Cactus Fields Tasks Chapter 3

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As the sun slowly began to set, the Guild camp began to bustle and come alive with scent of food being cooked and the sounds of tables being set with plates and forks. The Guild Barbecue was on its way to completion but however being smack dab in the outskirts of town in the desert, the dinner is might as well be free honey for beedrills. NO doubt scavengers and thugs from the desert landscape will come to hunt here so patrols had to be set up! 

But alas, Apollo and Arela were too worn out from their previous tasks. 

"So tired....but this BBQ will make it all worth it." Arela said patting her stomach.

"Yeah too bad we can't do all that extra work, it would be nice but I'm just too darn tired" Apollo said resting his head on the table. 

"But hey at least we got most of the explorer tasks done and hopefully we'll get the merit." Arela stated optimistically. 

"True very true" Apollo stated as he looks around and smiles seeing the. All guilds coming together, having fun, eating meals, even the guests from the small town. Even the Sandslash and Sandshrew siblings were there enjoying themselves in the party and talking to the higher ups of the guilds. And of course their other guildmates like Team Monkeybone and Team Inferno and many other guild teams. But they are either cooking or keeping patrol of the they still have energy from all the work they did they'll never know. 

But tonight it's a time of festivities and bonding. "Um excuse me..." Apollo hears a familiar voice as he looks behind him seeing the little Sandshrew from their interview earlier "You're with the explorers right?"

"That's right! You remember me...I didn't get to introduce myself, I'm Apollo and this girl here is my partner is Arela!" Apollo said.

"Yo" Arela said

"I-I'm Shiva!" the little sandshrew, "you met my big bro earlier!" 

"Cute name" Arela smiled.

"My big bro and I are going to join the explorers too and move to Andalusst!" Shiva said excitedly.

"That's great!" Apollo said chewing on some food. "You guys are gonna love it there!"

"yeah!" Arela agreed. 

And such after the big party it was time for everyone to return to Andalusst and rest up. And some bringing friends along with them...

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