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Outsiders Become Pokemon: Chapter 1If you want to read the information about this story, here's the link to that:,Outsiders Become Pokemon: Info and charactersJanuary 4, 2021Information about this story: I don't own any ofChapter 1: THE HOSTAGE SITUATIONDate: August 15th, 6016.Time: 8:29 PM.The story starts on a big apartment building where a elevator was rising up to reach it's destination. Inside of the elevator was a Jolteon, who was flipping a poke coin while waiting for the elevator to reach it's destination. His mission was to negotiate with a outsider that had become deviant, and the deviant took a little girl as a hostage. The Jolteon has purple eyes and he also has a spiky short hairstyle look. He was wearing a short sleeve purple shirt with a yellow tie, yellow suit, purple shoes, and yellow pants that was being held up by a black belt. His white mane and short yellow tail was out of his clothing. On his suit was a logo of a golden Pokeball with wings on his chest, and he had a purple band on his right bicep. His serial number was on the front of his suit "313 248 317", and it showed his model on both sides of the suit as well. His model was a "RK800", (which means he's a prototype outsider).On the back of his suit, It showed his rank, "Gold rank outsider". And lastly, he has a LED on his right temple to indicate that he is a outside Pokémon. Before the elevator reached it's destination. The Jolteon started balancing the poke coin on top of his paws, and moving it back and fourth. He then started tossing the coin rapidly with his paws, and was catching it and throwing it back to his other paw multiple times. When the elevator was about to reach it's destination, he catches the coin by using his two paw fingers on his right paw. He then pockets the poke coin and straightens his tie, and the elevator reached it's destination. The elevator door then opened, and the Jolteon gets spotted by a civilian SWAT Pokémon who was watching him in a hallway. The SWAT Pokémon then hurries his way out of the hallway to tell the captain of the SWAT team that the "negotiator" is here. The Jolteon enters the apartment building to see a family photo of a male Flareon, female Espeon, and a female Eevee, on a table. Right next to the family photo was a large fish tank aquarium that seemed to have been shattered by bullets hitting the fish tank's glass. And most of the water have been poured out.The Jolteon picks up the family photo and scans it to find the names of the Eeveelution family. The Flareon was named John Philips, and the Espeon was named Caroline Philips. The Eevee was the daughter of the Flareon and Espeon and her name was Emma Philips. He places the photo back on the table and he hears something moving on the ground. He looks down to find a fish, who seemed to have fallen off when the fish tank's glass shattered. He walks up to the fish, kneels down, and examines it to find that the fish was called a "Tynamo". It was a rare and electric type of fish Pokémon, that was able to survive this long without needing water. Despite not being part of his mission, he decided to pick up the fish and drop it back to what's left of the water inside the aquarium. The fish gets revived and starts moving around the water a bit. It then looked at the Jolteon from the fish tank and starts making noises to indicate that it appreciated the Jolteon for saving him.Software Instability ^The Jolteon then got a notification on his sensors, but he didn't know what it was. He decided to just ignore it for now and gets up from his kneeling position and continues walking to the end of the hallway. He continued walking until a SWAT Pokémon appeared in the hallway, who was escorting a Espeon. And that Espeon was Caroline Philips from the family photo. When she saw the outside Jolteon, she breaks free out of the SWAT Pokémon's grasp and grabs the Jolteon suit while having tears in her eyes.Caroline: Please, you gonna save my little girl...She then looks at his clothing and realized who he was.Caroline: Wait... you're sending an outsider?..The SWAT Pokémon grabs her arm again and quickly escorts her to the elevator. While the SWAT Pokémon was doing that, Caroline became more anxious and starts pleading and questioning the SWAT team on why they didn't send a civilian negotiator to handle the situation instead of a outside Pokémon to save her daughter.When she got on the elevator, the Jolteon continued walking to find a group of SWAT Pokémon aiming outside of the apartment building. The Jolteon looks at there direction to see a outside male Hydreigon holding a civilian female Eevee with his right arm head while using his other arm hand to hold a gun at the Eevee's head. Most of the Hydreigon's white outside clothing was torn off, and he only had his white pants still intact.The Jolteon identified the Eevee as Emma Philipps, and she was the hostage that the Jolteon needed to save. The Jolteon continued to walk around the apartment building and finds a male Ampharos, who was only wearing a SWAT suit without a helmet on. He was talking to someone on his mic while having SWAT Pokémon right next to him on monitors. The Ampharos then hanged up from his call and he looked really frustrated. The Jolteon knew who the Ampharos was, and he walks up to him.Jolteon: Captain Robert.The Ampharos named Robert turns to look at the Jolteon. Jolteon: My name is Speed. I'm the outsider sent by Sunny Town.Robert didn't really like outsiders, but he knew that this "Pokémon" was their only hope on saving the little girl. He turns around to see the monitors and tells him the situation. Robert: He's firing at everything that moves. We can easily take him down, but he has a little girl as a hostage and he's on the edge of the balcony. If the outsider falls, she falls.Speed: Do you know if he had a emotional shock recently? And do you know his deactivation code?Robert: We tried to shut him down but it doesn't seem to work. And why does it matter if he had a emotional shock or not?Speed: I need information to determine the best approach to save the hostage... Do you know his name? Or if he's been behaving like this before?Robert gets annoyed by Speed's questions and he turns to him.Robert: Listen outsider, I'll do anything to save this little girl. So either you deal with this dragon now, or me and my team will take care of it.Robert then left and joined his team. Speed needed to know how the Hydreigon became a deviant, and also find the best approach to confront him. He then decided that there may be clues around to help him with the situation. He looks around the room and finds some sort of brief case on the ground. He kneels down and analyzes it to find that it was a gun case. He scans the gun case and reconstructed the scene to show that the deviant took the gun case from the upper shelf, and the deviant took the father's gun. Speed stood up and looked around to find more clues. while looking around the apartment building, he came across a purple room, that looked to be the daughter's room. He scans the room to find a tablet on a table and a pair of headphones on the ground that was playing music. The music was on high volume, and Speed deduces that Emma didn't hear the gunshots and also didn't hear the outsider come into her room. Speed picked up the tablet and played a video