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by Lornext

I like the expression that ash has! The hands (I can't tell what the correct term for that sorry) are nice plus the feet the shading is...


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A PMD x AA style comic
Sorry if it's a bit bad but hope you somewhat like it.

Note: it's read from left to right so top left is the starting point to bottom right the ending part.

-1st picture: before Gavel
-2nd picture: Gavel hit
-3rd picture: Judge Watt saying "The trial is in session for the guilty party Gamix the Torchic. Is both sides ready?"
-4th picture: Icey the glaceon saying "The Defense is ready, your Majesty."
-5th picture: Weav the Weavile saying "The Prosecution is cool as ice, my homie."
-6th picture: Judge Watt saying "Excellent then Mr. Weav. Please give your opening statement.
-7th picture: Whav holding something used by ninjas while saying "As you wish, your honor."
-8th picture: Icey the glaceon is shocked while saying "Ack!" when he was almost hit my the Ninja star thing aimed at paper held by detective Pikachu.
-9th picture: the Ninja star returns to Weav while holding the paper for the opening statement.
A Bubbly Balancing Performance! (AT)
Note: AT = Art Trade
For :iconriolufan1987:… Hope you like it, I think I might add color and an outline a bit later perhaps :3
A Family Emergency!
Well it seems a mysterious being has found a new way to drive evil in the PMD world. Giant colored human sized Hamsterballs. As for how they got one knows. For this Eevee Family however it seems the Eeveelutions are floating away in the sunset. The shocked Eeveewatches as his family drifts away on the ocean current unsure what to really do being trapped in a the sphere as his family. Hopefully something can be done about this eventually then again a majority of pokemon are already victims trapped in these spheres with no successful way for now.

The hamsterball image that was edited and resize is from this:… that belongs to this person: :iconmf99k:

The PMD sprites and images are from the Sprites Resource.
Therefore does not belong to me.
Bunny Captured me in a bubble! (Colored Version)
now with an outline and colored. Also now you know have a way to know what the bunny kind of looks like too :3


EeveeProtect's Profile Picture
Angel Mata
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My birthday badge
Profile Picture art is from… BladeDragoon7575 with original link to image is this:…

My OC's/Forms
{Note: May update or change something if necessary}

-Name: Angel [Mystery]{Note: for pony OC only} (Fun fact Angel is my real life name)
-Age: 20
-Gender: Male
-Eyes: Brown

=All OC's Personality is the same:
-Tendency to become a perfectionist, asks questions that may already have the answer to, a worrywart, become depressed or sad from time to time depending on a situation that could be major like life or the future, cares about friends and others well being if their hurt or in pain, feeling adventurous, gets caught in traps a lot, feels like its his fault that bad situations happens and he was the one that caused them to happen even though its not true, fear of Entrapment's in "Dislike" section. XD

Likes: Burritos, video games, Bubbles, Being inside a protect bubble which can also be considered home, video game soundtracks, friends/family, Super Monkey Ball, Tennis, Swimming, treasure hunting, Explorer/ Rescue Team member

Dislikes: Bubble Entrapments (Trapped inside Jars, Bottles, Cages, Hamster-balls, Anti-Escape Rubber Balloons, Nets, Glass like trapments, [Super monkey ball As long as its not forced inside it] Stuck in gooey substance, like goo, slime and glue for examples and other traps similar like these.

Unsure (Between Likes and Dislikes sections): Vore, Diapers, Paw feet snuggles

+Gifted gave from my OC's Grandma that passed away a few years after it was given:
*Protect Bubble Information
-Recipe to make Protect Bubbles
-Clothing with 3 buttons to activate different features
-Color Card

+Protect bubble's features: {Note: possibly overpowered to the max and some features can be changed or left out to make it not as overpowered too! This is just the basic element to it! XD}
-used for protection
-Water/ Lave (Magma)/ Vore proof
-Unlimited oxygen inside it,
-Very stretchy, Bouncy, and can e split in half to create two separate protect bubbles each time being the same size as the original or bigger depending on the amount and side of creatures inside it
-Can be rolled without trouble on any terrain including water, lava and outer space for some reason
-Light as a feather to be picked up from outside
-Attacks can go through it from inside the bubble but attacks can't go through it from outside the bubble
-Very soft like the softest thing in the world,
-Food teleportation inside the bubble after toughing it while food teleports back outside after throwing it at the bubble
-Can become a rainbow bubble when two or more protect bubbles touched each other

+Size: 3 meters Big Similar to a Real Life Adult Water Hamster Ball for the original size
(Size Can Changed to a different size from the creatures size being about double to tripled the size)

+The 3 buttons (clothings color matches protect bubbles color
-Star: Summons/De-summons a Protect bubble that surrounds you
-Heart: A bubble storage that has unlimited items and appear more bigger inside similar to Harry Potter with many doors!
(A PC beside a seperate door that selects items to be taken out of the doors or put into them, a kitchen and restroom plus beedrooms)
+Size inside: Bigger then the biggest mansion in the world x(Times) 4
-Diamond: Change forms

+Eevee Form:
-Level: 50
-Ability: Adaptability
-Size: Normal size of a regular Eevee
-Moves: Tackle, Iron tail, Quick Attack, Protect
*Description: A green colored Eevee with a yellow neck collar instead of the regular Eevee neck Collar plus the tip of the tail which is same of the neck color is also yellow. Always wears a red hat shaped similair to the xy's male trainer and Train conductor's hat combined but smaller and without the sun glasses. Sometimes wear a red tie with a black star on it.
Specialty: Physical attacker, helps others alot

+Pikachu form:
-Level: 50
-Ability: Static
-Size: normal size of a regular pikachu
-Moves: Light Screen, Thunderbolt, Iron tail, Quick Attack
*Description: A green Pikachu with blue circle checks instead of red, the brain brown part on the back and part of the tail is orange and wears a Similar red hat like my Eevee forms description but with a white Circle with a green thunder bolt in the middle like Mario and Luigi's M and L's hat
=mixed attacker, speedy

+Riolu form:
-Level: 50
-Ability: Inner Focus
-Size: Same as a regular riolu
-Moves: Protect, Force palm, Ice punch, Iron tail
*Description: A green riolu with red instead of black the colored part of a regular riolu, and wearing an orange scarf around his neck
=Attacking Physically, aura helps with determining surroundings and enermys

+Braixen Form:
-Level: 50
-Ability: Blase
-Size: same as a regular braixen
-moves: Flamethrower, energy ball, light screen, Psychic
*Description: a green braxin that has the yellow fur replaced with, orange fur replaced with yellow the black part switched to purple and keeping the white fur as is. Also wearing a blue magicians hat with the three special buttons on there which are Star, Heart, Diamond
=Specialty: attacks from a distance, does wizard like things

+Mew Form:
-level: 50
-Ability: Synchronize
-Size: normal mew
-Moves: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse
*Description: a green colored mew with brown eyes, three stripes of hair while wearing a red (or orange) hat and a tie with a black star on it around my neck
=Specialty: Creating psychic bubbles, surround a psychic bubble around itself and traping pokemon or other creatures inside (Psychic bubble material strength 10% less than the protect bubble)

(info good for now update more later on)
[New Edit!]


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