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Dreameon: My Balloonie Creations for D.A. :3
Starreon: my Main Social Site...
Miiverse 2012 - 2017. :tombstone:

Random Favourites

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Random Stuff and Favourite Pics from others.
(may be anything.)


Piranha Plant of Terror! XD
Wow, This Character is crazy and Overpowered! X3
This Also may occur with Duck hunt duo, and Mii Sword fighter.
(Sounds like Banjo&Kazooie Might be Playable sometime? Idk).
R.I.P Nintendo Wii.. :tombstone:
You shall be missed.
You can still continue playing offline games, but.. Your Experience will be half as good without the ability to access the Wii Shop Channel and the Online fun.
Also, Nintendo messed up the 3DS browser.. :saddummy:
Dreameon: I'll be less Active just to clear my mind and relax. See you around.
Note: I can't upload anything anymore now, I've lost my Drawing Game on 3DS.
Okies! Happy New Year! :huggle:
(I'm still using my Wii U lol. It may Not be your Cup of tea, but its actually really fun and very underrated)
My second favourite, Wii U: SparklySylveon2
my favourite, 3DS: 3369 3025 9695
Okay favourite Console, Switch: 3089 7515 6018
Alphachu: I hope you guys have an Awesome 2019! :D
I love you lots, and Want to see plenty of fun arts, and hopefully be friends. :happybounce: *Squeaks and bounces excitedly* Pichuu!! Oh, and please don't be shy to talk, Alphachu Loves To Talk, Squeak, bounce and play.
Each character behaves Differently, so Its a little difficult to remember, and sometimes act the same because I'm lazy. ^~^;
If you feel like Drawing my characters, then I only Allow the following to be drawn:
Princess Dreameon. (can sometimes be a living balloonie Dreameon, normal Dreameon or Dreamlight Dreameon. The Princess herself is always Kind, loving, Pure and innocent of her kind, and Very Energetic and Bouncy. She has More power than you could imagine, but is Limited to Nine Elemental Dream Stones. She has no powers outside her own world, Unless she uses her Dream staff, which is powered by Dream Stones or Dreameonite. Dreameon is so Soft, its enough to help you feel better, and sleepy too. Dreameon Rules a World known as Planet Alphastar, with Tonnes of Crazy innovative areas In her world, From an Ice Cream Mountains, to Soda seas, Beautiful Stardust Fountains, and Cloudy Fields with a gentle breeze, and so much more. She Can be a little tough to handle when upset, though).
Dreamlight Dreameon Reference:…
Balloon Dreameon Reference (Balloon Minun Not Included/optional):
Normal Dreameon reference:
Alphachu: Balloon Dragon Pichu. (My Pokémon-sona. Alphachu Adores Being Snuggled, hugged and Played with. the more she's loved, the More excited and Playful she gets. Alphachu Especially loves riding and inflating balloons and playing with toys like a child, and sometimes Trying different inflation types. Alphachu's balloon body is Constantly Squeaking as she moves, and is very bouncy and squishy. She gets carried away with inflation easily, has Extremely powerful lungs for inflation, And hates Popping balloons, so she always finds her hobby difficult, but fun). Reference:
Starreon: Chibi Hybrid Dragon/ Chibi Eevee Villager/ Golden balloon Latias boy/ Hybrid Milotic. (Starreon is very Timid, he only Feels better if people draw fanart or hug and play with him, He Can be impetuous and silly at times, which is why Its difficult for him to make friends. Starreon has Aspergers Syndrome (like me for realsies), and has Similar powers to that of the Animal Crossing Villager in New leaf/ Smash bros. His powers and Personality vary on form. This is his Eevee form behaviour). Dragon form Reference:…
Petunia. Shiny Dragon Chespin. (A chespin that is a staple of mine, and used to be crazy for love, now likes To be a snuggly Adorable Dragon Chespin. Petunia's habits have changed a lot, and now likes Soft vore, Playing with toys, Eating Huge Amounts, Playing with Friends, or Popping balloons. She's Part of the Royal guard, but prefers to go about her day and Take care of The Castle Courtyard Gardens. She has more Quills than other Chespin, they're Extra Sharp when flexed, and Has Dragon horns that can Pierce Through the Toughest of Stone. She can be sensitive to emotions sometimes, and her Chespin Cutie Charm on her Head Is affected by this). Reference:…
Tinsel. Dragon Victini. (A member of Dreameon's Royal guard, and is cheeky, playful and Can be a prankster. He Loves Affection, Eating lots, Inflation, and sometimes getting up to no good. He also makes Sure Snowspark mountain doesn't Erupt and keeps the Molten Chocolate stable. his cousins are Jirri the Jirachi, and Victrii the Victini, and Laiba The Vulpix and Hoverboots the Shaymin). Reference:… (has Mega Charizard X Wings)
Cookie: Ice cream balloon Eevee. (An Ice cream balloon Eevee that is actually edible, but only If you use a Freezeproof Spoon. Cookie Is very Fun to play with, Is a soppy, sloppy cutie pie, that enjoys going out lots and warm Hugs, but Struggles To stay Cool and refreshed. if he loses a piece of his body, it regenerates immediately. if you want to inflate him, puff into his Tail. he'll grow bigger and Pudgier). Reference:…
Stardust. Aquatic Balloon Jirachi. (A brave Shiny and blue Aquatic Jirachi Guardian With The power to control Water using PSI, and Trains while Sleeping. He's also Part of Dreameon's Royal Guard. In balloon form, he's Able to amplify his Psychic power instead of Physical strength, and can use the Eye of Truth to see all. He Sleeps lots, more Than Dreameon, Loves battling Pokémon, Is a fair fighter, Likes the Seaside, Takes care of the Lake and Fountain of Dreams and wishes, and Loves playing with toys Using his Psychic abilities. He rarely gets Hungry, but when he does, make sure he doesn't mistake you for food).
Lorale: Balloon Manaphy. (A balloon Manaphy With peculiar abilities, She's able to inflate or overfeed Pokémon, then feeds off them if mistaken for food. Lorale Makes sure the Soda Sea of Stardust Seaside is nice, delicious and Fizzy. She likes blowing Bubbles, parties, chewing bubblegum, using magic for fun, and Playing at the beach. She's often Seen around Stardust's Wishy-washy Lake too).