of Emma and the Hydreigon.Emma: This is Hydra, the coolest dragon in the world! Say hi, Hydra!Hydra: Hello!Emma: He's my bestie! And we'll always be together forever!The video then ended and Speed knew the name of the Hydreigon, and Emma and the Hydreigon seemed like they were really good friends. Before the Hydreigon named Hydra became a deviant. Speed puts the tablet back on the table and made his way towards the main room of the apartment building. He looked around the main room and finds two dead bodies of a male Flareon and a male Flygon on the ground. Speed went to the Flareon and started analyzing his dead body. The Flareon was John Philips from the family photo, and he was shot three times with a handgun. Speed reconstructed the scene and it showed John sitting on a couch while holding a tablet. It then showed Hydra shooting John three times with John's own gun and he fell on a glass table while dropping the tablet on the ground nearby him. Speed then stopped scanning and picks up the tablet and turned on the scene, to reveal that Hydra was going to be replaced by another outside Pokémon. That was better than his model and it looked very obedient. Speed puts the tablet down and made his way towards the Flygon's dead body. He analyzed him and showed that he was a rescuer, and also a first responder. Speed reconstructed the scene and it showed Hydra dragging Emma to the balcony, and the Flygon came to the scene and shot Hydra on the shoulder with his gun. Hydra also shot back as well by using John's gun, and the Flygon fell down to the ground and dropped his gun underneath a table nearby him. Speed stopped scanning the Flygon and he went to the table and picked up the Flygon's gun. He then got a notification of a civilian Pokémon act saying that "outsiders are strictly forbitten to carry or use any type of weapon". Speed pondered for a moment, until deciding to drop the gun back underneath the table. Speed then turned off a cooker, that had been left on before the incident. And he deduces that the family was going to have dinner before the incident. He then found Hydra's blood on the ground when he got shot on the shoulder, and he kneeled down and licked his blood. It then Analyzed the blood and it showed that Hydra's prototype was a PL 600, (which means he was a domestic assistant and household worker). It also showed his serial number, "369 911 047". With all the information Speed had, he makes his way towards the balcony where Hydra was taking Emma as a hostage. The moment when he opened the curtains and went outside, he got shot on his left shoulder, and his blood spattered on the curtains. He was stunned for a second when he got shot, but quickly recovered by the bullet wound. He looked at where he got shot at, to see Hydra pointing the gun at him. Hydra: Get back! Don't come any closer or I'll kill you!At that moment, the SWAT Pokémon from the other rooftops started aiming their snipers at Hydra. Speed then called out to the deviant.Speed: Hi Hydra, my name is Speed.Hydra: How... How do you know my name!?Speed: I know a lot of things about you. I've come to get you out of this situation.Speed began to walk slowly towards Hydra while raising his paws up. Suddenly, a helicopter came into the scene and it was hovering over Hydra and Speed. With a SWAT Pokémon aiming a sniper at Hydra. Hydra then began to get even more anxious, and Speed needed to find a way to calm him down. He then decided to do a friendly approach, while he was still walking towards Hydra. While thinking of what to say to Hydra, Speed looked around his surroundings, and on his left. Saw a wounded Shiny Jolteon, laying on the ground while bleeding out. The Shiny Jolteon reached out to Speed with his left arm.Shiny Jolteon: Please... Please help me...He put his arm down and Speed started making his way towards the wounded Shiny Jolteon while still talking to Hydra.Speed: I know you're angry, Hydra. But you need to trust me, and let me help you-Hydra: I don't want your help! Nobody can help me!.. I just want all of this to stop, I... I just want all of this to stop...Speed then made it to the wounded Jolteon and he kneels down right next to him. He analyzes him to find that his name was Bolt Thundercutter, and he was another first responder and also a rescuer. He was shot by Hydra on his right arm, and he was bleeding out. Speed then looked at Hydra.Speed: He's losing blood. If we don't get him to a hospital he's going to die.Hydra: All Pokémon die eventually. What does it matter if this one dies now?Speed: I'm going to apply a tourniquet.Speed then looked back at the Shiny Jolteon and was about to begin until Hydra shot the gun on the ground right next to them, which made Speed stop.Hydra: Don't touch him! If you help him I'll kill you!Speed looked at Hydra with a determined expression while removing his tie.Speed: You can't kill me. I'm not alive.He ignored Hydra's orders and used his tie to cover Bolt's wound. The snipers from the rooftops, and the Pokémon who were watching the broadcast were surprised to see a outsider standing up against the deviant to save a civilian, even through he wasn't ordered to. Speed then stood up with a calm expression and starts walking towards Hydra with his arms up again. Before he got close, Hydra pointed the gun at Speed again.Hydra: Do you have a gun?Speed: No, I don't have a gun.Hydra: You're lying! I know you have a gun!Speed: I'm telling you the truth, Hydra.Speed empties his pockets and shows Hydra his poke coin.Speed: I came here unarmed.He put his coin back on his pocket and Hydra started to calm down a bit. Speed then stopped walking towards Hydra. He was really close to him, and he didn't want to pressure him on jumping off the balcony with Emma.Speed: They were going to replace you, and you became upset. That's what happened, right?Hydra's face softened when Speed said that.Hydra: I thought I was part of the family... I thought I mattered...His face turns back into a angry expression and he points the gun back at Emma's head. Hydra: But I was just their toy! Something to throw away when you're done with...Speed: I know that you and Emma were really good friends. You think she betrayed you, but she's done nothing wrong-Hydra: She lied to me! I thought she cared about me... But I was wrong... She's just like all the other civilians...Emma started crying even more when she heard Hydra say that to her.Emma: Hydra, no...Speed: listen, Hydra. I know it's not your fault... These emotions you're feeling are just errors in your software.Hydra: No... It's not that... I never wanted this... I never wanted to hurt them... He lowers the gun.Hydra: I loved them, you know... He then points the gun at Emma's head again.Hydra: But I was nothing to them! Just a slave being ordered around!Hydra then started to get annoyed about the helicopter right next to him.Hydra: I can't stand that noise anymore! He points the gun at Speed.Hydra: Tell that helicopter to get out of here!Speed nodded and uses his paws to signal the helicopter to leave.SWAT Pokémon: The situation is under control.The helicopter then left the scene and made Hydra calm down a bit.Speed: There, I did what you ask... I'm your last chance, Hydra. If you let it slip they'll kill you. Do the right thing Hydra. We can figure this out together. Just let Emma go.Hydra felt more guilty by what he had done, but