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It's finally here!! 
Oh my! It took me quite some time to finish this illustration! Between the work, the flue and the short deadline for Lightning's contest, I thought I was going to go crazy @___@
So, this was meant to be my entry for :iconz-pico:'s contest, but I didn't make it on time ç___ç
At least I could take the time to complete it with a bit more care and attention!
I like it a lot... but there are some things that I don't like too. So I might adjust this... or not. I don't know XD

Anyway, I fall in love with Z-Pico's works as soon as I saw them! And especially with these two guys here!
The big one is "the Wolf" and the cute one is "the Boy". They are the main characters of a comic project by Z-Pico and... they are just awesome and adorable.
And I love the Wolf with all my heart ç_____ç He often wears the wolf mask you see in the left corner of the pic.
The Wolf is a thug and he ends up meeting the Boy and in some way they start hanging out together. I got the feeling that when the Wolf is with the Boy, he is a better person and wants to remain like that, but.. since he's got a past full of violence and blood he's afraid he's going to hurt the Boy.
 That's why I draw them like this: I wanted to express the fact that the Wolf wants to keep the Boy with him, love him and treat him well, but at the same time he's afraid he won't be able to protect the poor Boy from his "real" self and from his cruel past.

Speaking of the work it-self, some of you might have recognized yuumei's cloud brushes! I bought them as soon as she released them and they are AWESOME!
Combined with her tutorial they are one of the best things in the world since sliced bread! (if you don't what brushes/tutorial I'm talking about, check the thumbnails below)
While, for the cityscape I used a very interesting tutorial that really opened my eyes on this kind of panorama, which I had never even tried drawing, and that's the City Skyline at Night Tutorial by IntroducingEmy! -thumbnail below- Sooooo cool! Check it out!
City Skyline at Night Tutorial by IntroducingEmyCloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumeiCloud Tutorial Part 2 by yuumei

About the colors: I colored the two boys in greayscale and than added the tones, while the rest is done directly with the colors ^^

And that's it for the credits, here are some technical details:
Photoshop CS5 + Wacomi Intous 4
A lot of hours.. probably 4 for the lines and 20-25 for the colors. -sooooo slow-
560 MB and 210 levels

Thanks for watching and for the comments/favs!! <3

FB 1K - Thank You Pic by Eeren [CONTEST] Royal Fencer Garment by Eeren 

The Wolf and The Boy © Z-Pico

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I Imagineð a Nuclear Bomb going off Behinð them...
Eeren's avatar
Thanks! ^O^
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This is great! It's so nice!
Can you do  me a huge favor? How did you complete this master piece, from step A-Z after the flats. What brushes and settings did you use for this piece. Last favor, the opacity/fill, Layer setting as well as the blending effects? Please and Thx
Eeren's avatar
I'm afraid I'm not able to describe the process step by step, since this piece is quite old (I did more than 1 year ago), but the process is very similar to the one I followed here:
Hide From The Sun - Walkthrough by Eeren
I did the rough sketch, then cleaned the lines, gave base colors and then started putting lights and shadows. I use photoshop normal brushes, nothing special. If you want, on my YouTube channel you can see a video tutorial on what kind or brushes I use and how:…
At the end of the video I also say what kind of opacity I use.
I don't remember what layer settings I used, probably some overlay and screen on top of the finished drawing. And I surely added a lens flare and blurred the foreground!
I hope it helps! Thanks for the comment!
OMG I love this, you did a amazing job on this!!! <3
Eeren's avatar
Thank you very much!! <3
Lagoonaxjackson's avatar
The story sounds so AMAZING!
Where can I read more of this amzing story? ;-;)
Eeren's avatar
These characters belong to the lovely Z-Pico! The story hasn't been released yet, but he's woking on it and you'll be able to find more info on his page for sure! :)
Lagoonaxjackson's avatar
I am now VERY excited o3o)
Eeren's avatar
Ahha, I'm glad! :D
animedog666's avatar
Durable great job
Eeren's avatar
Rokatsu's avatar
This made me fangirl so bad I scared not only my cat, but my mom too! XD 
Eeren's avatar
Ahahahahah!!! I'm super happy to read this! XDDDD
(sorry for you mom and your cat XD)
Rokatsu's avatar
It's okay they will forgive if you make more epic arts! X3
Eeren's avatar
Ahahah! I'll do my best! ;D
So sweet! I love them <3 *.*
Eeren's avatar
Thanks a lot!! I'm glad you do!! :) <3
aqua-violet97's avatar
I love the background here :love:
Eeren's avatar
Thank you very much!! :)
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