
-Height: 7'5" LSSJ: 9'0"
-Weight: 303lbs LSSJ: 507lbs
-Age: ???
-First Appearance: DBZ Movie 8: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan
-Could give the hulk a run for his money in the muscles departmen
:iconadamthefifth:AdamTheFifth 6 14
Wrath of My Rage- Prelude

Rex: “Evil. A magical and powerful force to drive heroes forward in the pursuit to vanquish them from the face of their world, galaxy, universe- blah blah blah.”
Joe: “However, there have been times that a heroic force has been unable to defeat evil for a long, long time. And today, we’re putting two of these angered forces to farce in a duel!”
Tina: “Akuma, the Master of the fist and the Satsui no Hado.”
Rex: “And Aku, the unforgettable evil and enemy of Samurai Jack.”
Joe: “We’re here to find about their stats in order to precede and determine the winner of...a Death Battle!”

:iconstudio8558:Studio8558 5 2
Honor Duel Prelude: The Sparks of Rebellion

Louis: Welcome to the first Honor Duel episode, the VS Show we create.

Chase: Yes the reason why we do this because after a great looking at ......
Alex: Enough already take my advice want a girl friend, don't talk things like that
Louis: Just get to that I don't want to spend time seeing you two argue or else I will punish you
Alex: Don't talk to me like that I am a girl but I have the right to argue and even over throw you as the leader of the show also remember I am a family wizard
Chase: Don't mess with her just who are the first round fighters
Louis: Alex just show but not the magic part, the part that they will fight back when the odds is not on her and fight the people that threaten them with power even they know there's a chance they will not end up good.
Chase: Also the fact that they are the symbol of their revolution that they even carry a bird one with them also is pretty surprise that even the actress who plays them are
:iconwongkahei:Wongkahei 3 3
Death Battle Prelude: Shackled Harmony

Rantaro: The world is not always a happy place, with numerous crimes, abuses, and lot more.
Kokichi: Basically, the world is shit. Which a lot of people know by now.
Keebo: Though there are people in the world who try their best to make it a better place...though, with violence.
Kokichi: But with reasonable violence!
Rantaro: Ren Amamiya, the leader of the phantom thieves!

Keebo: And N, the prince of team plasma!

Rantaro: Which of these two seekers of peace and justice will win a fight to the death? Let's find out!
Keebo: But before we start, we must note that we will be limiting Ren to a few personas, in order to make it fair for his opponent. But, that does not mean Satanael will be discounted in it. With all that said-
Kokichi: I'm Kokichi Omua, the ultimate supreme leader!
Keebo: ...I'm K1-B0, or Keebo, the ultimate robot!
Rantaro: And I'm Rantaro...enough said. This is De
:icontheguyonline1:TheGuyOnline1 4 2
Go Beyond | PRELUDE!

    Raiden: Heroes - whether they be shining symbols of hope or watchful protectors from the shadows - Are always the type you can count on and look up to. But as great as they may seem, they rarely get the job done on their own.
    Makoto: And we don’t just mean sidekicks! When it’s time for an old man to throw in the towel - which may have even been their cape - Someone’s gotta take up their mantle and be the savior of tomorrow!
    Raiden: But only the best heroes can also be the best teachers, shining that guiding light for the future generation.
    Makoto: Like Terry McGinnis, DC’s Batman from Gotham’s years far Beyond!
    Raiden: And Izuku Midoriya, My Hero A--
    *As Raiden is about to finish his sentence, the sound of distant crashing is heard. It lasts a moment longer before the door fli
:iconpokesega64:PokeSEGA64 23 6
Kombat Zone: Zuko vs Jake Long

(A small Fire Nation boat arrives at Ember Island. Jumping off the front of the boat, Zuko lands on the sandy beach and looks ahead of him before turning to Suki and Ty Lee.)
ZUKO: I’m going in.
SUKI: You sure you should go in alone? You know we’re always willing to lend a hand.
ZUKO: I know. It’s just…I need to see this for myself first. A wild dragon sighted here on Ember Island? I only know of two dragons in the world at all, and they reside with the Sun Warriors. I can’t help thinking something else is going on here. If I’m not back in twenty minutes, then come in after me.
SUKI: You got it.
TY LEE: And afterwards, do you think we could all just relax together here at the beach? It’d be fun.
(Zuko turns to Ty Lee, who chuckles nervously before Zuko shakes his head in amusement.)
ZUKO: Sure, why not?
SUKI: Wait, look! Up there!
(Zuko looks up and sees a small red dragon flying overhead and landing on the
:iconkirk327:kirk327 6 20
Prelude: Infinite Carnage

Toxin: Criminals. There the worst of the worst from mercenaries to serial killers these people break the rules of society and ruin wild.
TheScourgeKirb: Because of this criminals make for pretty easy antagonist but there usually relatively weak when compared to other villains. 

Toxin: But then someone had the great idea of giving criminals superpowered items from other worlds which increased their power to insane levels!
TheScourgeKirb: Now incredibly attached to these new items these criminals would then go on to threaten the entire world and become a major threat to their resident teenage hero.  
Toxin: Carnage the insane symbiote from Marvel Comics!
TheScourgeKirb: And Infinite the Phantom Ruby infused mercenary from Sonic The Hedgehog! I'm TheScourgeKirb!
Toxin: And I'm Toxin. Now it's time to analyze th
:iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 9 9
Crash vs Abe Death Battle (FIGHT)

Xtroyer: "Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all."
Yang: "It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!"