gave Speed another demand.Hydra: I want everyone to leave! A-and I want a car. When I'm outside of the city I'll let her go.Speed shakes his head.Speed: I'm sorry Hydra, but I can't do that. Just let her go. And I promise you everything will be fine. Hydra then thought of letting Emma go, but he was to scared to do that. He then asked Speed about it.Hydra: W-what's going to happened to me if I let her go...Speed then needed to decide. He can either sacrifice himself to save Emma, reassure him, or tell him the truth. After a moment of deciding, Speed tells him the truth.Speed: They're going to deactivate you, and "fix you". You won't die, but you will lose all you're memories.He then smiled, and reassured him. Speed: But this will be your chance to make things right. And you will have another chance in life as well... If you truly care about Emma and the rest of her family, than this isn't the right thing to do. Make the right choice, Hydra. I know your scared about this situation, but everything will be okay. Just trust me... Hydra then started to shake the gun while having tears in his eyes. He closes his eyes and pondered for a moment until deciding. Without any words, he let's go of Emma and drops the gun. He then opens his eyes and looks at Speed.Hydra: I-I never wanted this... I've spent my hole life taking orders without even questioning why... Being treated like trash until I met this family. They treated me like I was part of them, instead of being just a servant or slave to them… But, when I was about to get replaced. I felt something that I never felt before for a long time... I felt sad, betrayed, angry!.. Before the SWAP Pokémon either kill me or "fix" me again. I'm gonna die on my own way, rather than being killed by civilian kind or being a obedient outsider again...He looks at Emma. Hydra: Thank you, Emma... For everything... And I'm sorry... He then looked at Speed.Hydra: And thank you Speed, for everything as well... Now, I know what I must do... Hydra then leaned back and he was starting to fall. Speed's mission was done on saving Emma but, for some reason. Speed started running towards Hydra while using quick attack to get near him. He then got behind him and Speed used his legs to push Hydra back to the balcony, and making him fall instead. Emma then screamed when Speed started to fall. While Speed was falling, he smiled to himself and closed his eyes and accepted his fate. Suddenly, he stopped falling. Speed opens his eyes to see Hydra grabbing him by his paw, and he was flying. Hydra then started to float down slowly, and when he got on the ground. The rescuers pinned him down to the ground while the other civilians and reporters who were watching the scenario, started to take pictures of Hydra and also yelling at him for what he did. One of the SWAT team operators then came up to Hydra with a gun on his hand and he aimed it at Hydra's head. Before he could shot him, he heard Robert calling out to him on his mic. SWAT Pokémon: *Using his mic* What is it, Captain? Robert on the mic: Don't kill him, I still don't care about outsider, especially deviants. But, this Jolteon just saved his life without any hesitation, and I don't want him saving the deviant to go to waste. We will "fix him" when we get him to a cell.The SWAT Pokémon nodded at Robert's answer, and he puts handcuffs on Hydra. He then was escorted into a SWAT truck by the rescuers, and before he went inside. He looked back at Speed one last time with a smile, before going inside and driving off with other rescue cars following the truck. Software Instability /\Speed then got another notification on his sensors, but for some reason. It effected him even more than before. He then came back to his senses when the civilians and reporters were recording and taking pictures of Speed while asking him questions on why he saved the rescuer and the deviant. And also other questions. Speed didn't say anything, With his mission done he started to walk away from the civilians with a blank expression while heading to his next mission. Mission Successful.Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this chapter, make sure to leave a favorite if you want and comment what you thought about the chapter. Here's the next chapter of the story: ,Outsiders Become Pokemon: Part 2February 15, 2021Here is the previous chapter: Chapter 2: A NEW
Chapter 14: You And Me Once More.It was a peaceful night, the soft hum of the wind blew against the grass, the moon shone its light of beauty onto the land below. Where its light seemed to be most concentrated was upon a distant snowy mountaintop Faith lets out a sigh, slowly lowering her paw from the window, staring outside as the moonlight made her eyes glow a silver hue, her paw lowers to the bedside as she picks up a clock, her head leaning down for her eyes to be able to make out the time pointed out on it. Through the silence, Flare heard Faith's movement. Her mouth opens just slightly, her eyes glancing back at where Faith lays, her body and head still facing away from her. She pauses in this pose, thinking... Certain worries come to the forefront. Has she been taking her girlfriend for granted? It had been a while since they've done anything vaguely romantic together. She closes her eyes, quietly exhaling. She slowly turns herself around, her body now facing Faith, who in turn stared back at Flare. “I thought you were asleep,” she says, Faith smiles “Well, being quiet comes with that side effect I guess” she follows up her words with a soft giggle, Flare sighs, smiling slightly as well. She stares at Faith for a few seconds, turning her head away and sighing, Faith tilts her head, looking at her. “Is something wrong?” "Hmm..." She thinks to herself for a moment, before speaking up, "There's so much on my mind, I almost don't know where to start, but... The main thing on my mind right now is... Us." She pauses, trying to think of how to word what she wants to talk about "Well.." She pauses, looking back outside of the window again "That is quite an umbrella of topics but.. anything more specific?" She turns back to Flare, wrapping her arms around her gently. She frowns a little, glancing away, seeming a bit distressed, "Faith, have I..." She struggles to get the words out for a moment, "Do you feel I've been... Taking you for granted, lately...?" She looks Faith in the eyes, clearly a bit distressed. Faith was at a pure loss for words, staring at Flare, a flurry of ideas spun in her head, she had to tell Flare she was wrong but her mind refused to give her the words needed for amending the situation. “T-that’s not true!” Faith squeaks “Y-you have not stopped loving m-me for even a second!” She smiles just slightly, and pulls Faith closer, "I'm happy to hear that, I really am~ But..." She shakes her head, smiling a bit more "No, no, I'm worrying too much~" She pulls Faith in for a full embrace "But still, I want to show more love to you from now on, ok?