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Prologue - You'll Be In My Heart
Antauri narrowed his eyes slightly in concern as he watched the leader of the Monkey Team, Mandarin, take out another Formless with a cold laughter dancing behind his eyes. Lately, the orange monkey had been taking a kind of morbid delight in their battles. It seemed as though the violence thrilled him to no end. When the team were not fighting for the safety of the city, Mandarin would complain about the cities occupants.
"They're all so ungrateful." He muttered a few weeks earlier. "They don't deserve our protection! We're much more powerful than those humans could ever hope of becoming."
It worried Antauri when he thought over how their brother was changing into something almost unrecognizable.
He had voiced his concerns with Sprx, who had been spending time training with Mandarin earlier that day. The red monkey had simply shrugged his worries off, stating that Mandarin probably had a lot on his mind and was blowing off some steam, after all, being a leader couldn't be easy. He smi
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The Hitchhiker
Light Yagami sighed as he relaxed into the cool, leather seats and let the warmth emitting from the heater wash over him, chasing away the chill from outside. The weather was fitting for Halloween; rainy, windy, cold and judging from the time between the lightning and the thunder, a storm was on its way. If he'd listened to his mother and come home when he finished his classes, then he would have missed the storm entirely, but he chose to stay behind to work on an assignment and now, he would have to drive home in the dark. Not his smartest of moments.
Flicking his damp, auburn hair out of his eyes, Light grabbed hold of the steering wheel and checked the map lying on the seat beside him. He wasn't going to risk the motorway tonight, he knew it'd be jam packed with traffic, instead, he was taking the road that cut through the woods. It was all very cliché for Light's liking, but it was the quickest route home and right now, that's all he cared about. Taking one last glance at the
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Mature content
Snakes and Mistletoe :iconeerie-echo:Eerie-Echo 0 0
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Child's play Sketch by FuckYouFolks Child's play Sketch :iconfuckyoufolks:FuckYouFolks 808 101


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So today I am spending sometime on my iPhone. I've taken off all my music and films, to narrow everything down. I'm sick of having lots of things on there that I never even listen to or watch (^_^)

I'm feeling rather happy though... I had a Child's Play movie marathon last night, with a large bar of white chocolate and some cherry coke (^w^) I enjoyed it a fair bit. My little brother, Peter, watched them with me haha.

Tonight I think either Saw or Nightmare on Elm St. I've not decided yet.

....there really was no point to this O.o so feel free to ignore haha.


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