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PajunenHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the Star 
EeniProfessional General Artist
no problem ^_^
Okay, I'm stepping out of the shadows here.

I just want to say, I am totally blown away by both your artwork and Misaki's fanfiction! They have both been such a joy to read and view during a time of deep grief. (My mother died in May.)

I've only recently stumbled into the RK fandom and I am seeing so many terrific fics and artwork. The heartbreaking thing for me is so many of the wonderful fics have been written and not completed. I understand about Real Life putting a stop to things, its happened with me... Its just a bit sad to see some of these works put on hold for over a decade.

But I am not here to emphasize that. I know how things go in fandom. I've been writing fanfiction on my own for over 20 years. What I do want to say is this...

I love your manga for The Courtship of Lady Tokio. I absolutely adore your sketches and drawing and WIP's. EVERYTHING! Your Saito has hijacked my head, well Tokio too if I'm being forthright here, LOL!

Anyway, I have an offer...

I know you are in a new job and location and I know you are trying to work on the continuation of the manga by yourself. And I know its a bit intimidating. I am in a similar boat, really, as I am now doing all my fic writing strictly on my own. Writing, plotting, and betawork. It's daunting when you are by yourself.

I am offering a shoulder, sounding board, neutral party? whatever, if you need it. I can encourage and critique (nicely) and I would be so happy to do this for you, if you'd like. I am so new to the RK fandom and I have so many questions of my own. I am also about to finish a fanfic for the fandom that skewers Hiko Seijuro's ideas of retirement... (mwhahahaha!)

Okay so I am rambling. I understand if you do not wish this, but I felt compelled to unlurk and and offer! In the meantime, just know you have a very brand new shiny, older, fan on deck and I wish you all the encouragement in the world to keep on going!

Thanks for your time!
EeniProfessional General Artist
I am totally sending Mio a copy of this!

Sorry for the long wait for the response. Yes, I totally feel you about great fics that are started and not ended (so sad). I think Mio was one of those when I stumbled onto her Courtship fic. She seemed a little nervous about it, but she did eventually restart and finish it, which made a lot of us super glad. It's really an impressive work of writing.

Also, if you need a beta reader/editor, I know a girl who LOVES to read. She's not in the RK fandom, but I'm pretty sure she'll be glad to help. I'll ask her if you'd like ^_^

And lastly, thank you very much for the kind words about a work in super slow progress. I am working on ch.9 at the moment and will eventually get it done. I don't know when, but I will.
Thank you so much for your reply! It, admittedly, caught me by surprise!

I just kind of figured that you've been swamped by real life and so many other adoring fans of your work. I just figured I'd be brushed off to the wayside. I am coming in on things rather late in the timing of stuff. So seeing your response made me jump!

Then I saw on tumblr last night that you are still working on CLT! I squeee'd!

If you should happen to send a copy of my email to Misaki(?), tell her she has done a magnificent job with the characterization and history research and weaving everything together. I would absolutely love it if she could find it in her heart to keep writing on the sequel, but again, I know how real life just sucks the energy and effort out of you. ( I just spent two years being my mother's guardian, with the entirety of family drama that comes with that. I get what real life does to you. )

That said, my offer of being a cheerleader is still open! ( If you'd like to move things off the Deviant art platform my email is )

And thank you for the kind offer of someone who could beta for me. I have actually learned that being forced to do it on my own is helping me improve as a writer. I've been writing for decades now and I feel like the last few stories has seen my best work.

I have things going on in Fullmetal Alchemist (an Ishvallan story; a sequal of sorts to one of the greatest world building fics from another author ever written, a Royai fic recently translated into Chinese, and a what if about Roy's own state Alchemy exam -- I pitted him against Kimblee, wheeeeee!), also have written for very obscure fandom called Sword of the Stranger, and now Rurouni Kenshin.

As a matter of fact I just posted fic this weekend for RuroKen. A decidedly cracky kind of story for me! I decided that Hiko was not allowed to go into retirement peacefully and that he and Saito Hajime had to meet in the end... Judging from the reactions, it seems to be working quite well!

Anyway, I ramble again. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my note. My offer still stands too. You go, girl! Draw those exquisitely delightful pictures! So if you 'd like you can email me personally. I love how you can capture certain emotions, movements and the humour! Oh my Gawd, you can capture the humour amazingly well! ( One of my personal favourite drawings of your's is Tokio stiff arming Saito in the face when he's crawling towards her, it flat cracks me up! Then there's the little comic about giving her an new hair ornament, heeeee! Dare I mention the one about the nape of her neck??)

I simply can't begin to express how much joy you ( the both of you! ) have brought into my life. It's done wonders alleviating a world of heartache! Thank you again and again!

ARTesstRStudent General Artist
FujitaFamilyWalk by ARTesstR   I thought I would share with you a sketch you may like and that god knows when I'll finish cuz I'm a procrastinating idiot sandwich :D :heart: 
ARTesstRStudent General Artist
I just recently discovered misaki-toyodome's amazing fanfic and I was delighted to see that a comic was being made! I know that the fic ended a while back, but I do hope we will be able to see more comic pages from you in the near future, or just more fanart of Saito and Tokio. I can see your improvement from over the years, your artwork is incredibly and just so lovely!! xD

Anyhow, the both of you inspired me to draw a scene from the fic. I hope you like it! :heart: 

...and he looks like a goat. by ARTesstR