There's More Characters, but these are my favourites.
Pichu Is So ADORABLE! >w<
I love Pichu so much, Especially in Smash bros. Ultimate. His Animations and Expressions are so Squishy and cute! :happybounce:
Just Pick up the Jet-pack Rocket belt Item, Or Crouch, or Have him fall asleep. He's Just So precious! :heart: :huggle:
Rage mode Donkey Kong..
Don't mess with Gorillas.. They're Scary, Especially Angry DK in Smash Ultimate. Here's the list of Characters I'm Good at/ mains: Yoshi, Marth, King Dedede, Kirby, Roy, Donkey Kong, Pichu, Mario, King K.Rool, Cloud, Lucas, Princess Zelda, Young Link and Ganondorf.
Dreameon: Christmas and festives aren't my thing, but I don't mind cute gift arts from friends if you like, just ask.
Not much goes on this year. I've lost my Pokémon art academy, So I'm unable to post, I'll be playing with my Brothers and enjoying days out. I Might Upload if possible. But I'm pretty laid back and fun to Talk to or R.P.

Smash Bros. Ultimate is AWESOME! (Thank-you Sakurai. :D )
Lots of Good Music, best Stages And an Insanely HUGE roster.
Features wise, It lacks my favourite feature, the Stage Builder.
other missing Features:
Menu Music Select.
Wii U Version Stage Builder. (uses Pointer or Touch Controls for Switch version please).
Boo Mushroom invisibility item. (with Same AI as Melee's Invisibility item).
Event Matches.
I hope these are added in a future Update if Possible. :heart:

