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EDIT- here is my blog post explaining this piece from sketch to colors. click [link]
I haven’t done too many Juri pieces, so this was a delight to work on. I’ve been practicing a lot with photoshop lately. Still trying to get the hang of everything. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the lighting.

The background has a list of my favorite korean dishes.
I noticed the kimchi stew is way too small compared to her feet. I can blow up the kimchi stew in photoshop. I’ll do it sometime when I’m not as lazy

companion pieces:
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This came out really well. I can see why Juri is so popular.

Her overall design, her character and um, more specifcally her feet, all culminates

to her popularity. The designers certainly know what their doing. ;)

This is a cool depiction of her, just chilling and laid back with some korean dishes. ^^

Great visual angle and perspective and pose. I hardly ever played much Street Fighter games,

but I'm well familiar with most of the characters. ^^

I would have liked to play SF6 if I ever afford a console one day. It looks like a lot of fun.

I kind of spoiled myself, in watching enough cut scenes on you tube. My curiosity got the better

of me. Even so, I'm sure the gaming experience would still be enjoyable once I play it. Well,

if I ever get the game. I don't know. Eh, if anything I can always draw up ideal scenarios anyway.

An artist can certainly dream. ;) XD