Winners and Art Prizes for Story-motes Contest!!

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And the January/February Story-motes Winners Are...:happybounce:

2nd Runner-up -   Don Quijote De La Mancha (W!P) by KitLightning Nice job creating a very recognizable scene from a familiar story! KitLightning chose a 23x30cm Lustre Photo of Man of pipes by neisbeis and gets a 10x15 Lustre Photo of Huff and Puff by charco

Runner-up -   Bedtime Stories by happy-gurl Beautiful colors and wonderful rendition of a familiar scene for most of us! happy-gurl chose a 12x18in Rolled Art Print of Les promesses d'une romance by AquaSixio and gets a 9x12in Lustre Photo of :thumb353763536:

Winner -   underwater by Krissi001 I'm awestruck by Krissi's progression with the use of effects, especially water, and this deviation creates a terrific chapter to a story I'd love to know! Krissi001 chose a 24x24in Rolled Art Print of Pirates by Real-SonkeS

All past chosen art prizes can be seen in the Favorites Folder!
The winning entries are now in the Featured Folder! :clap:
All other entries can be seen here!

March Contest - Noisey-motes! Details HERE!

Story-motes is now an  "Open" folder. This means new and old submissions will be auto-accepted. Be sure the deviation has something to do with "story" and contains at least one emote.
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Aww! :blushes: Thank you so much :heart:
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The pleasure is ours! :clap:
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:bow: Really nice theme, though I'm frustrated I haven't had time to do much on the theme as wanted :sleepy:  bloody h*ll I had another idea (This Is Madness) in the works, but alas the animation got backlogged, too many elements in it...
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The folder is open so if you do finish it I'm sure we'd all like to see it! :aww:
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Congrats to everyone!
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