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Rio -- Nico ft. Pedro



Oh God, I'm so sorry ^^;

I just had the most GRUELLING two weeks, preparing and delivering another "pitch for an industry panel" for Midas Weave (it went well, thank Christ) -- SO HERE'S ME BEING SILLY.

I saw Rio on Tuesday, and I really quite liked it, it went far beyond my expectations. I loved the soundtrack and the way the birds moved and NIGEL (omg Jemaine Clement wow :heart:).

Now, I love canaries. It's no secret I love birds in general, but canaries will always be special for me because I had one for ten years and he was just the best little bird you ever could meet. So I was chuffed canaries got a shout out with Nico in Rio.

... and then my exhausted fangirl self thought if I was going to make crappy fanart I should probably make it gay crappy fanart.

And then I watched some clips and realised it's totally canon.

Aaand here we are today.

IT'S 2AM I AM LE OVER-TIRED 8D I hope the weather's lovely and life is good wherever in the world you may be right now! Imma gonna go listen to "Hot Wings" again. Yup, yup, yup.
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