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A lovely piece of coastline at Cape Flattery on a moody day with low hanging clouds touching the forest. This is basically the furthest point north-west on the US-american mainland.

This area is managed by the Makah Indian Tribe.

Later this day, on our way back, one of our suspension coil springs broke. Stranded in no-man's land we slowly made our way to the next village in search for a workshop (the coil was rubbing against the tire...). They didn't have one but some people told us the next village had a workshop. Arriving in the next village, the workshop obviously wasn't open on a Sunday at 6 pm. We parked our car in front of the workshop, which is an "out-of-order" gas station with lots of broken cars in the area. We could sort out things in the morning of the next day with the really nice owner of the workshop. He went the extra mile to get us back on the road as quickly as possible.

Location: Cape Flattery, Neah Bay, Makah Indian Reserve, Washington State, USA
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Lovely view - so picturesque!
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Agreed, glad you enjoy it!
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I would love to explore the area in a canoe.
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Yeah and I think you can do that here as well. There are a few good camping spots on the surrounding beaches here as well. ;)
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Sehr beeindruckend. :nod: Habe ich in natura noch nie gesehen.

eegariM's avatar
Ich vorher auch nicht!
splitmaus's avatar
It's like another world. So amazing.
eegariM's avatar
Very well put. :)
EwoRewoiJa's avatar

I'd be hard press to decide whether I enjoy you photos or your stories more. Thankfully, I don't have to :)

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:o I didn't really expect that, haha. Makes me happy you enjoy both, thank you!
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Sounds like someone to be having exchanges of Christmas cards with.  I've a brother who lives up in Maple Valley.  He got out of the Coast Guard in Seattle in 1966 and has stayed up there ever since.  He said there was nothing back in Kansas for him to return to.

Took our oldest son up to Bellingham in early September last year to catch the Alaska Ferry up to Kodiak Island, where he's stationed with the Coast Guard himself.  He'll be there for the next three years, and now is regretting that decision.
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oof...Why is he regretting it?
cullyferg2010's avatar
Not much snow, just a lot of wind and rain as the island is off the coast of the state.
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Freut mich, dass du das auch so siehst!
LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
It looks a wonderful place.
Always nice to get some good help on your travels :)
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Yep, it always seems to work out in the end. :)
callmenotwo's avatar
what a landscape!
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Yes, you don't see that everyday! (unless you live here)
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This is breathtaking.

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Glad you like it!
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wouldnt that be the furthest point northWest?.. the furthest point northEast is west Quoddy  head Maine
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You are absolutely correct. What I learned? Don't copy and paste your own shit without checking it for errors, lol.
davincipoppalag's avatar
LOL.. hey it happens1 heeh
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