DLC Hopes: Sora, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo and Kazooie. And a few randoms are to be expected.
There is Adventure Mode, Online, Special Smash, Squad Strike (the best mode) and the Good ol' Classic mode.
I still enjoy Wii U and 3DS just as much. The Wii U has more fun games than Switch still, and 3DS is Perfection with its Games. If you want Nostalgia overload, and everything Nintendo, Definitely play Wii U and 3DS. If you want just New games, Play Nintendo Switch, though... It is lacking a lot in Classics, Nintendo Stuff and Vitual Console fun, So its a little underwhelming in some features.
I have put a Boat load of Time and effort into Pokémon on 3DS, Literally, I have nearly 200 Shiny Pokémon and other Pokémon all transferred from Gen 3 onwards. My Play time for each Pokémon Game is Insane.

I hope You guys had a lovely year and enjoy the next following Years to come. :heart:
Super Smash Bruhz..
Dreameon: Its Time.. To Play.. Smash on Switch.
Admittedly, not as great as the Wii U version feature-wise, but I don't mind, because Alphachu can Play as Pichu again, and there's So many Stages, and Characters galore, but the Wii U version is the Definitive Version to me, because I can actually go online without the hassle. :bored:
Mostly because Stage Builder. I drew a Jirachi Stage, Lounging posed Villager Stage, A Manaphy Stage, A Castle, A rough section of Terraria as a Stage, A Pichu Stage, And a rough Banjo Kazooie Stage. And LOADS more.

I'll look forward to playing this version with my Brothers, but If you want to play with me online, Please Play the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. :heart:
Note me/ PM if you want to play, I may be busy sometimes.

The Latest Smash Bros. game looks amazing, nice Art Style,
Very realistic details, not too Realistic, beautiful lighting, Fountain of Dreameon is Beautiful, All my old favourite Stages return. The Game basically looks like Smash Bros. Melee HD. ^^

I think my 10 Mains will be Young Link, Pichu, Mario, Marth, Yoshi, Cloud, Ice Climbers, Incineroar, King K.Rool and Wario.
You may tell me your main if you'd like in the comments. ^^

It seems like Nintendo is going back to the original roots of Smash and others to get a fresh Start for their main games. I hope to see more of Pokémon; Lets go, maybe Pichu and Togepi. Pichu is The Main Mascot of Baby Pokémon. or maybe we might Get The Secret Islands from Fire red and Leaf Green as DLC for Pikachu and Eevee, that way, we can catch any Legendary Pokémon we miss in Pokémon Go, as well as Pokémon from Generation 2~8. If only.. Pokémon rarely does DLC, though.
I got my Wii U back!
Now I can do stuff here again. ^^
I'm back! ^^
Dreameon: How's my lovelies doing? :3
I'll try to keep updated if I can. ^^ I still haven't got my Wii U back though.. :-(
Also, Ashs' Eevee looks a lot like me. OuO
A Great Nintendo Direct! ..almost..
(okay, not showing enough 3ds games is underwhelming to me)
Isabelle FOR SMASH ULTIMAAATE!!! (she's my sweetheart. :heart: ) and World of final fantasy! :happybounce:

This Direct actually delivered the full Nintendo goodness. I'll be picking up most of the games for the-sure. :D

(I'm a huge 3DS fan, so I'll get my favourites)
Luigi's Mansion, Bowser's inside story, Kirby's EXTRA epic yarn.. *sigh* not much for 3DS saddens me.. :saddummy:
please, dont stop 3DS, Nintendo... there's potential for more..

(Switch -in order)
Smash ultimate, World of final fantasy, Pokemon Lets go Eevee, Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing (Switch/N64 remaster?), 
Yoshi's Crafted World, Megaman 11, Mario Tennis Aces, New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Super Mario Party.

(the 3DS and switch are my final stop with Games Consoles, Its burning a bit too many coins and the switch has had too long a drought of good games in the 1st years).
Cute Handymon…
Dreameon: my Favourite D.A Artist CaninePrince has drawn a very sweet little Fluffball with balloons. :heart: What do you think? :3
Super Smash Bros. Direct.
Dreameon: Gonna give this a 9/10.