~" She presses her nose up against Faith's as she says this, still smiling. Faith's mouth curved to a smile, nuzzling her nose to Flares, Flare smiles just a bit wider, tilting her head ever so slightly, and kisses Faith passionately. Faith starts to blush a bright red, a muffled giggle escapes as she kisses back with just as much love behind it. Flare closes her eyes, keeping her tight yet gentle embrace sturdy, her paws lift up and wrap around Faith’s side, holding them to her body. Faith sighs silently, in turn raising her paws and wrapping them around Flare, accepting their embrace with her own. Flare pauses for a moment, she leans her head back, disconnecting the kiss and taking a sizable loud amount of air into her lungs, Faith looks at her with confusion mixed with concern. “What was that?” Faith says, Flare lets out a sigh, reaching a paw up and rubbing Faiths head. “I was just low on air” she softly snickers. Faith stares at her with a blank stare, “but, you have your nose?” she says, Flare simply shrugs. “I guess love can make us forget to breathe sometimes,” she says. Faith takes a few moments to process what they meant but she sighs, giving up on trying to find out every silly little detail. She opens her mouth to speak but her train of thought was stopped as she heard a thump right outside of the window, followed by a quiet dripping. Both of them raise their heads, looking outside the window, the thump appeared to be some snow that fell off of the roof and fell right outside their window. “Woah” Faith mutters, letting go of Flare and staring at the snow outside closer. “It’s so pretty,” she says, turning to Flare. Flare looks at Faith, a small smirk on her face “Is it my cue to say ‘Just like you’ or something?” she says, giggling, Faith in turn giggles as well. Faith pauses, staring at Flare, she sits down and stares into Flares eyes. “I am just saying, you have a kid, several weird and unique friends and enemies, it’s fine if you can’t fully devote every living second of your life to me…” Flare looks back into her eyes, a weak smile appearing on her face. “I will try at least…” she says, Faith nods slowly, hugging into Flare once more, they, in turn, hug back. . . . “Please Luna,” a young feminine voice calls out from the mountain tops. “I told you, Amber, the answer is no!” A young male voice replies, the golden furred Vulpix lets out a grunt. “Please Luna! Just one game please!” The blue-furred Eevee turns around and faces Amber. “...Fine, but you are only allowed to hide in this side of the earth ok, I don’t wanna spend light years searching for your six-tailed butt!” Amber giggles, jumping up as a star shoots from the sky and to under her paws. “Ok ok! 30 minutes start now!” The star shakes and shoots off. Luna huffs, his legs giving in and he lies down on the snowy rock. “This is what I get for asking for a sibling… How do they have so much energy? It doesn’t make sense to me..” He shakes his head, standing up “Well she is needed to further this galaxy's life I guess.” He looks at the stars, a small smile starting to emanate from his snout. “Only for you Mother, only for you…” He mutters, laying his head down and continues to wait for the timer of finding his sister to be up. . . . Nina looks up at the night sky, a sorrowful look in her eyes, she lifts a paw to wipe the fresh tears beginning to drip from her eyes. She leans down to a gravestone poking out of the snow, it was as well covered in snow, obviously old. Nina tries to keep even the weakest smile on her face as she lies down in front of it, the natural body heat her body produces near-instantly melts the snow once close enough to it, not even touching it. Her attention seemed glued to the grave, small carved letters reading “Luna” seemed embedded onto them. Nina starts to mutter some hushed words under her breath, “te desidero…” She sighs, raising her head up and looking at the night sky, she sits up and looks down the mountain, part of her wanted to just keep quiet and mourn, but another side of her wanted to get help so she could just recover. She ponders each proposition for a few moments, with her more reasonable want to get help having taken a lead by quite a lot. She nods and looks down the mountain, then up at the sky, a beam of light from a star shone onto her body, embers start to spark on the ground around her, making a faint symbol in the ground, followed by an amber flash, and she was gone... . . . Charlie was lying in bed, he was told to sleep in the guest room by Lily, Thundrr chose to sleep in his room, having told Charlie to just holler for him if he needed help. Charlie looks out of the window, watching the snowflakes one by one fall down onto the ground outside. He starts to think more about Thundrr and all he has done for him, though nothing seemed to come to mind, Charlie huffs quietly, his eyes looking at a picture on the table, one of Thundrr and Lily at a theme park. He smiles to himself as thoughts of what he could to started to brew in his head, he could make them breakfast and take them to the local theme park and... His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a knock on the front door of the house, Charlie sits up, not realizing quite yet till he did that both of his legs had fallen asleep, he groans quietly as his nerves start to wake up, the irritating tingling ranging down his legs sting slightly as he gets up, starting to head to the door. As he approaches the front door, quietly stepping towards the door closer, making sure he didn’t accidentally wake up the other two in the house. He reaches his paw up and slowly turns the door handle, the door opened inwards so he moves to the side to finally get a glance at who was knocking at such a late time. He opens the door, face to face with Nina, who stared at him curiously for he was not a usual resident here. Charlie though did nearly instantly recognize Nina, his face started to go pale as he stares at them. “What’s your name?” Nina asks, tilting her head, her words wielded no anger, ‘yet’ Charlie thought, biting his lip, trying to think of a way out of this situation.“Are you shy? That is fine, I just wanted to ask if I could come in, I am a friend of Lily and Thundrr” Charlie thinks and figures that Nina has probably made friends with them. He nods slowly and steps to the side, sweat starts to drip down his face as Nina steps in after him, closing the door behind herself. Charlie swiftly starts to walk back to the guest room, getting back in the bed, making sure the blanket covered all of him, he felt childish at the thought of using a blanket to make all the problems go away but it's the only thing that came to his mind at such an alarming short notice. His tranquility is short-lived though as he hears paw steps come into the room, followed by Nina’s voice “I am just going to sleep in here if it’s not too much to ask, I won’t take the bed or anything, I just wish to sleep on the carpet if you will allow me too.” Charlie just nods his head about 10 times before closing his eyes, just trying to sleep despite the looming feeling of the fact Nina will do Arceus knows what to him if she finds out he is who gave her that Crystal. . . . The next dawn starts to rise, Charlie’s eyes open slowly and he sits up as the blanket falls off of him, his mind blanked out when it comes to him remembering what happened the previous night. Well that is till he turns his head, seeing Nina fast asleep he lets out a quiet yip of shock. He calms his racing heart, he gets out of bed, he tries to shove the idea of Nina finding out to the back of his mind, wanting to just make the day good for his friend instead. He leaves the room, going to the kitchen, thankfully not seeing Lily or Thundrr in there he starts to get to work....
