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Sailor Mars (3 of 5)

By edwinhuang
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Here's Sailor Mars from my Sailor Scout series. 
Was lots of fun to work on. Definitely a learning experience as i dive a little more into digital coloring
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So cute, feirce, and amazing pose... just like id imagine Mars would be (never watched the show)
Bah! Dont judge me. I watched Dragonball and my sister watched sailormoon, even before it was on cartoon network. WJTC44 lol! That local channel had it all. They had dem Ronin Warriors too. Ohhhh i miss the 90s anime so much yall!
I love how powerful and yet poserly the legs appear with such a stern stance. The colors are really great and vibrant too. Not too bright red, but great subtle variations, and i love the shading and purple shadow.
I really like that face too. Kinda scrunchy and cute, and i love how it adds a style and flare that goes beyond cookie-cutter anime.

The larger parts (like hands) more emphasized like a cartoon are still balanced out well with the longer arms, and mitagized proportions.  Sorta reminds me of Capcoms SF art, which i love their style.
Real great vibrant stuff.
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Mars was awesome and another of my favorites
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Mars may not be my favorite planet, but it's definitely got my favorite Sailor Scout Love  Heart 
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One of my favorites~! >W<
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Amazing. :)

In the name of Mars, she will chastise you!
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I im never going stop chuckling at that 😆
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It was supposed to be epic, but okay, glad I could make you laugh. < : )
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I’m sorry, it’s just sounds sounds so silly i mean we have “i will punish you” and then we have “i will chastise you” like what, is she going to give the enemy a stern lecturing or something?😆
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Yo, this is top tier stuff.  I'm blown away!
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One of my two favorite Sailor Scouts.
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such a bad temper, anyone ells thinks she could been a gosth hunter too?
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The hottest one
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Best Sailor Scout!!!  (Fight me!!)

....Couldn't help but notice the hat your avatar character is wearing.   R.I.P. Giants 2017 season.

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my god, the giants had a nightmare of a season. at least our draft spot is high haha
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Hey for what it's worth, I live in the Dallas Metro Area.  I get to razz on them just as bad if not worse.  At least your team has been fortunate enough to get two rings within the last decade in a half.  I've been watching the Cowgirls swim around in mediocrity post-Triplets. 

My teams are the Vikes and Philly.  Hopefully 'Sota will do some damage in the playoffs!

Keep up the good work on the SF Comics!  I'm so glad to see you and UDON rebound from the last SF titles and minis.  I'm a die-hard SF fan and any kind of SF media peaks my interest!
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much appreciated! i'm actually moving to minnesota in a month so i'm lowkey cheering for them in the playoffs haha
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Btw one last question and I'll leave you alone.

In the SFvDS series where Chun-Li trains with Gen how/why did she change clothes?  Her fighting in her SFV outfit was GLORIOUS!

Also great use of Violent Ken and is #8 available yet?  Okay sorry that was two.  Happy New Year.
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i guess anything is possible in the majigen? i think her physical outfit change represents her change in power level.

issue 8 should be available near the end of this month!
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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few fan questions.

Stay awesome
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