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So in the admin panel, there are the following:

What is our Mission?
What should we write in our 'About Us' section?

I really don't know how to answer these.  

Which got me to this: I don't even know what this group is going to be about.  If it's just to submit whatever we submit, well, we're already watching each other so there's no point in getting double the amount of deviations we're geting.

Add to that the fact that we're a very diverse group, chances are people are watching this group because they like one person, and that's not fair for the rest of the group members.

So, with those in mind, I declare that eeCAFE will be a PARTIALLY ACTIVE group, and the only submissions accepted into this group is anything FEATURING ORIGINAL eECa+/EECAFE ART.  Stuff like the fambam stuff (panda, eegg, bunnies, penguin, frogs, etc), the old eECa characters, nasty collaborations like Trampolina and e1nyumi hamasaki, that pokemon story Eggy made, RAGEMUK, and other stuff I can't think of at the top of my head at the moment.

Feel free to submit those, but other stuff should stay in your gallery.  NO FANART PLEASE, because then this group will just be the jumbled up mixture of 10 individual galleries.

eggy: you're the only who's done the most eECa+ and fambam stuff, you should submit them here so they're easier to find.

and someone needs to get chang to join this group. His FIGHT! comic should go in here.
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what is eeCAFE+ studio about is it a story ? .
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till then. keep me inspired :)
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I really love this group. All of its contributors are awesome artists ><
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