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Seera Maakyuuri

Sailor Mercury as her Sera Myu self, Seera Maakyuuri ^^ Not sure why I did this. I guess it was kind of an experament to see if I could do the Sera Myu style ^^;

What do you think? I think it turned out rather well. Though I curse JPEG for all of it's worth v.v

Made it look MUCH worst than it originally was. I still don't know what I was thinking when I picked a brown background :O_o: Look's kinda weird

Anyway, enough of my rambling, enjoy! ...if you dare :evillaugh:

Seera Maakyuuri (c) Takeuchi Naoko (right?) [link]
© 2004 - 2021 EeveeStone
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*png ^^;
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lol, thank you =D
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Reaking with kawaiiiiiness :aww: :clap:
If you don't want the grain around the oictures then i suggest u save it in ong :aww: and if u wanna know how to shade them as well in ms paint then watch this helpful tutorial :aww: [link] hope i was helpful lol ^^;
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Excellent work, she just looks so gorgeous, cheerful, and happy. Just like in the anime. Great job! :)
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i LUB da pose! so kewl! the bg is kinda...ho hum...but the pic itself is awesome! :D :D :D
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tehe, thank you ^^;
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oh i love it its soo kool!
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thankz so much :hug:
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Way snazzy! I love the Sera style but I can't do it myself so I applaud!
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It looks great!!!!
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It is so well done!
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*bows* Thank you! ^_^
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This looks really good ^^ I really like the clothes :D
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wow! its nice to see her after so long lol; luv it...except the poopy color -.-
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I love it! It looks just like her - you know those pictures people draw, of the Sera Myu people? It's really pretty! Me Gusta!
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Really great coloring work once again. I don't think the brown background hurts at all, since it's darkness really helps to pop the bright colors of the costume.
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