Good things: New Stoofs. (obviously. X3)
FOUNTAIN OF DREAMS!!! YEESS!! :squee: but wait.. There's OVER 100 STAGES!! :faint: Perfect! Now I don't needz any Morez.
I jest.. We Need Custom Stages, Sector Z, Planet Zebes, Spiral Mountain, Destiny Islands, Forest Maze, The Glade Of Dreams, and Poké-Floats 2.
and wow.. Almost 900 Music, or over 900 Music. (Missing some.. Hmm..)
Chrom and King K Rool are here! :D
Umm.. Menus are Simplistic and fancy, and How I imagined to look. Very Appealing. 10 out of 10.
Special Modes and More to be revealed huh? I'll be waiting to mess around with them.
Hoping there's Subspace, and Custom Stages from Wii U, just spruced up and more things to boot. I use Custom Stages as a recreational thing to boost inspiration..
'Kay stuff: Dark Samus, Some Items and Stages. The Art Style is a tad too realistic, but its just perfect anyway because Melee was the same. Keeping Death Sickle, Killing Edge, Assist Trophies, and Evil Rambling Mushroom off. though, I'm not afraid to try new things.
Bad Stuff: Simon. Who the Blazes is Simon Belmont? I've Never really heard of him Tbh. Never touching this guy or his Stage. I don't mind him really, but I'm hoping for Others. (I'm not a fan of Dark things. But I've made a dedicated Moveset idea plan for my Favourite Characters to be playable. Hoping to see Isaac/ Chrono, Viridi, Geno, Banjo & Kazooie, Rayman, Waluigi and Other cool Characters as Playable Newcomers).
Marshadow and Shovel Knight aren't Playable.. I let a tear pass by. I Wouldn't mind a Ghost Type, but... Okay, I guess We're getting more Electric Types. X3 Zeraora the Echo to Lucario.
I don't do birthdays sometimes.

Dreameon: Thanks for the kind messages though. :heart:
I don't mind if you gift me more often on other days, rather than just birthdays. I don't mind, but Its not usually my thing to do birthdays because my parents don't like it.. Same with any other festives.. ^~^;
Rayman Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. moveset idea.

Specials: (Rayman Great Escape Attacks)
Basic Special: Golden Lum Shot. Rayman Can Charge it up for a Powerful electric Lum shot if Held, it can be Spammed by repeatedly by Mashing B. (similar to Robin's Thunder, Arc-Thunder, El-Thunder and Thoron, but Starts as a Silver Lum, then Gold, then Electric gold, then Supercharged. only that you can spam the Small Shots, like Fox's blaster or a Super Scope).
Up B: Hairicopter. Rayman Uses his Hair to freely fly around like Villager until tired out, and Flies Slowly back down. Can Attack while using it too.
Down B: Plum pluck. Rayman Will pluck out Plums with Different faces, just Like Peach's Turnips. Some deal Damage, some Stick to their head, which slows them down a bit, and Sometimes he'll pull out Smash bros. Items, like Mr.Freezie, Mr. Saturn, Bob-ombs and A banana.
Side B: Rocket Mount. Rayman hops on a Rocket Shell, like Villager's Lloyd to Zip back on Stage and blast the opponent in the face. But be careful, you can Explode yourself too if you get hit.

Smash attacks: (Rayman Legends attacks)
A Jab: Rayman will punch, then Slap on the second hit, then the third is a big punch.
Rapid attack: Silly Slap.
Up Smash: Headbutt. Rayman does a big Headbutt like Mario.
(Holding up allows others to stand on your hands)
Side Smash: Wind-up Wack. (Winds up and unleashes a powerful punch, Can even be aimed upwards)
Down Smash: Breakneck Smash. Rayman does a quick Breakneck dance to attack the side and behind like Pikachu.
Dash attack: Penguin Slide attack.

