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Interview with :iconthegirlcansmile:

Welcome to  a new interview! This time it's :iconthegirlcansmile:! I'm very happy she make this tutorial with me because she is a wonderful artist and a very supportive person. I do not think a lot of our community know her so I want to let her light shine a bit and if you know her work, you know what I mean with "shine" ;)

1. You really developed an own style and I would love to hear how you work!

Many of my works start out with a sketch since i get a lot of inspiration being outside. I really like scanning in a traditional sketch or even painting and then build on it digitally. Sometimes I will do the other way around as well. I love the feel of mixing medias, it allows for more freedom and creative expression.

2. I cannot help myself but many of your works make me sad. I really get emotional as they are very intense and often have a sad theme. Is art a way to express your feelings?

I would absolutely say art is my way of expressing feelings. It's the one place I can go where I can be completely free and raw without worrying about a safety net. Art doesn't have to be safe, it doesn't have to feel good. It doesn't have to leave you with a good feeling as long as it leaves you with something.

3. Are you self-taught or formally educated digital artist? And if you're self-taught, what resources have you found to be the most helpful?

I'm self taught, and I would say that the biggest resource is a hunger to create, an acceptance of technical failure and a will to experiment. It's all about finding your own voice and then not being afraid to listen to it. To use it, and dare to use it loudly. Not worrying so much about the effect it will have on others, but the effect it has on you. When you create with passion you can do no wrong. Technical perfection is overrated, but if you dare to experiment and give yourself time and patience to grow and learn then those things will happen naturally. Practice but don't get stuck in a box.

4. What do you think, what is more important for your art: Techique or it's message?

Message, always. Technique can only get you so far. You can paint to perfection but if your artwork is voiceless it will stay that way and remain quiet.

Thank you very much for this interview! :heart: :heart:

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