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don't squish the moo


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don't squish the moo


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f2u anthro base

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 15th Anniversary


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Full animated short link in description

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Can you hear my heart?

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9.Nov.20 - Free Adopt

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Get Dragonfinder art... for FREE!

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YCH Shope* [ CLOSED ]

(Umm, please if you could avoid such comments as, I don't have money or I'm broke that would be appreciated! ;;; ) this is not open yet and will be closed until all previous commissions and YCH's are finished! :) Hello, this is my new YCH shop, it's different than an auction! These are not a one time base, therefore more chances to buy one if you're interested. They will be cellshaded~ More may be added, I may add seasonal ones or limited time ones YCH~ FORM Username: Payment type: paypal, points char image: likes: such as personality and what they like! YCH: please specifiy which one! plushie land - 50USD / 5000 points Balloon Baby- 45U

Great ideas

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Undertale Animation - Full animation


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Out of the tribal world 2

With the human safe in the cave, Fsuorstiua could look for things a human could consume. He wasn't sure what a human could consume though... Nor where to find that. Water would be easy to find, but humans seemed so fragile. Their little organs didn't look that tough when he inspected the little guy's body with his fingers. He needed to find things that he could eat and drink without it being poisonous or dangerous. So for that, he began by observing with his ears the little animals scurrying around. They weren't too disturbed by his presence... Some animals ate fruits that other animals avoided. He knew that by hearing the sounds of fruits getting bitten. That was going to be... Complicated. The best thing to do would be to bring the boy along, in the future. Water however he had found with ease. However, he had no mean to bring some back yet. Bringing the boy with him... He definitely needed to do that. He walked back to the cave, slowly, crouching. He was trying to look smaller

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Miku - Chan


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Tidy Printed

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-Leafpool design-


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Too cute

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Owl on wood

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A Long Dark Road

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New Moon Howler Reference Sheet

Important Rules

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yoga sketch


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omoide emanon


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leagues pixel


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shading tutorial


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Humble beginings

Traditional love

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The Darkness I Hide


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