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~ Dump 3 – ... *SHOT*

Dump 1: [link]
Dump 2: [link]

It was all I could think of xD

p.s. I firmly believe David laughs like Muttley from Whacky Races [link]

p.p.s. I also firmly believe he came out looking like Tom Cruise in this pic, which is both ironic and emotionally scarring.

EDIT!! omg I can't believe I forgot.. I was going to make a reference to how this was inspired by my brother telling me a really dirty vampire joke, you have to read it, READ IT:

Three vampires walk into a bar, and the first two order a glass of blood. The third orders a cup of hot water. The barman asks him, 'Are you sure you don't want blood?' and the vampire smiles, pulls a used tampon out of his pocket and says: 'No, thanks. I'm having tea.'

It floored me, it actually did. Probably because I'm a girl. Apologies to the boys.
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Creepy grose terrific vampire joke going on here, and I can fully imagine Lestat snorting on that one, then for one second judgy and then perhaps laughing his but off again. 
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^_^ HAHA! Sooooo... creepy o_o
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This makes me wonder what would happen if Lestat tried to snort blood on purpose. And if he could actually get high from it. (It'd probably have to be a cocaine addict's blood.)
lestatspapillion's avatar
OMG, I've heard that one before. Disgusting but HILARIOUS.
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The picture is hilarious, I admit that I had to read the joke twice and think about it for a second, but once I got it I thought "ew."
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Lestat is incorrect. It IS funny
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If I'd been drinking, I would assuredly have snorted upon viewing this---hilarious!
SketchySei's avatar
Picture and joke = A M A Z I N G. If only David had that witty sense of humour in the series lol.
DreamingNighter's avatar
Hahahahahahaha, hilarious!!! :D :giggle: I love it!!!
Spiritlycana's avatar
OMG I necer thought of this...XD this made my day!
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i just got up off the floor from laughing
i hate it when peple make me laugh when i'm drinking but it must be even wors if your drinking blood and if your realy vein like lestat
tomcruise92's avatar
David is a jackass.
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Writer: Juan

I heard that joke a pair of years ago and it STILL makes me laugh XD
Redhead-Lion's avatar
LOL! and the joke in the authors comment is the best! congratulate your bro!
killeraardvark's avatar
poor lestat but on the other hand he desevs it
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THis is good. And you're joke made me laugh and it's rather gross as well. XD
ungrateful-dead's avatar
I laugh like Muttley too. Yay for wheezers!
porcelain-harlott's avatar
Yeah David, you better run. :XD:
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This made me laugh!
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:rofl:The vampire joke is BRILLIANT!!!
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