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these are NOT first come first serve!
just link me to a character(s) you'd like and I will choose the ones I would like to draw
sorry, no anthro designs this time!

Price :$55 each
may be an extra fee if character is overly complicated

(more examples in my gallery)

[ Com ] Vlkyrie by eellie

[ Com ] Queen Bee by eellie

Alien Tiger by eellie

Just wanna see how many people are even interested ^__^;
If so, I can add you to the waiting list
(Minimum price for a custom is $65)

So far I've got

Also, if you have any questions just ask!
Each is $35. Any character!
Paypal only please

himedear by eellie toyfrnd by eellie haccoon by eellie aisore by eellie Cyphurus by eellie
miss-italia by eellie sleepy-cherub by eellie lavendarmilk by eellie vethir by eellie ghostille by eellie SweetMelony by eellie
cyphurus by eellie 1-800-yeen by eellie kanosaurus by eellie asheds by eellie CloverCoin by eellie loppyrae by eellie 
succubean by eellie peachypeabee by eellie warpstrike by eellie cozycafe by eellie sleepy-cherub by eellie cozybun by eellie
Misdreavus by eellie cozycafe by eellie vethir by eellie  sweet-n-treat by eellie sleepy-cherub by eellie cyphurus by eellie

*NEW* additions!
fvckass by eelliecyphurus by eellie ngyes by eellie lavendarmilk by eellieBy me by eellie lunarmancy by eellie vlkyrie by eellie
Friedsquiddy by eellieglattax by eellie JurisCat by eellieeellie by eellieAesaii by eellie cozycafe by eellie panda-lilies by eellie caffeinated-turtle by eellie

Please comment your characters ref below to claim a slot!
I've been thinking a lot lately about buying a tablet. I want to upgrade my art and start using a better drawing program
but, this is all just an idea. I'd have to learn so much about using Paint tool SAI or Photoshop, whatever I end up using and I'm not sure if I have the time right now but I think if I do get a tablet it might help me make art faster? I don't know

I'm making this journal so maybe someone can lead me in the right direction?
I've had my eye on this tablet called the Gaomon PD1560, you can see it here…

What do you think?
I thought it would be fun to do some trades!
Just comment what kind of art you'd want from me and include examples of your art!

-You MUST finish your part first.
-Only comment if you are ready to trade anytime. 
-I won't be able to trade with everyone but if I am interested I will note you!
-I will come back to this journal over time and accept more trades when I have time.
-I wont be replying to ANY comments on this journal, only noting people privately.
-I am only accepting 1 to 2 trades at a time.