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Here is a piece I did for Udon's Marvel vs Capcom: Official Complete Works art book.
It is such an honor to be a part of this!

For more info about the art book, check out - [link]

Pencils and inks by :iconedwinhuang:

Colors by :iconross-a-campbell:

follow me on twitter! - [link]
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omg!! dante & wolfie!!!
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Wolverine looks badass in this artworkWolverine Emote  Great job!
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Friggin' awesome.
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hey is that X-23 in the middle? cool illustration bro. Submit Comment
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yessir! she's one of my favorite of the newer marvel characters
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i like her too, but i prefer her father, he's badass. have you ever heard of Daken? he's cool too
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daken is a truly underrated character in the marvel book! i liked his little dark wolverine run
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I know right. last time i checked he has his own comics series, i dont like the costume though. there's a lot of room for character development in daken's part. they should make a sort of wolverine family series, with daken, x-23 and wolverine just to see how dysfunctional things can get. :D
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It's a mice piece, but if anything, Shuma-Gorath should be in the background, he's a god.
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OH-MY-GOD!! That's amazing...
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That Dante is boss!
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thanks! i was super close to drawing ryu instead of dante. never drew dante before, so i decided to throw him in instead. plus, we've seen enough of ryu, no? :p
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Dark Ryu? No. But according to my nephew, Dante owns Ryu anyhoo . . . your mileage may vary.
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Classy! A nice collection of new and old characters in this series!
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nice layout, looks wicked!
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Oh hell yes! I love how you putted X-23 on the front, she's my all time favorite fighter and character! :D Marvelous work!
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