You and I Part 12Another storyauthor: mestory and artist: PKM-150Subtitle: Mana and ChillMain character: ESThe next day...Silvia: *wake up* Huh!? Why is my bed wet?Lazuli: What the? I can't believe you are-Silvia: No! I don't know anything!Crystal: Wait, this doesn't smell bad.Silvia: Of course not, I won't wet the bedCrystal: It's the saltwater. Are you sleepwalking?Silvia: I'm not.Pearl: Whatever is it, you should wash it.Silvia: Come on, this isn't my fault.Leaf: Breakfast is ready. Huh?Silvia: I'm not wet!Leaf: I didn't say anything yet.Stella: What was this loud?Lazuli: Oh, finally you're awake.Stella: Did something happen here? Crystal: I'm sure she is just sleepwalking.Lazuli: But, we locked the door. I don't think she can go by the window. It's so small.Silvia: Forget it! This even isn't my fault.Pearl: But, you'll get an itch if you didn't wash it.Silvia: I know. Kris, this is your fault, right?Crystal: What? Why do you blame me?Silvia: Since you can turn into liquid.Crystal: Indeed I can, but it's only when I'm in the water.Silvia: You're the one who sleepwalked here.Crystal: How can I do that!Stella: Hey, stop it!Lazuli: Come on, don't blame each other!Black: What are you girls doing in the morning?Pearl: Just small fighting.Max: I'm sure our room is glowing before I woke up.Trace: It's just a dream.Alan: But, I feel that way too.Silvia: That's it! Alien is coming!Speed and Alan: There is no way Aliens exist!Silvia: Pokemon is coming from somewhere in space.Speed: Well, Pokemon is looking like something on the space, but they aren't an alien.Silvia: What do you think about this phenomenon?Speed: About what?Silvia: my bed is wet, and Maxie saw something glowed.Max: But, it can be my dream. But, did you wet on the bed?Silvia: No! I'm not like that!Trace: Can I see her blanket?Leaf: Here.Trace: Hm... It's saltwater. So, someone has sneaked into this room before. Maybe last night.Max: Who is it? So, what've I seen too?Trace: Probably. I'm not sure who is it. Pokemon that can turn into liquid isn't so many. Kris is for example.Crystal: But, it wasn't me.Trace: Don't worry, I didn't suspect you. Also, why did you sneak into your own room?Crystal: Uh, that's true.Speed: She can forget the room.Crystal: Hey!Trace: But, this beach house isn't that wide. Do you think this is a hotel?Frank: What are you doing? We'll eat.Gai: What? Did you wet on the bed?Silvia: You're cruel!Manaphy: What should we do? I didn't mean to enter the house?Victini: That's not our fault.After breakfast...Silvia: Why did we eat the cereal?Leaf: We'll eat out later. That will give us energy.Lazuli: Come on, that isn't bad.Silvia: Hey, let's solve this problem. What if it's a thief?Crystal: Probably, she's right.Max: I guess, someone in our room too. Maybe it is related.Brian: What are you talking about?Silvia: I'm not sure, but definitely someone has entered our room last night. Alan: What if you really wet the bed?Silvia: I'll punch you!Stella: Alan, don't you think it's weird?Alan: Maybe.Frank: I don't think anyone can enter this beach house easily. I locked all the doors. Speed: We locked our room's door too.Leaf: Same.Pearl: Could it be one of our friends come here?Speed: Who?Pearl: Um, I don't know.Black: Is the mattress wet too?Silvia: Yeah, along with my blanket.Trace: Hm... So that means someone who came from the sea.Silvia: Kris swam at night, that's the reason.Crystal: Why should I swim at night?Lazuli: Can you calm down first?Silvia: Uh...Stella: It can be a Pokemon from the sea.Leaf: Trace, what Pokemon can do that?Trace: Um, Pokemon with water absorb ability. It also can be Manaphy or Phione, since they have water cells.Silvia: Manaphy?Trace: Uh-huh. That Pokemon lives in the sea.Silvia: Aha, that Pokemon is the culprit.Lazuli: You can't suspect him like that.Silvia: Come on, because of this. I have a bad day.Leaf: I don't think so. You're overthinking.Speed: If it's Manaphy, why did he enter the girl's room?Trace: I don't know about that. Have you met Manaphy before?ES Girls: No.Max: What about the one I saw last night?Trace: Hm... Some psychic Pokemon can do that. Or, it's just a flash.Speed: We turned off the lamp last night. Oh, Black's rings?Black: I'm with Kuroi last night. We slept at 5 am.Pearl: Wait, you have less time to sleep.Black: It's nothing.Brian: Hey, that's just a dream. Don't think it so hard.Silvia: Are you saying, I'm wet on the bed.Brian: N-no. Frank: I don't believe you did that, Silvia.Silvia: Oh, daddy.Frank: But, if it's not her, what is it?Pearl: I'm not sure.Leaf: I woke up first but I didn't notice it. But, you're still in our room. Kris too.Flare: Wait, ghost Pokemon can do it, right?Trace: Um... If I'm not mistaken. Frillish can turn into liquid too. Silvia: That Pokemon...Max: Then, what I've seen is Necrozma.Trace: The house will be destroyed if it's him.Frank: How about we look around now?Silvia: Not now, dad.Gai: Seriously, what happened here?Speed: I don't understand either.Frost: Did you see anything?Kuroi: No one.Sunshine: Mommy, what are they talking about?Lazuli: I don't think it's important.On the beach, Silvia screamed out at the sea...Silvia: Come here! I know, you're there! Wah! *slam by the waves! Crystal: Lord Kyogre is angry at you now.Silvia: Don't say that.Victini: Mana, I think this is the time we should apologize.Mana: Yes, Chill.Black: Huh?Chill: Wait, he can notice us? I use my invisibility.Mana: I don't know.Lazuli: This is pointless.Max: Maybe, it's just my dream.Flare: I woke up first than you. I didn't see anything.Max: Is that so...Silvia: Maxie could be just a dream, but there is someone in our room.Pearl: Black, did you notice it?Black: Huh? Did you feel it?Pearl: Yes.Mana and Chill: *appear* We're sorry!Silvia: Whoa!Speed: Huh? Where did they come from?Black: They have become invisible before.Max: Did you enter our beach house before?Chill: Sorry, we're curious.Mana: I'm sorry too.Silvia: You are the one who made my blanket and mattress wet.Mana: Um... *watery eyes*Lazuli: Calm down! She is a kid.Silvia: Okay.Speed: Tell us, who are you two?Chill: I'm Chill the Victini.Mana: It's Mana the Manaphy.Trace: Manaphy, Victini... They are mythical Pokemon!Bolt: Whoa, I never thought we'll see the real one.Rin: Yes. I want to see Manaphy, they're cute.Frank: Why did you follow them?Chill: We didn't mean to. But, she's curious about you all.Alan: Why didn't you just show up yourself?Mana: I'm shy.Chill: Sorry, if we're scared of you.Silvia: N-no, I'm glad you two aren't ghost Pokemon.Trace: I can see how Manaphy can enter, but how about you? Being invisible won't get you through walls.Chill: Well, I've waited when someone enters the room.Speed: I went to the restroom before.Alan: Same here.Flare: Me too.Frank: But, we locked the front door.Chill: We can enter by the window, our body is pretty small.Frank: Okay.Max: Then, don't enter like that. I thought you're a thief or something else.Chill: I'm sorry. Crystal: Who is Manaphy actually?Trace: They called her the princess or the prince of the sea.Crystal: Princess? Well, she's cute.Mana: Can I go with you? Chill: Yes, we feel lonely a little.Pearl: Okay.Brian: Wait, is it okay? We let the mythical Pokemon go with us?Blaze: There's nothing wrong with being friends with them.Brian: I know that.Frank: Did you calm now?Silvia: Yes, dad. The problem has cleared now.Mana: Nice to meet you.Sunshine: Aye!Moonlight: Nice to see you too.Alan: Since when you've been here?Mana: When you're here.Mollie: It's fine, they just want friends.Speed: I guess so.Stella: I could ask my sisters to come here.Alan: Oh yeah, why don't you ask them?Stella: You told me so suddenly too. Mana: Big sis Silvia, I'm sorry.Silvia: It's fine, but did I tell you about my name?Mana: Ah, I got your name.Trace: Usually, mythical Pokemon like them didn't like to show up. Speed: That's true.Chill: That's not true. we're just shy. We can show up if we want to.Trace: I see.Leaf: Where did you come from?Chill: I found Mana around the beach cave.Max: Maybe, she was born there.Black: How about you?Chill: It's just a coincidence that we meet.Crystal: If Manaphy is from the sea, what about Victini?Trace: I don't know where you can find him, but he can bring you a win.Max: What? A win?Trace: You'll have very good luck to win if he is around you.Speed: Win, huh?Max: Wow, maybe we can win if he was with us when we fought in the tournament.Black: No way, it's cheating.Chill: That's not always happening. Silvia: So, he brings us luck.Trace: No, luck about the win.Silvia: Its luck.Alan: But, why did you follow us? You can follow another Pokemon.Chill: Um... I don't know how to describe this... But, when we appear some of the Pokemon thought we're wild Pokemon. Black: They just never studied about mythical Pokemon.Trace: I think, it's just a mistake. If you're in a dark place, you thought they're a wild Pokemon too.Speed: There is no point in your attack someone that didn't try to attack you.Lazuli: Can we get rid of the wild Pokemon? Leaf: Don't be like them, sis. That's not the way.Lazuli: Because of them, our mom has passed away.Leaf: Um... I know...Mana: But, my friends from the sea are a good friend.Chill: None of them are wild Pokemon.Crystal: Eh? So, wild Pokemon didn't live in the sea. Maybe, underwater too.Pearl: I heard, underwater can be a town for them. Leaf: It's cool, but we can't go there.Crystal: I can.Lazuli: It's only you.Black: If we can live there, we don't have to bother about wild Pokemon anymore.Max: That's if you can breathe underwater. Only Crystal can do that between us, and Pearl's aunt.Rin: Should we visit it, Crystal?Crystal: Yes, aunty Rin.Brian: Come on, that's not fun, what can you do underwater?Frank: No need to go there.Silvia: It makes me curious.Leaf: Same.Flare: Come on, I don't like to get wet.Speed: And, we can't swim.Lazuli: Dive is different.Max: What do you think, Trace?Trace: I'm not sure about this. But, I think someone will make something that makes us can breathe underwater.Max: You didn't make it?Trace: Electronic thing is my specialty. I won't make anything other than that.Rin: Well, we have the new companions from now on.Frank: I didn't expect this, but okay.Speed: Now, where will we go?Frank: Let's look around in Alpha city. It's a pretty big city.Alan: Not bad.Rin: We can go shopping.Leaf: I think, we should do that when we go home.Pearl: Agreed.Crystal: Uncle Frank, we can visit my cave.Frank: Huh?Lazuli: Her means, Crystal cave.Frank: There is nothing special, only a cave with a crystal inside there.Crystal: Boo! *pout*Trace: But, there is a legend about that place.Max: What legend?Trace: Legendary rescuer. I don't know who is that.Frank: What? That place?Trace: Yes. Black: Legendary rescuer? Oh yeah, the school told us about that.Pearl: Wait, it's real?Trace: I believe it's real. But, the cave isn't Crystal cave.Brian: We can go to the museum, right?Frank: Yes.Brian: Then, we'll go there right now.Crystal: It sounds boring.Lazuli: Whatever, we're leaving.In the hall of the town...Silvia: This city is so big.Trace: City is basically a big town.Leaf: That is the museum.Speed: Let's enter.Crystal: I'll stay here.Alan: Come on.Crystal: Don't drag me!Black: What are you afraid of?Crystal: Nothing. We can go to that big shop.Pearl: It's a department store. It's common in a city like here.Bolt: We can do it later.Trace: Space stuff isn't bad, Kris.Crystal: What? Space stuff?Trace: Yeah, we'll see it there.Black: Frost, what happened to you?Frost: Nothing, it's just hot today.Kuroi: Lazuli is fine though.Frost: Why are you fine?Lazuli: Um, I'm used to the summer season.Leaf: Well, this month is august.Silvia: My dad is fine either.Frost: I hope, it's cold in the museum.Bolt: Trace, you only see the space stuff in the planetarium. Trace: Oh, is that so...Stella: Alan, why are you spacing out?Alan: No, this is a big city.Stella: Well, of course.Speed: Oh, yeah! Lazuli, put Sunshine- Oh, you did it.Lazuli: Yes.In the museum...Speed: It's pretty huge.Alan: Yeah.Lazuli: What? What is that big thing?Trace: Why don't you read the description?Lazuli: Hmm... This is a skeleton that we found five years ago. What is this Pokemon?Trace: It's Aerodactyl. Alan: The rumor said, they're extinct.Lazuli: What? Poor them!Alan: But, they make something that revived them.Silvia: With a wish?Alan: No.Trace: I don't know what is it. But, a thing that can revive them.Crystal: Did you make it?Trace: It existed before I hatched.Lazuli: Why did they put it here?Trace: You should read the history of them.Lazuli: Hm... I don't really like history. They're a long story.Kuroi: What kind of book have you read?Lazuli: Some of them are novel. I also like reading a comic. But, only a romance story.Kuroi: Hm... Did you know Umbra?Lazuli: Hm? It's one of the authors that I've read. I like their story. But, he only made one story. Even though it's a series novel.Kuroi: Oh.Lazuli: What?Kuroi: I'm Umbra.Lazuli: Hee... You're kidding me.Kuroi: What!? *anger point* You'll know soon.Lazuli: Huh?Silvia: Lazuli can read 10 books in one day.Kuroi: What? Why does it matter?Silvia: Um, no.Sunshine: Did you go there before?Chill: Nah, we can't enter because we don't have money.Mana: We'll wait outside.Axel: Wait, is that okay?Trace: Let them be. It will be a big surprise if we take the mythical Pokemon like them with us.Alan: You're right.Stella: I don't think, that's a problem.Speed: But, they're mythical Pokemon.Later...Black: We knew about them.Speed: Yeah, they are our gods.Sunshine: Hm... I don't like that one.Trace: Well, Giratina is pretty scary looking.Max: He can hear from you.Trace: Oh, don't take me to hell.Max: That's not what he does.Black: If you want to die. Ask him.Trace: Yveltal? Don't be kidding. Rin: Lord Kyogre is really big.Bolt: Since he is a lord of the sea, of course.Crystal: Boring!Silvia: Can't you just sit there without screaming?Crystal: Fine. Lazuli, you said you don't like history, but you enjoyed it.Lazuli: What's wrong with that?Max: I didn't see the mythical Pokemon here.Trace: Maybe, the owner has never seen