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Eevee Unfinished. by Nintendo95

Welcome To Eevee-Garden

We are a group delicated to the Pokemon, Eevee and it's Evolutions!

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• Please do not harrass others.

• Submitions to the Featured Folder is not allowed. It is for Group official creations like new icons.

• Do not post Sexual Content to this group.

• Eevee Related artwork only

• Blood and Gore must have a mature filter.

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Showing Your Pride 2 (2020) by Olmecc
Eevees cafe mix by umbporeon
GlaceonHello my name is Edward, I have been a pokemon trainer for 11 years now, My team consists of most of the eeveelutions (Note: "eeveelutions" is an acronym for "Eevee's evolutions") but I have all but one of the Eevee's evolutions.The rare Glaceon and I am looking for a shiny one at that. Would try to evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon but my last Eevee decided to evolve into a Leafeon and I am not the type of person who like to try to abuse their pokemon into evolve something they don't want to be, I usually just let them decided on their own. So with the intro out of the way let just cut to the chase.So there I was on the mountain of hope,It was 32*F when I started to reach more then say 3/4th of the top of the mountain,I really was putting myself to the limit. Just all to find a Glaceon, after a will in at BELOW FREEZING TEMPERATURES I was about to give up because it was also beginning to to snow really badly BUT then I hear it the sound of cry,pain, and sadness like sound of a Glaceon I was overjoyed to hear the sound. Though instead of the cry of wanting to fight. I was the cry of pain. I didn't know what do at first, I could let the poor thing die or I could try to save it from it whiteouted grave. knowing my kind heart I saved it (Even though it WAS NOT a shiny.) toke it back to my campsite and look how bad it was. It seemed have token A LOT of damage from like a encounter of a other wild pokemon. After that I decided that when the blizzard isn't as bad I would bring it to the closes pokemon center. I did in the end but I have said it one I will say it again "I won't do that again!". Ps. I can make a part 2 if you want to see how it came in my party in the end.
Tina and Vaporeon(Hello dear reader, if you are reading this then I must not be completely done with my story. Yes you could say I leaked my own next "small" project, but if you want to go and tell your friends about me then go ahead,Spread the word.Till then I hope you all like my story about Vaporeon and Tina,I am not using a script to make this, but with all of this out of the way we can start. I may remove this when the final form comes out.)=============================================================================Chapter 1Tina and here pokemon Vaporeon were having a blast! They were swimming in there normal spot a swimming pool next to there house. Tina being 13 years old only starting as a pokemon trainer 3 years ago.Yet still for being only 3 years she still had a decent amount of pokemon to use in here arsenal. Though here Vaporeon was her first,favorite,and strongest pokemon. She had Vaporeon as her first pokemon she had raised here sense she was 8 years old as a little eevee.Though her main goal was to "BECOME THE BEST WATER TYPE TRAINER SHE COULD BE!" now again she was at the swimming poll as usual training her Vaporeon and the rest of her water type pokemon well having fun with them to. So 25 minutes later this other trainer decided to fight Tina, let's just say the trainer got his ass kicked in.Thought he did do a decent amount of damage to her pokemon to. With that she decided it probably was in here best intra to go to a pokemon center to get her pokemon healed up. So that what Tina did.End of chapter 1.=============================================================================Chapter 2So last we left of our duo after they had fought a trainer and they were in there way to the there nears Pokemon center to get rested off.Now we join them as they are already there.Tina still admited she did a great job with her battle with her vaporeon,still though well waiting in the main office with nurse Joy she was quite still worried about her pokemon. Though she tried did to comfort herself know her pokemon would be ok. Though well worrying she saw a boy and his leafeon just coming in. The boy was here for the same reason to heal his pokemon. So Tina ask the boy what was his name (you know to try to keep her thoughts away from her pokemon.)Tina: "Hello there,what is your name?"👏boi: "My name is Derrick, I was on my way to get myself a Glaceon. How about you?Tina:" O my name is Tina, nice to meet you Derrick. I was on my way to get my next badge, I was train a few of my pokemon when a trainer battle me.Derrick: Did you win?Tina: Yes I did, though he did do a decent amount of damage to my pokemon.Derrick: That is nice,I am not really that big of a fighter but I have had a few good fight in my years.Tina:You can be that way if you want, but I personality kind of like battle in a way.Derrick: Hey you be you.Tina:I agree.Nurse Joy: Tina your pokemon are ready.Tina: Thanks Nurse Joy I will be there in a minute.Nurse Joy: Ok,take your time.Tina: Well it looks like my pokemon are ready now, so I hope you have a wwonderful rest of your day Derick. It was nice meeting you by the way to.Derrick: It was nice meeting you to Tina, I hope you can get to your goal. I hope we can see each other and some time.Tina:I hope so to.Both:Bye!Nurse Joy: Thanks for waiting here's your pokemon!Tina:Your welcome Nurse Joy:I almost forgot about someone.Vaporeon:Vaporeon!Tina:I missed you too Vaporeon!So after the short visit to the Pokemon center Tina decided that it was probably bet to get back home and settle in for the night.When they got back to there tent Tina and her pokemon ate dinner for the night.Though even when she was falling asleep she still thought about Derrick for some reason.End of chapter 2.
A Long-Awaited Reunion (Speed x Stella) by Olmecc
Little Vaporeon (Redraw) by Mlgpirate01
Little Glaceon (Redraw) by Mlgpirate01
Jolteon and Umbreon by DarlanSpace
Eevee and More
Some cute pokemons by DarlanSpace
Hi! by Mlgpirate01
Pokemon Team by Monse2001
Father And Son by SesshaXIII
OCs and Fakeons
Vaporwaveon by umbporeon
Magiceon by umbporeon
Onion ringed umbreon oc by umbporeon
The Faded Line by sadoten
Stories and Comics

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This is what we got after the contest:

1. :iconhero011:hero011 - 4 persons joined

2. :iconsalthebuizel:SaltheBuizel

3. :iconshadoweclipex:ShadowEclipex

4. :iconthesoftside:TheSoftSide

5. :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw -2 joined

So you must be wondering about the bad news...

Since only 2 persons got their results recorded, I'm going to reduce the number of prizes (this is also due to lack of contestents...)

The good news is, there are more members in the group now so I hope when I open a new contest, (this time I want kkl to come up with his own since the previous one was my idea...) There will be more people joining~! :D

I'm sorry for the disappointment... but at least it will save prizes for the next contest~! ^_^ So, you must be enger for the results, I persume? Let's get on with it then!

:bulletblue: Results


In 2nd place, we have... :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw!! Congratz with 2nd place!

Your prize for being 2nd is a free request! You can choose whether you want a request from kkl or me, Eevora! (Maxium: 1 character)

And last but not least~!!!

In first place, we have :iconhero011:hero011 !!! YOU WON THE CONTEST HERO011!! CONGRATZ FROM ME AND KKL!

Your prize will be... a request and 10points.
You will recieve 10points from me...
And you can choose whether you want a request from kkl or me ^_^ (Maxium: 2characters)

And also, hero011, you can now be officially a contributer for now as you have requested to be co-founder~!


And now, I will end this journal with a thank you for all who participated! I'm sorry for any spelling errors and we hope you and more people will join the next contest!!

See you soon, in the next contest!

Keep on coming, deviations!
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