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Female Warforged



Just want to say up front that I did not personally draw the lineart in this image. That was done by someone far more talented than I, by the name of Adam Thaxton. He did it the old fashioned way with pencil and paper. However, I colored it, did the background, and all that sort of thing digitally. I'm uploading this image (with permission of the original artist) as a display of my digital coloring skills.

Anyway, now that thats out of the way. The subject is a female build of a D&D race called the Warforged, from the Eberron Campaign Setting. Thing is, there are no Warforged with a female body design in the normal setting, so this is more along the lines of concept art for what one would be. They are classified as "Living Constructs", essentially meaning that they were built, but have all the mental and emotional ranges of normal "fleshie" characters.

The materials used for the default body (which this one was drawn with) are mainly wood, stone, and steel. Few other trace things, but they're not important in explaining what you're seeing.
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This is very nice.