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Endless Sea

This one is a heart project! I think it's an improvement of this work  Sunken Soul by eerilyfair from two years ago. I feel like it is really "art" and not arts and crafts. I did not think "Hey you can sell this also as book cover or print". I just did it. It's about sinking deep into your dreams away from every evil. Going into a light that warms even your heart. I often wish to fly away like a bird and find some kind of sense. Because often I do not find any sense in life than beeing helpful to others and live a life, where you are not in argument with your environment but in peace. Even the birds, the squirrels and all the mice should have a life, that can be called life. Before this year I believed very deeply in the christian god and the christian religion. I was rised as a catholic in a religious family.  That was before I got deep into my theology studies. You should think you got closer to god, when you study the bible and even have to learn all dates and names from Genesis til Roman times. For me it was like a cold splash of water. I still believe. I cannot think there is just nothning when you die and I truly believe there is "something" good and protecting. But I fear there is no mystery. No one telling you: "That's your sense of life. That's why you are born." I just believe we live and die and everything in between should be precious.

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This is unlike anything I've ever seen! Just wow! :wow:
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Thank you very much :heart:
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Amazing artwork, I so love the composition here and the detail of the rocks. ^.^ Definitely an improved version of the older one in my opinion. Also remarkable concept! :D
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Beautifully done! 
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A very immersive and beautiful piece, love the lighting on the model that makes it seem like she's really underwater.
Well done! :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much for your big compliment my friend and sorry for beeing so late! Too much cookies to make..
I mostly do not like my works after finishing them but I really feel close to that one!
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You're most welcome! :D

And cookiesss!! :drool:
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Fantastic work Anna!
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Thank you very much, my dear! :huggle:
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Very unique and beautiful!Clap 
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:icongivemesmilesplz:  You're Welcome
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sehr schön, der spiralförmige Aufbau macht es auf jeden Fall interessanter als die ursprüngliche Version, ebenso Tiefe und Perspektive. :) Allerdings ist dir der Unterwassereffekt damals sehr gut gelungen. :thumbsup:
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Wow, this is stunning! :heart: :wow: Absolutely beautiful work!
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Thank you Marta! I feel like never doing anything new now :blush:
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A mighty gorgeous imagination dear Anna, love the reflected colours on the girl. Most wonderfully done my friend!:hug:
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Thank you very much, dear! :huggle: This picture told me a lot about light! 
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You are most kindly welcome dear.:aww:
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