Neutral Air: Triple kick.
Up air: Plum Wack. Similar to Villager's Turnips.
Forward Air: Mario's Dunk attack.
Back Air: Lum Slingshot. Like Villager's Slingshot.
Down Air: Crush Attack. (if you Crush attack into a Dash attack, you'll Do a Crazy Spinning Somersault. keep in mind, once you use a crush attack, you can't break out of it, though, it has a sweet spot Meteor Smash).

Tilts: (Rayman Origins attacks)
Up: Hairwind. Rayman sends a Gust of wind upwards like Megaman.
Down: Tripping kick.
Side: Super Slap.

Final Smash: Smash Party. Rayman Shoots the Opponent with a Stunning Fist, then Team attacks the hit Opponents with Globox, Teensies, Murphy and Barbara.

up: Derp face and flails Tongue out.
Side: Victory pose.
Down: Luigi's lonely kick. (spikes the opponent)
Idle animations: From Rayman Legends and great Escape.
I ate a Chocolate Mini Egg, it was so Sugary, It Broke my second back left tooth in half... :saddummy:
Cookie: My Nan's budgie died recently.. :'( *sigh*
Aged: 15, nearly 16 years old. I've had him since I was 8.
Banjo and Kazooie. Smash bros. ultimate moves.

These Two Need to work out after eating so much Pizza Again with the help of Wii Fit Trainer.. I hope the Next Banjo Kazooie game is really awesome. I could just imagine.. Banjo Threeie, Odyssey through time! Please think something.. Rare.. ^~^;

(I don't know if I've already done this already, but here anyway).
(B) Basic Special: Kazooie Blaster. (Much like Megaman's three shot "bullet" attack or Fox's Blaster, but with Kazooie spitting out the Eggs at rapid-fire speed)
(↑B) Up Special: Beak Dive Bomb. (Similar to Pit's Recovery, but hurts foes in the way, also can Stage spike opponents).
(←/→B) Side Special: Beak Barge. (Kazooie Stretches out and Jabs the Opponent with her beak.)
(↓B)Down Special: Egg lay. (Default: Clockwork Kazooie, Much like Bowser Jrs' Mechakoopa. Kazooie Lays a Clockwork Kazooie bomb)

Jab: Claw Swipe. Mash ((A)) button To Bring out Kazooie's Rapid Pecking Fury.
(←/→A)Side Smash: Breegull Bash. Banjo Grabs Kazooie and Slams her, beak down, to the floor. Kazooie's Beak can Meteor Smash Edge Hanging Opponents. (Like Ike's Sword, but Better)
(↑A) Up Smash: Wing Wack. Kazooie Jabs her wings in the air. (Like Charizards' up Smash).
(↓A) Down Smash: Fists of Fury. . (Functions like Donkey Kongs' Down Smash)

Smash Tilts:
Side Tilt: Duo Headbutt. The Duo Headbutt and peck the opponent.
Up Tilt: Fip Flap Frenzy. Kazooie waves her wings around to attack above her. (like Charizard's Wing attack)
Down Tilt: Low sweep. (Like Ryu's down tilt)
Dash attack: Roll Attack. (like King Dedede's roll)
Tether:. Kazooie uses the Mumbo-Jumbo wand as a tether to grab on the ledge.

Grabs and Throws.
Basic attack: Kazooie Peck.
Banjo will Grab the Opponent, and...
Forward Throw: Pack Hurl. Banjo Throws the opponent with his Backpack.
Back Throw: Grenade Egg and Toss. Banjo Spin-throws the opponent, throws them behind, and Kazooie Spits a Grenade Egg for extra Launching. (like Mario with Falco, but Explosive)
Down Throw: Bill Drill. Banjo Jumps and Kazooie Drills into the Opponent.
Up throw: Banjo throws the opponent in the air, while Kazooie spits a Rapid flurry of 3 eggs. (Similar to Fox)

Aerial Smash:
Neutral Air: Whirling Pack Wack. Banjo Spins his Backpack around in the air.
Forward Air: Rat-a-tat-tap. Kazooie Pecks the opponent 3 times, the 3rd being the Strongest hit.
Up Air: Wand Wack. Kazooie wacks the Foe with The Mumbo Jumbo Wand from Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts game.
Back Air: Backward Kazooie Swing. Banjo Swings and Slams Kazooie around with force behind himself. (like Ike's back air)
Down Air: Beak Buster. Banjo Rises up a bit before Slamming down with Kazooie Into the Ground. (like Toon Link's Down Aerial).

