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... If only it ended this way

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So Breaking Dawn came out down under yesterday. I've already read all the spoilers.. (AS IF I'd actually read the book) and I hope against hope once the fans have read it they'll realise the error of their squealing-ways.

Anyway. My picture. Would you perhaps like to know why Edward is dressed like some muscle-bound, idealised hunk from the cover of a badly-written romance? THIS IS WHY: [link] ... I thought it was a joke for a good five minutes.

What were they thinking when they cast him as Edward? Clearly this man would have been a better choice: [link] .... once you've clicked that.. and you've returned here to flame me for my opinion.. think carefully about what that man has to say.

I know you'll agree with me eventually. After all, he sure has got the right hair!
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Too much win!!!! :D
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Oh yes yes yes!!!! =D
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'Harry Potter fans on the rebound' XD
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ahh jacob looks like ezio from assassin's creed 2 - that is BEAUTIFUL AND ENTICING AND JUST GORGEOUSLY ISHXOIWGOIEDGIGEDUIgfug this is wonderful i love you.
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Queen of the Damned refernce! LAWLZ.

Why do i get the feeling that i've commented on this before??? Well, probably because i have...but i don't want to go threw the possibly millsions of pages of comments just to find mine to see if i already commented. yes.
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eww! the guy in hte link looked like an ugly david bowie!!!
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........... nuf' said -_-
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THAT ENTERTAINMENT COVER WAS REAL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*faints from the sheer fail of humanity*

(Btw, awesome comic)
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Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. That's all I saw when my friend forced me to watch the movie. Cedric Diggory. With really, really, greasy hair. And bad bed head.....
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*giggles* I made my dad watch that movie the other day.. poor man.. he kept looking at me in utter dubiousness saying, "Abby, this is really, really bad D:"

To be honest I didn't really see Cedric.. it's more the other way around.. whenever I watched HP4 I'm like "LAWL IT'S EDWARD!"
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XD Tomato, tamato. Either way. Vice versa. Same thing.
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Well, that's it. I'm a fan. Not of twilight of course.
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I read the first Twilight book and it blows hard with glitter and sparkles. (The fact that the movie had actual sparkling sound effects never fails to amuse me.)I read satirical summaries of the other books, so I know all about BD. This is a much funnier ending. (Can you kill of Edward in a comic too?)
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Twilight fan though i am, that just all out OWNS. haha! im SO looking for this as a pairing now! lol
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Wahahahaha!!I just got RickRoll'd!And YES!I do agree with you,even dear old Ricky would've been better than this hideous Rob person!He can't act to save his life and he's ugly(I don't know why I ever found him cute as Cedric Diggory...)!

'...a vast majority of Twilight fans are Potter fans on the rebound...' Hehe I'd normally say 'true,true',but I can't compare the pure genious that is the Potterverse with the Twilight :D!
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AARRGGH! RickRoll'd again!
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It was good this time though, rite? D:
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Oh, it was the best RickRoll I've ever gotten.
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jacob's tail is EPIC!!
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