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Black Tourney - Dottie



For :iconpokemonsupercontests: Black Tournament

Coordinator Dottie. 68 years old and a master bingo player. Moved to the Johto region from Wisconsin. Dottie has never really heard of a Pokemon before.

Pokemon 1 Ernest the bird
Ernest has some molting problems and squawks and panics whenever he hears the telephone or the dishwasher during its rinse cycle. Unfortunately, Ernest has never been fond of men... part of the reason why Dottie's late husband left.

Pokemon 2 Peanut the cat
Peanut is obese. He was obese from birth and science never had a good enough answer as to why. Peanut is actually quite affectionate because he hasn't the energy to be physically violent. His favorite activity is eating while lying down, half asleep.
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Hi! It seems we'll be facing each other in the second round. XD

I was wondering if you could tell me which moves your Pokémon use.

And if you have any questions regarding Sandy or her team, feel free to contact me. :)

Best of luck!