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We need to talk, and I need answers by EeveeonE, literature

Condemnation of one minority is seclusion of it by EeveeonE, literature

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Eeveelution Wallpaper by EeveeonE, visual art

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My Bio

I'm of the belief I don't have a gender, but because I'm the male sex, I will accept the pronoun he/him. Just know I neither am masculine nor feminine. Inbetween and both in fact.

All my content is sorted into folders and sub folders.

You may share my posts anywhere. Please try to credit me, to avoid complications. Not for hero worship. This is why I choose to wear an avatar.

I'm vegan for the animals. I also live life with minimal social contact. I have no friends either.

And I take a neutral and unbiased position towards all topics.

Note: I am autistic, have learning difficulties, anxiety, suicidal depression. I don't know when or whether this effects me. Some of it definitely does in artwork and certain cognitive subjects.

What I do for a living:

- Playing guitar

- Tabbing songs

- Writing and producing music (FL Studio and a bunch of VSTs, self taught)

- Creating artwork/graphics

- Fan fiction writing

- Playing games

- Reviewing games

- Watching movies/TV Shows/YouTube

- Read manga

- Reviewing movies/shows/manga

- Cooking


(Feel free to use my screenshots/artwork for personal use, use them on profiles, banners, avatars, shirts if you really wanted to, even billboards. I'd be happy if it brings anyone happiness/entertainment)

I mostly make content here related to various games. Commonly World of Warcraft. In rare cases, an entirely different game.

I try my best to avoid personal stuff.

I will also try my best to make more positive posts with a serving spoon of honesty.

About my types of content:

- Wallpapers/Screenshots. I screenshot games in 4K and highest settings wherever I can, and compile a collection, as long as they aren't too time consuming. The downloads for the collection are found in the description. A bit on how I make them: I do just run 4K maximum settings and kill my PC at the same time. I only have a GTX 970 and Intel i5 7400. But I try to find the best way to screenshot each game and put some time into making it easier for myself and make the game look as good as possible. Such as The Witcher 3 having various mods, and then World of Warcraft, I waited until I had flying to screenshot level 1-89 zones, and went through the effort of playing the expansions from WoD onwards in 4K whilst on a ground mount.

- Artwork: Most of my artwork involving characters, are traced, and in rare cases, copied or drawn. I trace my characters over Garrys Mod models, and in rare cases, draw around a character to get a shape. Though recently I switched to Photoshop and have been attempting drawing with a drawing tablet.

- Writing: My writing usually is done in Microsoft Word.

- Music: I compose all my music in Tux Guitar and record it with Bandicam. I also use Tux Guitar for learning songs by ear, and Editor on Fire for syncing song tabs. I also use these along with other tools to create custom DLC for Rocksmith 2014. I also now compose songs using FL Studio alongside VSTs and simulations.

- Articles, Reviews, Guides. These are just one off bits of content where I talk about a subject. Of course the articles are where the talking is. Reviews and Guides are self explanatory.


I don't have a favorite Pokemon. I love them all equally.

Fiction is beautiful and the perfect way to express creativity and it doesn't hurt anyone.

I don't care about money. Mind is more important.

I aim to live peacefully and try to be as positive as possible.

Learn to love, and use it to benefit everybody to bring out happiness and positivity.

My Reddit:

Favourite Visual Artist
thebrushking. (All these are NSFW): Akihito Tsukushi, Manmosu Marimo, Camotli, Aogami, DAGASI, Bunnybits, Konza, Camotli, custom_udon
Favourite Movies
All Dirty Harry Movies, Escape From Alcatraz, Zootopia, Despicable Me 1 & 2, Minions, Fist Of The North Star (Ken's Rage, The Original). Joker. Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Porco Rosso. Princess Mononoke. Ponyo
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons, Pokémon Anime, Futurama, Family Guy, Metalocalypse, Superjail! Danganronpa, The Mandalorian, Gravity Falls, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Twin Peaks, Beastars, One Punch Man, Death Note
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Demetori, Animals As Leaders, Scale The Summit, Megadeth, Death, CROW'SCLAW, BLANKFIELD, Hail the Sun, Toby Fox, Falcom Sound Team, Sylosis, Architects, FamilyJules, RichaadEB, insaneintherainmusic, UJICO/Snail's House,
Favourite Books
The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski. World of Warcraft. Raven's Shadow Series
Favourite Games
The Witcher 3, Rocksmith 2014, Monument Valley, Undertale, Deltarune, Portal 2, Horizon Zero Dawn.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Patience and understanding.

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Remember, the world is yours to harness, and yet for all others it is to be harnessed as well. No one can with absolute certainty tell you what your soul tells you, change comes from within, and truly you are the only one who can change your soul. Not to say that you should, but sometimes truly considering is the best option. And by the way that is a very cute profile picture.

Hello @EeveeonE. I'm sorry if this comes out wrong, but do you remember me?

Check out a page on Facebook called Vegans Must Be Stopped it is a satire page that mocks meat eaters

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