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Hello people! It is I, the mysterious ghost person who never posts anymore!
Dreamsverse tagged me in THIS 10 QUESTIONS MEME, so here it is! Maybe you'll learn something about me, I dunno.

♥ 1.) Who's your biggest idol/inspiration for your art/writing/music/etc.?
Ohhhhhh god, that's a good question. I'm not sure I have any real idols where art is concerned, though I have learned a thing or two about anatomy and whatnot recently through reading comic books (who knew XD). There are plenty of artists I enjoy, but I've never really thought of them as "inspiration". I guess I've always thought of my art journey as my own. I draw the way I draw, and that's that.
            --actually, I lied. I just remembered that I used to think of NeonDragon (aka Undel of Flight Rising) as an idol. I discovered her first dragon drawing book in middle school, and I bought the two that followed also (one the week it was released, lol). I used to follow those books religiously, and I do still enjoy her art. Also, this is how I found out about Flight Rising! Woo!
    Writing though. I definitely have writing idols. My first will always and forever be J.R.R. Tolkien. I've loved Middle Earth since I first read The Lord of the Rings in elementary school. I did projects on Tolkien and his books whenever I got the chance, and I always dreamed of creating a world so rich and beautiful as his. When I was much younger I would write all the time, convinced I could do it. Now I'm smarter though, lol.
    I also owe a lot to J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood. It's been a huge part of my young adulthood. It's a huge part of my life, and I can't imagine what I would be like without it. It's her world that introduced me to RPing a billion years ago, and I continue to rp on that very same Harry Potter site to this day. If I could write something half as good as either of these people, I would be content.
    Can I also talk about movies? JJ Abrams. This man is probably my biggest idol currently. It started when he created my all-time favorite television show, and as he's done more and more things I've realized just how much I look up to him. Between Lost and his movies, he's reached me in ways no other tv shows or movies ever have. I've rewatched Super 8 about a million times because it just gets to me. And it was Lost that made me first seriously consider the one of the things I love most--film. This sounds kind of dumb because I haven't really listed any specifics |D But that's just because I think my idolization of his work is something I just can't explain. So if I ever wind up working in film somehow, some crazy, unbelievable, magical way, you can bet it was because of him. And even if I don't, I'm sure my inspiration from him will find an outlet somewhere else.

♥ 2.) Do you watch any art channels on youtube or something?  If so, which ones do you like the most and why?  If not, are you going to at some point?
    I do, actually! My favorite one is idrawgirls (or Xia Taptara). I found him a few years back when I was looking for a tutorial on how to draw feathers, I think, and I just got hooked on his videos. He had a lot of really helpful ones, and I think I've learned a few things from them! I still use some of the techniques I learned there, too (even though I haven't watched any in a while, lol).
Also, his voice. I really enjoy listening to people with foreign accents speak English. I have no idea why XD so sometimes I'd just put his videos on because I liked the sound of them.
    Lately I've also been watched ToonboxStudio, partly for the voice reason, partly because he draws with such a great cartoon style (and did a few disney character tutorials, including Scar! Hey!), and largely because he uses Sketchbook Pro. There are very few tutorials for Sketchbook Pro out there, so I appreciate his a lot.

♥ 3.) What got you to draw?  (And yes, everyone has doodled when they were little, but what got you to really start drawing as a true hobby/profession?)
  I don't know. I've honestly been drawing all my life. I can't think of a time I didn't draw. Lame answer is lame, but it's true |D

♥ 4.)  Are you happy with where your skills are now? Why/Why not?
    Eh, yes and no. I wish I was a better artist. I'm kind of stuck with a handful of things I'm decently good at, and outside of that I'm kind of not that great. For recreational purposes it usually serves me fine. I mean I get frustrated at what I CAN'T draw all the time, lol. But like everyone, I improve slowly. It would be nice to be able to draw all the ideas I had and draw them well, but you know. Someday I'll get there I suppose.

