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Manata 3D Bust by Eepox Manata 3D Bust :iconeepox:Eepox 78 20 Lord Xavius by Eepox Lord Xavius :iconeepox:Eepox 91 18
Short Story: The Deal
Continuation to the story First Impressions
When Manata and Goliahk arrived at the camp by the Southfury River where one could still view Orgrimmar's main gates scraping at the sky, Gerrog was the first to approach them. The large, grizzly orc scrutinized the pair with amused suspicion, as did everyone else but Rushnak whose bristling brows were furiously clenched together, surprised to see his daughter and Goliahk come together.
Manata made a dismissive gesture at the inquisitive stares to refute what the others probably assumed, then left Gerrog and Goliahk to their business. As she turned away, Manata stole a glance at the latter. Goliahk didn’t pay even the slightest attention to her pulling out from his company, all his focus sharpened on Gerrog now as they exchanged greetings. Whatever, Manata snorted on the inside.
Because her father was seated next to Bogrok whom Manata continued to detest for all his boorish attempts to gauge her interest in him one way or the oth
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Tracking by Eepox Tracking :iconeepox:Eepox 155 17 Potoo by Eepox Potoo :iconeepox:Eepox 183 29 Photo Study by Eepox Photo Study :iconeepox:Eepox 83 8 Forest Study by Eepox Forest Study :iconeepox:Eepox 139 22 MerMay Manata by Eepox MerMay Manata :iconeepox:Eepox 94 23 Rikushi by Eepox Rikushi :iconeepox:Eepox 94 10 First Impressions by Eepox First Impressions :iconeepox:Eepox 139 19
First Impressions
“Cretins”, Manata snarled. Swatting aside the prying hands of a troll and a blood elf, both too drunk to call a fair challenge upon, she boldly stepped past the loitering pair in the narrow rocky alley. The lanky males burst into a guffaw, and grasping at their grog-thinned honor like they grasped at their bottles, didn't pursue. Manata snorted; better for them.
Reaching the end of the shortcut she usually took when leaving Kuo's hut to meet with her warband, Manata emerged from the shadows at a slowly awakening street and took a turn towards the Valley of Strength. With the promise of yet another sizzling hot day, the early touch of morning light glossed the peaks of Orgrimmar's mighty towers and arid cliffs a blazing gold. Below the great walls of stone and iron the city still found rest only dimly lit by the brightening sky, giving its people and beasts respite from the sun a while longer.
It was a harsh city fit for harsh warriors. But sometimes, Manata missed th
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Goliahk by Eepox Goliahk :iconeepox:Eepox 260 30 Dire Maul / Eldre'Thalas by Eepox Dire Maul / Eldre'Thalas :iconeepox:Eepox 161 9 Orgrimmar by Eepox Orgrimmar :iconeepox:Eepox 112 2 Where's the Roast by Eepox Where's the Roast :iconeepox:Eepox 233 43 Critical Role: Grog by Eepox Critical Role: Grog :iconeepox:Eepox 157 13


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One of my favorite artists
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Thank you so much!
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I really like the styling of the artwork. I would love to see this with cyberpunk twist. Its always hard to orcs for Shadowrun ideas.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like my work!
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Hi! What is the group about?
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It would be about wizards and Merlin. With a Discord server and everything. Credit for the image would be given to you.
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