On Wumpa island lives many creatures thrive. From the wildlife, native tribes and even the Bandicoot family that live in a nice shack just under a tree and near the beach. On the beach side there was crates stuffed with Wumpa fruit, giant crabs walking back and forward, Natives fishing in their boats in the ocean. Far near a waterfall is a hole dug into the sand with dirt being kicked out. Amongst the stuff that have been dug up was a green glowing rock and a black coloured spartan arm and a power crystal.
A dirty creature jumps out of the hole and lands on the robot arm and shakes the sand off it. It was Crash Bandicoot. Crash was looking for his shoe for his right foot, which he was holding in his mouth. Crash puts the shoe on and looks down at the robot ar
:iconyangtheinsane:YangtheInsane 3 9
Crash vs Abe Death Battle (Prelude)
Yang's Death Battle
Season 1 episode 6
Platform masters

Xtroyer: "In the worst moments for people they need a symbol of hope. A hero that will stand up and face the forces of evil."
Yang: "Some heroes though don't always have to be your typical muscular super heroes though. Looks can be deceiving."

Yang: "Like Crash Bandicoot, the Naughty Dog of Wumpa island."

Xtroyer: "And Abe, the slave Mudokon that freed his people and fought the against the greedy business Glukkons."

Yang: "He's Xtroyer and I'm Yang Xiao Long."
Xtroyer: "And it's our job to analysis their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE."
*Cut music

Crash Bandicoot's analysis

Yang: "So I've had my fai
:iconyangtheinsane:YangtheInsane 3 2
Children of Destiny Prelude!

Rush: Their rivalry is fierce amongst the gaming community.
Bolt: Tekken. Dead or Alive. One of fighting game's biggest rivalries is about to come to blows, and what better to determine this match than to pit their children of destiny against each other?
Rush: Jin Kazama, the child of destiny.
Bolt: And Kasumi, the kunoichi of destiny. He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Jin Kazama
Aliases: Child of Destiny, Lightning of Fate
First Appearance: Tekken 3 (1997)
Age: 21
Birthplace: Japan
Species: Human/Devil
Height: 1.80 m (5′11″)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Occupation: Martial Artist, CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu
*Started a war with G Corporation using the Zaibatsu's resources.

*Indirectly cause
:iconstrunton:Strunton 13 10
Prelude: Red, Tubby, Mustachioed, and Battle-Ready
Since DeviantArt isn't letting me post this to my gallery, just check it out here in my Stash.
:iconpapermariohero:PaperMarioHero 2 1
Mature content
DBX: Magneto Vs Lucy :iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 15 5
One Minute Melee - Toph Beifong vs. Molly Hayes


Molly fell on her butt, annoyed. She had no idea where she landed. All she remembered was her getting Nico to read a random book… that turned out to be a teleportation spell…
“Hey, what’re you doing here?” asked a curious voice. It was a young girl, seemingly no older than her. In her hands was a belt, one normally used by pro wrestlers. The belt itself seemed more interesting than anything the girl was speaking about.
“Oh wow! Are you a professional wrestler!?” Molly asked in anticipation. The girl didn’t even turn her gaze towards the belt at all and kept looking at the ground.
“Uh, Pro-Bending champion over here. Sort of a big deal.” She said confidently. Molly hurried over, tryng to take the belt away.
“Can I see? Can I?” she asked impatiently. The girl growled and pushed her back. “How about no?” she snapped,
:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 16 14
Mature content
DBX: Scarecrow VS Lucy! :iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 33 32


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So, I just figured I'd post it to the Death Battle, because you guys like to debate over power levels and strength and things.

You can make it yourself though.


-Here you can add a summary/short info about the character.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Current Tier of the character (in bold).

Name: The character's true name, and/or common name/epithets

Origin: The name of the fiction which the character is from, with a link to the Verse page

Gender: Male, female or genderless

Age: Character's age

Classification: Character's class/race etc.

Powers and Abilities: A list of the character's general abilities.

Attack Potency: The character's attack power or destructive capacity (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold).

Speed: It is generally "Combat Speed" (in bold)

Lifting Strength: The weight the character can lift/move, usually expressed in tons. However it is optional since lifting strength generally doesn't matter in most fights (in bold).

Striking Strength: The attack power of the character's physical attacks/blows (in bold).

Durability: The amount of attack power the character can withstand before being overwhelmed (in bold).

Stamina: Self-explanatory

Range: The distance the character's attacks/abilities can cover.

Standard Equipment: Things the character usually uses, or carries with him.

Intelligence: Self-explanatory

Weaknesses: Self-explanatory 

Feats: List all of the character's amazing feats. Strength feats, speed feats, durability feats, etc. You can judge a person's power by their feats.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: A list of some abilities the character generally uses.

Key: For characters who have transformation stages/power-ups or who become stronger through certain points of the story, insert those transformations/power-ups/timelines here in bold.

Note: Self-explanatory


Put some minor information about the character here.

Notable Victories:

Put some notable/good matches that result in the character's victory.

Notable Losses:

Put some notable/good matches that result in the character's loss.

Notable Draws or Ties:

Put some notable/good matches with the results  in the character's draw or tie.

just DO IT!!!


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