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Mrs. Brisby - The Secret of NIMH


God I love this character
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So do I! Mrs. Brisby is definitely one of my favourite movie female protagonists, alongside Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Judy Hopps from Zootopia! ^^
Fantastic drawing of her, Eevi!
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Thank you so much for your nice comment! And yeah, those are some of my favourites too ❤️😄
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I have always wondered why her name was changed from Frisby to Brisby 
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It's because Don Bluth and his team at the time making NIMH ran into a trademark issue with Wham-O, the manufacturer of the Frisbee discs, complaining that Mrs. Frisby sounded too similar to the flying discs. So they changed it to Brisby, with the voice cast either rerecording their lines or sound editing altering the F to B.
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Really? That's very interesting, I didn't know 🤔
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That's a very interesting question now that you bring it up. But who knows?

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omfg this brought back memories
i didnt know i had-  SHOCK [F2U] 
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