Final Smash: Wishy Washy Banjo. Banjo gets turned into a giant washing Machine, aims and, Sucks opponents in and Spin Cycles them until he explodes, and turns back to normal.
Or Crazy Duo Dash. Banjo and Kazooie Rush into an Opponent, and Multiply themselves, while Whizzing all over the screen like Diddy-Kong's Final Smash, but finishes with a Drilling Beak Bomb from Kazooie.
Idle Animations: form Banjo Kazooie and Nuts and bolts and original games.
Crash N-sane Trilogy! (and Crash for Smash moves)
Dreameon: Ooh! Coco actually looks good now. ^^ And the switch version looks slightly closer to the original graphics, mostly mixed with Ps4.

Smash bros. ultimate moves: (Crash, With Coco as alt character)
Up B: Super Spin attack. (in the air, its a Bouncy Crate to recovery Jump or Jetpack launch).
Neutral B: Fruit Blaster. (covers the foe in fruit juice, anyone covered in fruit will take double damage)
Side B: Crash Cycle. (Pulls a Motorbike out of nowhere and drives it to run opponents over)
Down B: Crate Throw. (Pulls a random crate out of the ground and throws it, some are metal, Explosive, and some drop fruit to heal. Sometimes pulls out a Powerful Nitro crate too).
Smash attacks:
Up Smash: Yo-yo uppercut or Aku Aku Attack.
Side Smash: Wind up punch or Bandicoot Misfire.
Down Smash: Yo-yo Attack.

Dash attack: Floor Slide.
Tilts: Similar to Mario's.
Jab: Same as Luigi's jabs.
N. air: Quick spin attack.
F air: Iron Crate swing.
B air: backwards kick.
D air: Body Slam.

Final Smash: Titan Crash Thrash. Crash or Coco hijack a Giant Titan beast and Unleash a flurry of Attacks.
Ultimate Smash bruhs.
Dreameon: *watches Trailer * oh.. my.. :faint:
I predicted the name.
but I never saw Everything until now. literally, Everything and Everyone is there.
Thank-you Mr. Sakurai! :hug:

This is it, The ultimate showdown of your favourite Videogame fighters. :squee: I Can Finally use my Main favourite fighters, Wolf, Roy, Young Link and My for fun Main, Pichu. Pichu Hits a little harder than Pikachu with Some attacks, but hurts himself a bit to prevent him being too O.P. he barely even lags too, so he's Really fast. There's so much about this, Its best for the game to speak for itself.

Other things I'm hoping for:
Wii U Custom Stages return, and Custom Stage Transfer. Chaos Smash (4 vs 4 team battle. online). and Maximum of 5 to 10 Items can Spawn on one screen, even if they're the same items, especially Pokéballs. Maybe All features from past versions, Subspace Emissary Ultimate, Good All star runs, creative Event matches and a New Minigame.

Side note:
Please Nerf Bayonetta.


Eeveeboss has started a donation pool!
0 / 10,000
Dreameon: Lets start nice and easy. :3
Please Donate points if you have any,
If I reach enough, I'd be more happy, and be closer to Core membership.
(you may use this if you think my art is good, however, I'm gonna be inactive artwise for a few years. Sorry).

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Alphachu: Hello! >w< *Ssqquueeaak* Teehee!
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Subio: How are you?
Eeveeboss Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student General Artist
Alphachu: *is bouncing on the spot excitedly, with a squeak in each step* I'm feeling Bouncy! :happybounce:
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DreamerDanielsun Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there. Heh...I wonder, have we ever talked at all?
Eeveeboss Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019  Student General Artist
Alphachu: Well, it helps to note me. X3 I don't often reply or talk because My addiction to Videogames and spending time with my family. Chuu!~
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