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Published: February 20, 2019
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Did Battle Angel Alita fanart after seeing the film :)
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
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genchang2112Hobbyist General Artist
BE-FREAKING-YOU-TEE-FUL!!!!!   This is such great work! This scene broke my heart!  Faved!   Viva Alita!
"I will not stand by in the presence of evil!"
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CmdrSinclairHobbyist Photographer
You did her justce, that's for sure
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CmdrSinclairHobbyist Photographer
thank YOU :)  I think my two favorite movies now re Alita and Big Hero 6, in the modern era (nothing will ever replace Casablanca, lol)
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BiancaRoseTVHobbyist Traditional Artist
The movie was amazing! I love this drawing so much!!
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LongPrintHobbyist Digital Artist
Super work!
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No, CAMERON owns her, they only now own what he’s already done. If the try to force him to bend to an agenda he can tell them to fuck them selves . Also, Fox isn’t simply blending with Disney but will have a distinct share Branch with enough clout to potentially force them to move back to political neutrality in the storytelling. Between the two of them I’m not worried about potential sequels getting fucked up.
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Since the entire cast would walk and Japan would probably collectively boycott it, and Cameron would sue, I’d wager they’d be more likely to just prevent any sequels at all from getting off the ground if they can override Cameron and Kishiro’s ownership like you think they can. Nevertheless, The Murdoch family will hold 39% of ALL Disney Shares as part of the Deal. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and while his sons are more centrist than the old man, they aren’t drooling mad leftists either. If the Studios give Cameron grief, and find some loophole to block him from changing studios, as you seem sure to happen, he could take his case to them. I’m sure they are not too happy with the “Get Woke, go Broke” method of ruining a business, so will side with Cameron and anti-political films generally, for the sake of business. Cameron could also negotiate by promising to make his next Avatar “Extra Woke”, if they promise to leave Alita alone. Cameron May be far left himself, but not so much as to wantonly butcher a favored artist’s life’s work like Kishiro just for his agenda. He can put that crap in Avatar all he likes, it’s HIS original work, and I won’t bother seeing it except maybe at the Dollar Theatre just for the visuals, if it’s message is not too disgusting, but I trust him to have COMPLETE respect for other Artists and to fight to enforce that respect. For all his personal faults, he is a fantastically honorable man in that way.
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this is so beautiful! 
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InkBlotCreationsHobbyist General Artist
I fucking loved the film and I fucking love your art.
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HabakukBenekeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Angel of battle. Awesome!
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"I don't stand by in the presence of evil..."

It's the Battle Angel herself, and it looks like someone's about to get an angelic beat-down! :D

There's a lovely pseudo-watercolour vibe to this. The eyes are particularly captivating!
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Thanks, I appreciate that!
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Not a problem - your art really shines! :)
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zappa10Hobbyist General Artist
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