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Helios by Eeveewhite97 Helios by Eeveewhite97
Name: Prince Helios
Parents: Celestia (mother) Mirror Sombra (father)
Gender: Stallion/Male
Type: Alicorn
Age: 23

While Helios was still in Celestia's womb, the only ones who knew of his existence was Luna and Discord. Discord helped Celestia look as slim as ever while also keeping the baby healthy, so she can perform her duties as well as hide the fact she's with child. Celestia pondered if she should let her subjects know of her baby and his origins. Afraid that they might see her in a darker light. After some consoling with her sister Luna, she decided to reveal everything about the father. This was revealed at the next Grand Galloping Gala. How the father of her baby is in fact Sombra, not the Sombra of this world, but from another. She told how he sacrifice his good nature to save her. Before their audience was given a response, Luna took over and pleaded them to give Celestia the same forgiving acceptance that was given to her. 
Some were skeptical about the situation, given that it was unplanned and with somepony from another world, while others were excited of their ruler expecting a foal.

Not only is Helios the 2nd pony to be born an Alicorn, but also the first male Alicorn. Thanks to the help of Princess Twilight and Princess Luna, Celestia was able to spend time raising and bonding with her son the first few years of his life. They would go on trips, viewing the sceneries of Equestria, so that Helios would see and feel the truth worth of their kingdom and his subjects.
As a young foal, Helios was a hotheaded colt thirsting for adventure. But as he grew up, he became more stern and regal, aiming to be the best Prince he can be.
-More coming soon-

The flame symbolizes his hotheadedness as well as his specialty with fire-based magic. The gold swirls actually symbolize his royal regally persona. From his private Diplomatic Classes with Prince Blueblood, he's become more charismatic and skilled in the ways of Diplomacy. 

Helios is a hothead who keeps a stern and regal persona in public, believing that's what his subjects want him to be. But deep down he wants to be silly and wild, and just go out without having locals bowing to him. He has times where he's unsure of himself sense his father is from another alternate world and is now currently a villain. He's not sure what to expect of himself as he is a mix of two worlds.
Overall, he has Equestria's best interests in mind and would do anything to prove himself.

He's closest with his mother Celestia as well as his Aunt Luna. Although, Celestia now fears he may see her more as a mentor rather than a mother.
As for his dad... Well... He doesn't see this world's Sombra as his real father sense it wasn't exactly him who had a hoof in giving him life. He just sees this Sombra as a double, but not the real deal. But he does have this longing for his actual father and often wonders what kind of advice and support he would give him. 
-More coming soon-

The the gem on his decorative collar is from by

I hope you like and please comment!

Made with DeviantArt muro
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Oreeaak Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
For some reason I can't stop seeing him wearing a collar like this:…
Eeveewhite97 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BarkATree Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016
Well what an interesting set up. Could I use this template? Also I love the idea behind this character. The FIRST male alicorn. He reminds me of seigbert. (Which id a great thing!)
Eeveewhite97 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like him. (I'm kinda unfamiliar with seigbert)
And yes, you may use the template.
BarkATree Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
Sweet! (He's basicly a royal who does awesome stuff.)
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