them.Alan: I don't think that's the reason. We didn't see anything else yet.Silver: They're big.Rin: Huh? Is that a thing from space?Bolt: I guess so. Trace: Rocket! Did someone make this?Kadabra: Well, soon.Rin: Rocket?Trace: This thing is like a plane.Rin: Oh.Max: Look at these.Speed: Sword and shield.Trace: A hero used them to save the world.Leaf: I want to buy some drink.Lazuli: Okay.Crystal: Restroom.Silvia: I'll accompany her.Mana and Chill in stealth mode...Mana: Wow, it's cool.Chill: Yeah.Lazuli: Are these ancient things?Speed: Yes.Silvia: A lot of legendary Pokemons are big.Trace: Of course, they are.Max: Let's go to the second floor.ES: Yeah.On the second floor...Trace: Look, it's a rocket.Speed: What is that?Trace: This thing will take you to on the space.Silvia: What for? No one lives there, right?Trace: Do you know about Clefairy's tales?Silvia: A little.Trace: It said, they are from space.Max: Don't you think, it's just a story?Trace: Besides Clefairy, I think Deoxys also from there. As you see here, no information about Deoxys here.Speed: That's true. Crystal: This rock too?Trace: It's a meteorite. A thing from the space.Crystal: Then, it's the star.Trace: Not exactly.Bolt: Oh, this is Palkia.Rin: Wow, I thought we miss something, so he's here.Leaf: Huh? Is this bug a Pokemon too?Trace: It's Genesect. Leaf: It's the only name that is written here.Trace: I don't know about that Pokemon either.Black: Huh? Is that a planet?Pearl: How silly you, it's our planet you know.Black: Well, I've never seen this planet from above.Pearl: I'm sure, there is a book about it.Crystal: Our planet is too much blue.Trace: That's because the ocean is huge.Speed: I wonder, why did they write that this planet has found in 5000?Pearl: Oh, I want to know about that.Trace: Yeah, we didn't know what happened before that year.Bolt: Maybe, they named this planet in that year.Pearl: Maybe so.Brian: We can explore everywhere.Blaze: We don't have time that much to explore every place.Brian: Well yes, but they can.ES: Us?Rin: Don't listen to him.Pearl: But, that's not bad.Black: Don't forget we can be an explorer too.Trace: We live in the Grassland continent. But, we didn't explore every place here.Max: We should have a plan or a schedule before that.Trace: I know.Sunshine: Daddy, we can ask Mana and Chill to go with us too.Speed: We haven't decided yet.Mollie: Where are Mana and Chill?Speed: I think, they're outside, mom.Leaf: Maybe, they become invisible.Pearl: In that case, I can sense them. They didn't come in here.Max: Well, they're shy after all.Later, outside the museum...Brian: We saw everything here.Frank: Hmph, can't you stop making a joke?Brian: What? Did I make a joke earlier?Frank: You did.Flare: Where next?Bolt: Hm... We can look around this town.Silvia: We can buy clothes. Leaf: It's not a bad idea.Alan: Well, why not?Stella: Shopping!Lazuli: You're similar to Stella.Silvia: Huh? We're Sylveon.Chill: Where are you going to?Lazuli: There they are.Silvia: We'll go to the department store.Mana: Where?Pearl: There.Chill: Wow, it's so big.Mana: No, it's too high!Pearl: If you're afraid of height, don't look down.Chill: No, she thought it's dangerous for you.Silvia: Don't worry, we'll buy anything there.Lazuli: Anything? I hope you don't waste your money. Well, it's your money. Don't you dare to ask us to lend some money.Silvia: I mean, not that much. Sunflow: Can we buy some berry seeds?Leaf: Well, everything is there.Flare: Hm, we don't have Sitrus berry seeds. So, we can plant them.Leaf: Yes, and Leppa berry too.Trace: Oh, it reminds me. You have many apple trees, why don't you pick them up?Pearl: Those come from the forest.Max: It's nothing wrong to harvest them.Lazuli: He's right, since those are around our house, so those belong to us.Crystal: Yeah, it's not like we steal it.Pearl: Well, it's true.Mana: Wow, can we live there?Speed: Eh? How is it?Pearl: I don't mind.Sunshine: Well, we still have empty rooms.Mana: Oh, don't worry about that. I can sleep in the water. If there is a lake or springs, I can sleep there.Black: Well, you can sleep inside our cave.Chill: I'll sleep there too.Pearl: Wait, it's not a lake, but hot springs.Mana: Aww...Black: But, there are normal springs too.Pearl: It's the river path.After shopping...Silvia: Yay, I have a new ribbon. I have three now.Trace: Aren't there five?Max: Basically, there are four.Pearl: I've never worn a collar. Is this good for me?Speed: Hey, say something.Black: Y-yes, you look-Brian: You're cute, Pearl.Pearl: Oh.Rin: Don't interrupt them.Brian: Interrupt what? I just want to say that.Rin: But, that's not at the right moment.Blaze: You've never praised me.Brian: What? I did when I propose to you!Blaze: I mean, when I wear something cute.Brian: Hm... But, Flareon's mane looks like accessories to me.Blaze: ... Flare, Mollie, let's burn him!Mollie: What?Flare: Me too?Frank: *whisper* How can you marry him?Blaze: *blushing* It's a long story.Frank: I'm just thinking that you are my ideal wife.Blaze: Thanks.Rin: Hey, don't do that!Frank: I just want to say that. Lazuli: ... A long ribbon is like my old fashion.Speed: Where is it now?Lazuli: It lost when I get dumped.Speed: I see.Leaf: My hairpins too.Flare: You got the new one.Leaf: Well, even so.Brian: I've never thought that Alfred did that.Mollie: There is a reason for that. But indeed, it's wrong.Lazuli: Sunshine, are you done?Sunshine: Yes, I like this yellow ribbon.Moonlight: I like this blue scarf. It's like my eyes color.Pearl: It's good for you.Crystal: I can't put this brooch on my body.Silvia: That's because you don't have fur.Crystal: What? I'm not a Magikarp!Silvia: I didn't say that.Axel: I wear a hat.Sunflow: I wear a hoodie.Lily: I'm wearing a flower.Stella: It's a hairpin.Lily: Oh.Rin: We can modify our fur. There is a salon here.Crystal: It's impossible for me.Rin: Believe me, Crystal. We have fur. Crystal: I'm jealous of Tracy.Trace: What? Crystal: You're hairy.Trace: Eh? What are you talking about?Crystal: You too, Flare.Flare: Huh?Speed: Don't mind her.Crystal: Lazuli, how is Speed's fur?Lazuli: What? It's not like you'll get shocked.Crystal: That's not what I'm asking.Lazuli: Let's see... It's soft than I thought. Don't you think so, aunty Rin?Rin: Yeah, Bolt's fur is warm.Bolt: Ehm, which one?Rin: Your mane and entire your body. *nuzzle*Bolt: Is that so...Pearl: I don't think we need that.Rin: Okay, then. But, look at that customer. She is Kirlia. But, she modified her green hair.Alan: Um, I don't think it's hair.Leaf: It's like a bang.Lazuli: Yes.Pearl: Still, we don't need to change our style.Crystal: Is Lazuli's fur cold?Speed: Huh? Of course not.Lazuli: Touch my crystal.Crystal: Why do I touch myself?Lazuli: This crystal! *pointing her crystal*Crystal: Hm... It's cold.Lazuli: This is the coldest part of my body.Frank: Yes, that's right.Frost: I'm not sure this is a crystal or not. Lazuli: Huh? Then, what is this?Frost: Iceberg?Trace: Not quite.Frank: It's evening, let's go back to our beach house.Others: Yes.To be continued...
