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Look a Distraction Design

I ended using two Bob lines from the same storyline my shirts. Bob was just on fire that day or something.

Another product design for the new store obviously. It might take a bit for all products to show up in store. This image is available on shirts and hoodies, the line is also on stickers, key chains, and similar objects.

EE Store: [link]
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XD i remember when i first fell for that...
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HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I PUT THIS AS MY COMPUTER WALL PAPER!!!!!!! THAT'S F*&%ING FUNNY!!!!! i can't stop laughing now!!!
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"Distraction?!?! Where?! I collect distractions!" :clap:
hehe. Its Awesoooooome!
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where? I collect those!
lol, I would buy that shirt.
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pffft I say that to everyone. XD
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That line will bring perfection to any shirt my dear.
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So people keep saying, we'll see if anyone actually buys any of these.
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I'm crossing my fingers
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Alas! I would but im saving my money. Ill put it on my wishlist though! hehheh.
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...If you make a button set, I will buy it. <3 buttons.
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I already did make buttons.
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...Oh yeah. XD I didn't find those til I started running low on money... >_> And I forgot til now. XD Umm...

*slinks away*
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I didn't start making them until yesterday : P.
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...I thought you meant the old ones from the old store. I remember you having some.

Anyway~ *waiting on the paypal transfer to go through so he can get his buttons* <3
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That was so long ago though, though technically it still exists. Sucky thing is I did make some money off it but not enough to actually get a check : P. But the CafePress setup is lame limited products and no PayPal.

If you do buy anything let me know how they turn out.

Was thinking of making some Mallet and CE buttons for new store too.

If they offer mixed sets on Zazzle I'll make one, but I don't think they do.
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Oh I collect those!
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You wouldn't believe how many times my friends have fallen for that...
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OMG! where?! *looks* xD
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