♥ 5.)  What's one character you'd want to revise that you have (and why)?  If you don't have any characters, why don't you have any?  If you don't have any characters you want to revise, then... uh... doodle your favorite character on a unicorn.  I dunno, man.
    Oh god, I feel like this would have to be Alex Pace, my very first RP character and eternal baby. I love love love where she is now, but she's also the one character I've probably made the most mistakes with--the biggest being her hair color |D I was a kid when I made her, only just discovering the world of fan characters and RP, and for some dumb reason I thought it would be "cool" to give her white hair. ._____. bad idea. I'm kind of embarrassed by it now, lol. So I downplay it. But I also love her for it. Even though it's super dumb, it's a part of her, and I don't think I'd change it now. So wait, maybe not XD
    I dunno. Alex has a lot of miles on her, and I feel like she could use a good polishing. She deserves it, even. I do intend to rewrite her profile someday to get rid of all the terrible info I wrote when I was in high school a billion years ago. It's just awful XD

♥ 6.)  Do you have a character, story, world, etc. in mind you would like to work on?  Well, here's your time!  Mind sharing a little bit about it/them?  If not, then what's one of your favorite characters, stories, worlds, etc. of yours and why?
    So I've had this world in mind for a while now. It doesn't have a name, but it's set in a near-ish future society where people have robotic "familiars" that are a part of them for life. Nobody knows exactly what the familiars are. Some say they're manifestations of creatures from another dimension acting as "guardian angels", others say they're housings for souls--nonsense stuff like that--but whenever a baby is born, without fail, a familiar will assemble itself out of odds and ends in the room. Usually it takes a few pieces from the mother's familiar and the father's familiar if it's there too, and hospitals make sure to keep all sorts of gears and springs and metal rods and sheets and whatnot nearby.
    From then on the familiar is never very far from its human. It grows as its human grows, snatching things nearby when it needs to expand, and they can become just about anything. Most familiars just form abstract robot things, like cubes and diamonds and weird nameless shapes. Others kind of "fuse" with their human. These are called augments, because they usually enhance or replace some aspect of their human, such as becoming a mechanical arm or leg if their human loses one, or becoming super powered leg braces to give their human extra strength or something. One famous augment is the head of a large company or something, and his familiar became a kind of eared cobra hood thing attached to his spine. It acts the way ears/hoods work in animals and reacts with his emotions, flaring out when he's confident or intimidating and stuff like that. Augments still behave like their own creature separate from their human, but they also remain a part of the human because familiars don't usually change drastically from the shape they settle on in childhood.
    Occasionally a familiar will take on the shape of another living thing. There's a young man in this world (probably the main character if I ever do something with this), whose familiar became sort of dragon-shaped because he loved fantasy stories as a kid.
    There's also a group of people in this world called "Harmonizers" who think that they can spiritually become one with their familiars. They're kind of a cult and people generally dislike them, but they're actually pretty nice people.

    I know there's more to this, but I can't remember it now so I'll let you go |D Sorry for that

♥ 7.) Let's finally do an easy question.  I feel like I've been bombarding you with deep intense questions or something, ha.  Can you draw a perfect circle without using any precise tools (shape tools, protractor, etc.)
    lol no. Maybe if I try really hard and you don't mind the fact that I'll have to just keep going around and around until I finally make it perfect then I can come sort of close once in a great while? But no. No. XD

♥ 8.)  What inspires you to finish a idea/picture/story/etc?
    Music I guess. Or movies. Movies get me inspired all the time, depending on what they're about and whether or not I like them. That's more to get me started on an idea/picture/story/etc than finishing one, but I've been known to get my butt kicked in gear to finish something after a movie or if I come across the perfect song at the perfect moment.
    Oh, and hype. Hype usually does a lot for me in that department |D

♥ 9.)  Who do you feel supports you the most?  Family, friends, watchers, patreon peeps?  Let's do a nice shout out to these people!
    Depends on what kind  of support you're asking about |D As far as art is concerned... Probably friends, I guess? Specifically Dreamsverse since she's really the only one that sees most of my art |D

♥ 10.)  Finally, what's you favorite thing to draw or what's your favorite step of your art/writing/etc system to do?
    Gambit Romy <Lion King Lion-ified characters of mine</s> BIRD PEOPLE.
    Wait no. I actually hate drawing bird people |D They're a pain in the butt to draw. But I love them so much, I can't stop.

Sooooo yes! There you have it. Were those answers interesting at all? Maybe? No? Ok XP
I won't be tagging people because I'm lame like that, SO BE FREE! :heart:


United States


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