Outsiders Become Pokemon: Info and charactersInformation about this story: I don't own any of the characters. I am inspired to make this story because of Detroit Become Human/DBH and Eeveelution Squad/ES. DBH was one of my favorite games awhile back and I wanted to make a story about it. And one reason why I'm making a crossover between DBH and ES is because the ES characters act exactly like the DBH characters. And I have other reasons why I'm making a crossover between them. Information about this ES universe: After the war against the outside and civilian Pokémon. The civilian Pokémon won the war and they captured the outsiders and brainwashed them to become they're slaves. A lot of outside Pokémon were killed after the war and the remaining outsiders were hated after they tried to take over the world. The civilian were able to control the outsiders by putting things in they're bodies and also putting LEDs on they're temples. This is what a LED looks like: , The LED makes the civilians identify if the Pokémon is a outsider or not. When a outside Pokémon gets "fixed", they are able to scan things and they're LED lights up to blue, yellow, and red whenever they are shocked emotionally by something or get hurt/damaged. The Pokémon in this world have human technology and other sorts of human stuff. And the Pokémon wear clothing, but they don't need to if they want. When the civilians brainwash the outsiders, they made them unable to do whatever they want anymore and they only follow orders for the civilian Pokémon or they're "owners". And also when a outsider is "fixed", they our unable to get tired, sleep, eat, or do anything else that a "normal" human/Pokémon can do. But, they can still die from old age. They can only survive with outsider blood and biocomponents for they're bodies. The Pokémon keeps they're body features after they get brainwashed, and the civilians also gave the outsiders high intelligence for them to work for the civilians. Some outsiders are able to analyze certain stuff like a crime scene and virtually reconstruct it in their minds based on analysis of gathered evidence. Other outside Pokémon have different capabilities, but the majority of them are capable of recognizing other Pokémon and objects with speed faster than other civilian reaction time. They all capable of wirelessly and by touch interfacing with technology, communications systems, and they can also sync or connect with other outside Pokémon. When interfacing with something by touch, the outsider can directly make phone calls or place online shopping orders. They can also silently speak to other outsiders in they're minds. And they can access or share information and memories by touch. "Fixed" outsiders were also made to endure pain, although not completely enables them to have "normal" Pokémon-like reactions to damages that come from their biocomponents and body. In other words, they can still feel pain, but not that much from a not "fixed" Pokémon. More information about this story will be explained in later chapters. If you have ever played Detroit Become Human, or had watched videos of the game. Here are the characters that you might know of, and also other Eeeveelution Squad characters that you might know as well: Speed the Jolteon as Connor. Solar Flare the Flareon as Kara. Black the Umbreon as Markus. Sunshine the Eevee as Alice. Lazuli the Glaceon as Hank Anderson. Leaf the Leafeon as Luther. Alex the Umbreon as Carl Manfred. Frost the Glaceon as Leo Manfred. Pearl the Espeon as North. Gus the Gengar as Josh. Dr. Robert the Ampharos as Captain Allen. Alan the Jolteon as Rupert. Max the Shiny Sylveon as John. And Flame the outside Flareon as a AX400. This two characters belong to amirnyan. They will be in some chapters later on in the story Spike the Absol as Gavin Reed. Hydra the Hydreigon as Daniel. Daisy the Delcatty and Nora the Ninetales as the Tracis. Silvia the Sylveon as Chloe. Crystal the Vaporeon as Rose Chapman. Trace the Luxray as Adam Chapman. Frank the Glaceon as Elijah Kamski. Bolt the Shiny Jolteon as M. Wilson. Brian the Leafeon as Joss Douglas. Alfred the Arcanine as Richard Perkins. Lapis the Vaporeon as Lucy. Mrs. Mollie the Flareon as Amanda. Stella the Sylveon as Jeffrey Fowler. Flora the Leafeon as Pedro Aabdar. Axel the Shiny Eevee as the YK500 Child. Cream the Glaceon as Chris Miller. Albert the Alakazam as Zlatko. Gai the Umbreon as Simon. Terry Cinder the Flareon as Michael Brinkley. CC the Glaceon as Cristina Warren. Jason the Lucario as Tod Williams. Sam the Leafeon as Nathan Clark. Tina Blossom the Glaceon as Rosanna Cartland. And Rin the Shiny Vaporeon as Michael Webb. Other ES characters that were not on the list might be added later in the story. Here is the first part of the story: ,Outsiders Become Pokemon: Part 1February 6, 2021If you haven't read the Information about the
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(Comm) Hypnotized by StarlightNexus-Chan
Other free things Folder
Free Glaceon Base Female by Cutepawsofmoonblast
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Diamond and Silver [COLLAB] by Eeveus
Beautiful scenery
background practice I guess. by Scarlet-Night-Fire
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Seasons by ShootingStarEon


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Jeush2011 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2021  Student Artist
hi can mr rat man can i join your group?
guyisrandim Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
guess theres like 200 people trying to joing this group
BGEevee2005 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2020  Student General Artist
Can someone tell me how can I join this Group? ^^; 
Rat-Man1 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I can help.
BGEevee2005 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020  Student General Artist
Thanks, Ratman! ^_^
I just joined. ^^
Rat-Man1 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Np ^w^
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Pokeygirlmana1 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hi can I join this group?
ShadowAnimalz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Can you add me? I COULD draw Eeveelution digital art, I'm better at cats, but whatever. I've drawn Eeveelutions a ton!
Rat-Man1 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure. ^^
EKJr Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
I want in too

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