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Dragon Ball Z

By edwinhuang
Here's a Dragon Ball Z piece i did for fun. Might turn it into a print for future shows. We'll see.

No villains in this one :)
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A DBZ/Street Fighter crossover would be dope! 
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Awww, you even remembered Launch, Bra and Turtle.
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Wow, amazing! It looks the same as TV !
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"No villains in this one" if you don't count reformed villains. :icontienplz: :iconvegetaplz: :iconpiccoloplz: :iconbuuplz: :iconandroid18plz: :iconandroid17plz: 
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True, but i can't recall Tien being a villain...
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He was in Dragonball. He was member of the Crane School, a Rival of Master Roshi's, he beat up Goku and Yamcha. He broke Yamcha's leg
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Woah that's insane! Thanks dude my Dragonball knowledge isn't the best.
I was more like a DBZ and GT guy...
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I watched DBZ first also, all the way to the Cell Saga's completion, but then they started airing a dub of DB and it's great. I would recommend going back and watching it 
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This is epic and beautiful! :dummy:
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Absolutely amazing art.
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You're awesome.
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Very good!!!✌
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A job well done right here^^ Yeah your style on this piece looks great!
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I don't recognize the 3 small character under his fingers.  Only know the red guy.

Vegeta, on his shoulder is a guy with red hair... isn't he the bad guy?

Beautifully done.  I've been trying to find a missing character but seem you got them all in here.  :)
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tapion is the guy w/ the red hair. he eventually gives trunks(at least one version of trunks) his iconic sword.

upa, suno, and android 8 makes a cameo in the buu saga. they help goku charge up his spirit bomb :)
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Now do a Dragon Ball Super pic please xD
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still ongoing! but maybe when it wraps up
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