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Mature Content

I'm Not Afraid of You. Chapter 1“Finally.”Jenna let out a long, exhausted sigh. The last day had been pretty stressful for her, and all she wanted to do now was push all thoughts out of her mind and just rest. Moving to another city is difficult, especially if you were going to stay there for a while, maybe even live there.This was her first night in Derry. Jenna hoped the next day would go better than the first one.She had to move to this town because of work. Jenna had been trying to apply for a job in many places, but each time she got a negative response, or didn’t get one at all. She put her CV on several employment websites and waited for someone to contact her, hoping for the best.The only thing that didn’t make her too happy was the population, so typical for a small town. There were too many curious people around, and soon after her arrival, Jenna had so many visits from her new neighbors, who came to greet her and then bombard her with questions about where she came from and what her life story was.Jenna sighed. This was making her tired. Sure, those people were friendly, but all those visits were starting to annoy her.But that wasn’t the weirdest part, though.Almost everyone she spoke to looked baffled by her arrival to Derry. Judging by their looks, they thought moving to this town was a crazy idea. And each time Jenna asked for a reason, all she got in response was stuttering and a swift change of the topic.To hell with all of it, Jenna thought. If they didn’t want to talk about it, she wasn’t going to pry. It pretty much looked like a superstition, so she would just ignore it. In small towns like this, superstitious people weren’t a rarity.Later things got even weirder. As Jenna was on her way to a new workplace, she spotted a strange guy in a white clown costume. He was holding a bunch of red balloons in his left hand; and although a large distance separated them from each other, Jenna knew he was looking at her and waving. She smiled and waved back.Great. One more weirdo in this town. What’s going to be next?Strangely enough, no one was paying attention to the clown. People passed him, and no one even turned around. It almost seemed like the clown was invisible to them. It was all so bizarre. But whatever. Jenna shrugged and continued her way. She didn’t want to be late. If she created the best impression about herself, it would only play in her favor.But as she arrived to her new place of employment, things got clearer and… creepier. Jenna had to meet her new boss in person and get everything prepared, so she could start working on Monday. The boss, Mr. Mulligan, seemed to be a pleasant person. He was happy to have a new employee at his company, so he was eager to meet Jenna and discuss all the important things she would have to do.Jenna smiled to herself. It seemed like a good start. But then things changed. As all the paperwork and other formalities were out of the way, Mr. Mulligan said he was, in fact, surprised that she’d chosen to come to Derry. Jenna rolled her eyes. Here we go again… She was already fed up with the strange behavior of the locals, so she dared to demand explanations. Just like the others, Mr. Mulligan knew something. It was clear to Jenna that something was obviously going on in Derry, and the townspeople were either embarrassed or scared to talk about it. Mr. Mulligan then opened one of the drawers and silently handled her a newspaper. Jenna took it, giving her boss a suspicious look. The article on the first page made her raise an eyebrow.“Ten young teens disappeared last week in Derry.”Jenna continued reading. Apparently, someone kidnapped children and teens in Derry, and the police had organized a search party. They finally stumbled on a severed arm near the drainage tunnel. The arm had been taken to the laboratory for examination and identification while the cops searched for the murderer. But they’ve failed so far. Not a single trace of the killer had been found. The search still continues.Jenna put the newspaper down and looked at her boss. It was like he and the other townspeople were afraid just talking about these events would bring the murderer to their door.“You see now, Miss Hill? This is why people seem surprised by your arrival to Derry,” he said. “We are all scared. We don’t know who the killer is, but we have to do all we can to protect our children. It seems he preys on them.”Jenna nodded.“Yes, sure. It’s terrible,” she agreed. “But why should I be afraid? If he hunts for teens and children, like you say, then it’s unlikely he’d be interested in me. I’m an adult person, so I doubt he’d want to have me as his next victim.”Mr. Mulligan sighed.“Yes, on the one hand, you’re right. But, on the other hand, you can never know what’s going on in his head. He still might change his preferences,” he said. “All I want to say is be careful and stay safe.”Jenna smiled.“Thank you, Mr. Mulligan. I’ll keep it in mind.”They shook hands, and Jenna left his office. She giggled with irony. It was just her luck – moving to a town with a killer on the loose. Freaking fantastic.Lucky for Jenna, she wasn’t one of the weak types who couldn’t defend themselves. She’d been practicing martial arts for a long time. Her mother had looked a bit skeptical when Jenna claimed she wanted to learn how to fight, but when her daughter said that every woman must know how to defend herself, she eventually agreed. So Jenna started her kung fu classes. It took much time and patience, but it was worth every minute she’d spent. She not only enjoyed it, but also could now proudly proclaim herself a dangerous foe for anyone who dared to attack her. So if she accidentally bumps into that killer, whoever he is, he’s in for a surprise.As it was Friday, Jenna planned to use the weekend to take a walk around the town and get introduced to it properly. After all, she was going to stay there for a while, but she sure didn’t want to live there anymore, considering all the things she’d found out.Jenna entered the room she was renting for the first six months. If things went well, she’d search for something better and maybe even purchase an apartment to live on her own, without paying the rent. The room was on the first floor, and Jenna was glad about it. She didn’t have to pull all her heavy stuff somewhere upstairs. She’d unpacked only the most necessary stuff, leaving the rest for later. At the moment, she was too lazy to rummage through her suitcases. She flopped on the sofa in the living room and drifted away pretty quickly, as fatigue felt too strong.The clock showed 5:30 p.m. when Jenna woke up, and her eyes went wide. Damn, I must have been so tired, she thought. The sun has slowly started to set; and when it disappears behind the horizon, it would grow dark pretty fast. Jenna didn’t want to stay out in darkness on her first day in a new town, so she quickly dressed up for an evening walk, taking a pepper spray can with her and an elongated black case she hung on her back. From the outside it might look like she’s carrying some musical instrument or a piece of sports equipment, but it actually was a metal baseball bat. She carried it with her each time she went somewhere in the evening. Her motto had always been ‘better safe than sorry’, and since she was in a new and unfamiliar town, it had especially important meaning.Instead of wandering around the town, Jenna decided to visit a café and have a nice cup of tea or coffee there. Besides, it was the best way to see how life flows in Derry, as people usually gather in such places on Fridays and Saturdays. There were some in the town center, and Jenna chose one that looked the most attractive to her eyes.The café looked pretty cozy, and Jenna smiled, knowing she’d made the right choice. Most of the tables were occupied, but some were still free, and Jenna sat at one of them. She tried to be polite to everyone and said hello to anyone she’d seen looking at her. People smiled kindly and greeted her back. Well, that was a good start, especially for a small town. She ordered a cup of cappuccino and received a nice looking mug of boiling hot and aromatic drink with milky foam on it. This was the best. Jenna enjoyed the milky foam even better than the cappuccino itself. Thanking the waiter for bringing her the drink, she sat peacefully and enjoyed her time without hurry, not paying too much attention to whether someone was looking at her or not. Many probably would, as she was a stranger here. Jenna hoped she’d have friends here soon.What she didn’t know was that an elegant-looking man was standing at the bar, drinking the whisky and watching her intently; and no one noticed how his eyes flashed yellow, and his mouth stretched in a predatory grin…
Happy Halloween 2022 by jackyleo738
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