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New year, new beginnings. Hello everyone!

I am very excited to start being active here again after many years of art hiatuses, life occurrences and… online profiles I was… shamelessly leaving empty, just with the words “Coming back soon!” creating expectations I was not ready to fulfil! Despite its ups and downs, I really missed this place and I am looking forward to creating new art and new memories paired with it. Life is at a different kind of “difficult” state right now but, as I want to focus on doing art professionally, I will be trying my best to find a workflow that fits me and start being consistently active in all my art accounts. Heart (white) Icon ultramini

What are my feelings towards art now?

At the current moment, I have to admit that I am not feeling as confident about the art I produce as I used to feel once. Art began to intimidate me more and more as the years went by and I am having a hard time trying new things in order to finally discover what I enjoy creating.

It feels as if the stuff I have in my head does not match with what I end up making, leaving me frustrated every time I complete a piece. I end up being unmotivated to continue, art block occurs, and the cycle continues. And at the same time, I feel some sort of pressure that I do not want to have, which is mainly coming from me trying to be as professional as I can. I am afraid to try new things or fully express myself because, one, I want to be consistent with my art style, something that I wish to escape from as the point of art is not pressuring yourself to replicate the same art format over, and over, and over, and two, due to previous negative experiences, I have also become prone to avoiding producing things that would come out as “mistakes”, pieces I will not like in the future. But, style comes naturally, with creating and practising on a constant basis, and if you are not going to experiment in an attempt to “defend” yourself from mistakes then you will never improve, never find what makes you feel happy to put down on paper, and that is one of the main, if not the most important, goal I have with this account.

I want to finally experience making art as something that comes naturally, create things that make me happy and start freelancing in the process. I want to feel less intimidated as well as making myself less intimidating, express my creativity fully and slowly start introducing my headcanon story I have been developing for many years (which is the thing I have been most passionate about my whole artistic life). I hope this shows and, with your support, make the upcoming years with this identity my most fun, productive and cultivating artistic years of my life!

Gallery spam incoming!

In order to start building up my gallery and having a base of examples until I create new art, I am going to be uploading specific representative/favourite pieces of mine from 2015 up until now. With that in mind, there is going to be a (small) spam of deviations in your inbox and, perhaps, “mentions” as I will be mentioning the people I originally made the pieces for, so I apologise about that in advance! I just want to have everything sorted in my gallery, but I am going to make sure to also mention the current owners of any characters I am going to be uploading artwork of, if I managed to find them, so I hope that is a pleasant surprise (to anyone who did not know that art existed, that is). Going to start 2019 with a “blast from the past”, a couple of recent pieces and a bunch of new art following after that!

Final notes

In a few words, I am really looking forward to starting drawing again, leaving my comfort zone, experimenting with new things, and I hope you stick around for that! If you are coming from my previous account, thank you for supporting me until this far and I would love to be hearing your feedback about the content I will be uploading. Heart (white) Icon ultramini

There are still a couple things to sort out on this account and for now, I will be focusing on my gallery here instead of other social media, but I am going to be informing everyone on where to find me elsewhere too as soon as I have everything ready in other places. And, speaking of account preparations and other sites, deviantART is changing with the Eclipse update coming closer and closer so all my effort in summer to set this account’s layout up will be lost I will have to start working on transferring/rebuilding my profile according to the new layout and customization options that will be available to us, as soon as the update is coming for everyone, together with informing the people that will be leaving the site about where else I will be posting my content. I hope Eclipse is not the death but rather the resurrection of this site because I would hate this place to go and I want to support it for as long as possible.

And that is all for now. Now, on to uploading all my art!

-F2U- White Star Bullet (Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wishing you a great day!-F2U- White Star Bullet 


Electra Papaioannou
Digital Artist - Illustrator | Designer
Based in Athens, Greece
Timezone: [EET] UTC/GMT+2

Welcome to my deviantART page!

I am an 18-year-old female self-taught digital
artist - illustrator and designer from Greece.

I am a member of deviantART since July 2, 2011 (7 years
and counting), thus I am not inexperienced with the site
and its community. Due to the age and outdated image of
my previous account, I decided to start fresh with a new
(and permanent!) artist alias in order to focus more on
evolving as an artist and a professional from now on.

I am also looking forward to starting freelancing with
the goal of making art my trade and source of income.

I am constantly experimenting with my art style and the
mediums I use, so my gallery may look inconsistent at
times, especially on the next few years as a design student.



Q: What software do you use?
A: I use Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for design work and
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for digital art and everything else.

Q: What hardware do you use?
A: I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Large
drawing tablet on a Mid-2017 21,5’’ 4K iMac.

Q: Can you share how you did something on your page?
A: If there is something you liked and you want to know how to apply
it in your page too, I will be happy to help! I do not know everything
about coding but I am familiar with most things deviantART allows you
to customize, so feel free to ask.

Q: Can I copy your page design?
A: While I am flattered you like the customization of my page enough
to ask, I prefer you do not. You can take inspiration from it to create
something entirely new and personal to you, but please do not use
resources from my profile in any way, copy my layout to fit your needs
or make it completely obvious. It is invading and offensive as I spent
a lot of time and effort in designing it.

Q: Can I be your friend?
A: If you would like to get to know each other better, you can simply start
talking to me by dropping a comment on my page or giving feedback on my
artwork. Just keep in mind that friendships take time to grow and sometimes
they just do not work. Regardless, do not be afraid, I may be introverted but
I am also very friendly! New friends are always welcome.

Q: Why did you give me a “llama badge”?
A: If I gave you a llama badge without you having given me one
beforehand, consider it as a gesture of appreciation, a way to say
“hello” or “thank you”. If you had sent a llama badge my way, I
just returned the favour. I enjoy trading and collecting them.

Read the rest of my “Questions & Answers” by clicking below:


:iconlesalute: :iconopalhorns: :iconlocalpastrybirb: :iconioaen:



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